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  1. Looking forward to Model Rail Scotland in Feb but what other exhibitions are on before then?
  2. Thanks Zomboid, It is OO gauge and to be set as a fictitious 80s to modern day but with a few Steam Loco's etc thrown in for good measure. There will be a Steam Preservation Group etc using a shed in one of the sidings as they're base hence the turntable etc I like to model and operate so I think this way I will be able to do both. I also want the continuous run so that my Son can 'help' too. Like I say, I grew up on the Isle of Bute and we don't have trains here. The only things I know about trains are going from Wemyss Bay to Glasgow Central on them.
  3. Been playing about with Anyrail and came up with this. I have included some buildings, scenic breaks etc just to give an idea.
  4. Cheers, I may revert to the original plan. Baseboards are built but before I buy any track I want to get comments from all you guys who have the experience.
  5. Growing up on the Isle of Bute where we don't have any railway gives me a slight disadvantage. I only really have some experience of the EMU from Wemyss Bay to Glasgow Central so I will probably be asking you all lots of questions when it comes to building up my layout
  6. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on my proposed layout before I order the track?
  7. Love your layout and the detailing
  8. Just read this from the beginning. Excellent work!!
  9. I have the materials for the baseboard sitting in my shed. Hoping to start building this weekend. Track, point motors, controller, decoders etc ordered too and should be here in the next day or two.
  10. Just read this from the beginning. Fantastic layout mate.
  11. Just caught up with this layout. Looking great my friend
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