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  1. I ordered something from them recently. It arrived incredibly quickly. Unlike my order at about the same time from a much larger and better known company. I'd be very happy to buy from them again.
  2. And now sold out. Amazing how long it's taking to get rid of the last of the Modelzone stock. Perhaps not surprising because the prices aren't particularly "Clearance"
  3. Which overall might be a better thing than Hornby undercutting its retailers...
  4. I placed an order recently, having checked first here that they were a reputable company. Very impressed - I ordered in the evening, got an email first thing the next morning to say it was being shipped, and it turned up the next day, well packed. Meanwhile it's been over a week now and my order with a somewhat larger and better known company is still "pending"...
  5. And now they are "rolled back" to £45. Compared to the cost for a similar engine alone, that's quite a bargain. I am most curious to know if the new train set controller actually has decent electronics, or if it's like the old one just in a more traditional looking case.
  6. Antics are having a go this year at an advent calendar sale, starting today. They sell more than model railways so it remains to be seen what if any of it is relevant to most of us here. Their first one isn't something I could (or would want to) fit into my layout somewhere. https://anticsonline.uk/N2267_Pictures/108257070_.html
  7. I saw a Hornby train set (forget which - "Highland Railways" 0-4-0 and a few trucks) in the mince pie section in ASDA yesterday. I presume there were more in the toy section. It seemed to be £50 (or maybe £49.99) Edit - and indeed there was a collection of them in the toy section. I think they were £60 though, not £50.
  8. There was an article in Modern Railways a few months back arguing that the decision to effectively ban more third rail was made when people believed the HOPS train would do what was promised, and that now we know the true costs of overhead electrification these days we should think again about extending third rail.
  9. I remember years ago an interview on radio 4 about a treatment for some disease leading to blindness. The interviewee was quoting statistics for its success. The interviewer said something along the lines of "Never mind the statistics, tell me about one person who was cured..."
  10. And having to apply for permission to change jobs...
  11. More useful for passengers on trains leaving Paddington, I'd have thought. Sounds a bit like the way platforms 5-10 and 27-36 in Munich Hauptbahnhof are treated in timetables as if they were different stations from the main platforms, even though they aren't particularly remote from the rest (a bit like 9-11 at Kings Cross).
  12. From my copy of "Top-Link Locomotives", describing an EM2 (many years off being a class 77): "..he pointed to a chromium-plated handle working on a quadrant marked 'Regen'. 'That', he said, 'is the control for regenerative braking'." It then explains that regenerative braking works down to 16 mph (but the "electric wallahs" intend to bring it down to 2 mph eventually), and that if the regenerative braking fails the vacuum brake comes on automatically. I imagine that the 76's were the same.
  13. While that certainly reduces the opportunities for unwanted interactions between different parts of the software, it still doesn't reduce it completely. If you change one module and that changes the messages between modules, or even just the timing of the messages, it can still reveal a previously hidden problem in a different module - even if they are all running on entirely separate hardware.
  14. Well we could argue that neither does rail, given the large government subsidies. I do wonder though if video-conferencing (no, at the moment it's not a substitute for face-to-face travel, but that doesn't mean it will stay that way) and automated road vehicles could between them cause a significant reduction in demand for rail travel. I don't know that we're likely to see 125 mph or more on the motorway network, but for a lot of journeys it doesn't take much travel at either end to wipe out the speed advantage of rail.
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