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  1. This photo appeared on Facebook today and is posted here with permission of the photographer Bob Faulkner It was taken at Mallaig on July 25th 1967 and I posted it on this thread as the prefix is interesting, capital S, small and unusually underlined c. Looks like an alteration has been made Jim
  2. Hi Andy/All - Well I am afraid to report that all that planning and woodworking from last year came to naught. My wife started to get homesick over Christmas and then her elderly Uncle fell ill and he now needs care, subsequently we decided to move back to Eaglesham and we are currently preparing for that move. We have bought a flat and I have been promised that the second bedroom is mine for layout construction. It will be nice to have the warmth and natural light of a room to model in, the space will not be as generous as the loft but we are still looking at 10ft by 8ft so I will be a
  3. There was an unusual Caledonian Railway "ringed" distant on the approach to Glasgow Buchanan Street station which I was told had a similar purpose in that it would be pulled off it the platform was clear to the bufferstops. It can be seen on this diagram (copyright signalbox.org) https://signalbox.org/~SBdiagram.php?id= 567 as signal 45. What made it different from the examples above was that it was not the last signal before the platform and would be "off" for a clear road into any of the platforms 1 to 5 via either of the approach routes. Photographs on Railscot shows it "off" as a lower
  4. or without the use of assessment forms, spreadsheets, risk factors etc, etc.
  5. Thanks Mark - PM sent Found this surviving image on New Railway Modellers of Leith Baltic Street with Andrews pub sign (His is also a Tennant's Shop) https://www.newrailwaymodellers.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=13639&start=540#p575179 I thought that there was something in the text that described how he illuminated it but I can't find it. Jim
  6. This for me confirms an old memory. As a youngster around this period I used to stand on the bridge at Whifflet Junction Coatbridge spotting during the summer holidays and I have this memory of a passenger train going north which had a green, Blue grey, Maroon combination as its first three coaches. As it would not have been a Saturday I reckon now that I have probably seen this set as ECS heading north to Dundee to take up this working. I would think that the Britannia would have worked the train from Carlisle as by May 1967 the Scottish Region had finished with all internal steam working
  7. Are these your own scratch build, or bought? I wanted one for the pub on my tenament but couldn't find anything. Jim
  8. Just for comparison with the real thing in similar condition..... Seen on Facebook today. Jim
  9. Well it is something that Hornby would be able to provide a model of no problem, wonder if anyone consulted with the model companies before finalising the design? Jim
  10. If that Western was in Desert Sand Livery would you be able to see it?
  11. Yes I am aware of the new spur being built, but there is the Cowlairs West/North/East triangle opposite Eastfield which is as old as the line so would have been available in the 1950s and 60s when the observation cars were in operation. Jim
  12. The coach certainly still exists, it became part of the Royal Scotsman Pullman set but was replaced in 2012. Currently in the Carnforth Stockpile but reported to be in good condition.
  13. Didn't want to hijack the other thread specifically about more modern observation car workings on the Mallaig line but I was wondering about how the coaches were shunted at the Glasgow termini. Were the cars taken to Blochairn or Eastfield for turning? I know there was a tuntable at the Buchanan Street throat but I thought it had been taken out before the observation cars finished up. Fort William was relatively easy, I have seen a photo of the beavertail car actually being turned, Oban, Mallaig and Kyle would have been similar with Inverness having the option of the triangle at the station
  14. Actually going to go for a terminus that I was never inside - Glasgow Buchanan Street. However having done a lot of research into the station and collected a lot of photographs and data I feel that I know it quite well. Crying out to be modelled with its huge variety of possible locomotive visitors. Jim
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