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  1. Very timely. I recently read John A McGregor’s “All Stations To Mallaig” which mentioned this trial. I had taken the impression that these may have been the Class 2 Moguls (which I know worked the Ballachulish line in its latter days) but your photos have saved me posting in the quest of further details.
  2. Thanks everyone. It’s the first time I’ve looked in on RMWeb for a good while. Jim, I was aware it was Benhar LC but I suspect I miswrote the name when I put up the original photos. I met Harry when he was selling his Shale Oil book and talked to him gleaning some useful info then - he actually worked at Shotts Station (Caley one) in late 50’s and I think visited Shotts East (NB) periodically as part of his duties. You’re right though, his writing style is excellent and his West Lothian book (and the Shale Oil one) are truly masterpieces. His Haymarket experiences are also well worth se
  3. Hi Wiijeni, I take you probably owned the Alsatian! When you lived at Baton Cottage my grandparents lived at Eildon Cottage (aka Squirrel Cottage) on the Can't Hills road. They moved there from Baton Cottage in the mid 50s and lived in Eildon Cottage until they died in the early 80's. Is there any specific info you would like? I can ask my mum who spent her early years in that house. Gus
  4. Just discovered this fabulous thread - spent the last hour or two reading through the story of this super layout. All the best in your new parish Jonathan!
  5. Hi Jim, I know it may be of slightly different design, but I did a photo shoot of Dumbarton Central and posted the results here. May help hopefully. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/63866-dumbarton-central-last-ld-station/ Cheers
  6. More progress on painting sleepers this afternoon - actually quite therapeutic, makes a positive difference, and hard to muck up. Once that is done, will start on rusting the rails using AK Interactive acrylics Dark Rust. And Humbrol Brown Bess.
  7. I'll post an update when I get back from my holidays the week after next - I plan so send off for the servo control unit and the 2 servos from MSE then. Then it will be the mor complex home signal arrangement. This has 2 home arms and 2 shunting arms to include. If youre content Steve (and they go well!) I'll put a short piece on them here if that helps others take the plunge.
  8. Steve Thanks for the guidance and inspiration. Your work is great and I have enjoyed your post. More importantly I have taken some of your ideas on and progressed well on the way to my first working signal - the Caledonian starter for Kilbrannan Ferry. It is still to have the servos fitted and have the control wires attached behind but close to the (non-working) pulley wheels.
  9. Haven't been idle since last post - have got the basic grassy ground cover on using a range of static grasses etc to try and capture the newly lush (ie rain watered!) ground typical of the west highlands in late May/early June. I'm pleased with how the stream has turned out and the loco servicing area too. The track is part painted - it has had a reasonable blow using Phoenix Track Dirt as the basic colour - and the sleepers are being treated randomly to various thicknesses of Phoenix Sleeper Grime and the excellent Woodland Scenics paint pen Weathered Ties. The latter looks too light when
  10. I posted pics of this West Highland stalwart on another thread but thought these might be of interest. Loco built from LRM kit to EM standards. Great runner (by luck!) and since the photo it has been toned down a wee bit through selective weathering.
  11. A great afternoon spent modelling - 2 Eduard Me110s for those who like aeroplanes, but probably of more interest (and relevance!), I finished planting rocks and colouring them on the layout. The rocks and boulders are all moulded using Woodland Scenics plaster in their own moulds. I fixed them in place with Polyfilla which I used to blend these into the landscape. This looked good until I came to colour them, again using Woodland Scenics liquid pigments. These are utterly brilliant I think. Using photos, I spotted randomly the plaster mouldings with black and burnt umber, sui
  12. Screw couplings now fitted - will get grassing tomorrow and let you all know how it goes. And a very happy Christmas to you all.
  13. Thanks Merc. But re our visitor - alas not me this time - I was in harbour control, but parked her when she came in last time.
  14. The fish van in the background is a repair job - new buffers.
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