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  1. Not a level crossing, but total stupidity that came close to being a tragedy
  2. Another shot of the set photographed by Tiger leaving Millerhill behind 47210 https://web.archive.org/web/20031129075051/http://www.jhowie.force9.co.uk/[email protected] Jim
  3. I know of a strictly unofficial service that ran from Airdrie to Coatdyke returning wrong line back to Airdrie after the last normal service train ran, only ran when the station supervisor was late shift! Saw it with my own eyes from my bedroom window! Jim
  4. Bit of it! Craigentinny sent them out to Millerhill (rev) round to Niddrie West Junction (rev) and back to Craigentinny Jim
  5. Don't most of them claim to have been there when in fact they haven't?
  6. I remember reading an old Locospotters Annual article about the introduction of the Britannias, and how initially there were incidents where the pin holding the tender and loco together failed, and one one occasion the loco separated from the train, with no brakes on the loco, putting it into reverse was the only means of stopping it in a reasonable distance. Jim
  7. Model Rail Scotland is unfortunately already cancelled. Jim
  8. There are three pictures on the Britain from Above Website. If you register (free) then you can zoom in and there is some great detail https://britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/SAW039543 Jim
  9. Stage 1 - Buy a scale model of Thunderbird 3 Stage 2 - Add bits and pieces and apply some Mod-Roc Stage 4 - Paint black and weather - simples!! Jim
  10. Sadly around the time I was applying for jobs in the railways, that important question "Does your Father work for the Railway" still had a lot of weight behind it, and I had to honestly reply - no! Jim
  11. Once went for an interview at Marylebone for a Student Sponsorship Position with BR. Interview was at 10am so I got the overnight sleeper from Glasgow which was due in to Euston around 6am, so plenty of time for breakfast and a walk to the venue. Woke up with the train stopping at a station about 5am and thought could be possibly Rugby - to my horror it was Preston! The copper fairies had been out that night and caused major signalling problems between Carlisle and Preston so we were running about 4 hours late. The train made up some time but it was still a sprint along Euston Road to make
  12. Changed my avatar for the first time in years, thanks to the way my company format my works email, most Americans think this is my Christian Name and not my surname!

  13. Was watching a new TV documentary last night "Reported Missing", which as the title suggests follow the police investigation when a person is reported as missing by their relatives. This particular show followed the investigation of an ex-services chap which went missing form his home in Warrington. Much of the investigation centred around him boarding a train to head to Scotland at Bank Quay station and there were various CCTV shots of voyagers and pendos. For reasons best known to himself the producer then inserted views that were clearly of Crewe (which never had any mention in the story
  14. Hi all - I am delighted to say that work has begun on the re-incarnated Gateside and Northbridge! There have been a few false starts as initially it was to be in the loft, then in a shed in the garden and finally back in the loft. The problem has been access to the loft and a distinct lack of height up there, but I have persevered and most of the boards are now down. The plan is to have the same basic idea of Gateside as the Glasgow end of the layout and Northbridge as the Edinburgh end. Unfortunately after drawing up and discarding a few more complicated trackplans I have had t
  15. And there I was thinking D8000 was a class 20, after all these years it turns out to be a class 24 in disguise! Jim
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