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  1. I have only just read through the whole thread. Fantastic work and glad to see you back at it. I'm only over the water from you in Rothesay
  2. Hi Mark, are you you going to model rail Scotland this year? I’m planning to go on the Sunday. I built my baseboards years ago and never got any further but I’ve taken interest again and have had a major rethink of what I’m doing. Lol Craig
  3. Have just read through this thread. Wow! Looks great. I live on the Isle of Bute and pass through Strachur everyday.
  4. This is brilliant. I pass these stations regularly for work. Really should stop and take in the views sometime
  5. Have read through this thread in awe of your work. Fantastic !
  6. Following this with interest and have subscribed to your YouTube channel
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