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  1. Hattons have some steam logo bargains. I don't know if these are new, but I just had an email about them and I don't recall them coming up here.
  2. Hereford Model Centre have added some second hand diesel locomotives.
  3. Interesting. My experience of Hattons has not been anything like as good. (In fact by a strange coincidence I have just had a parcel from them turn up without the box even being taped up. I presume the elastic band round it was kindly provided by the Royal Mail). Generally when I've had things arrive in re-used cardboard boxes I have not considered the packaging to be inadequate. It's usually been a lot better than the common format where model boxes are put in a cardboard box that's far too big, with some packing material shoved in to show willing but that doesn't actually prevent the boxes inside from sliding around inside and colliding with each other or the sides of the outer box. Packaging should prevent the contents from moving around, but provide cushioning if the box is dropped or knocked. In my experience that's far more likely to be the case with companies that use home-made re-used packaging than those who use brand-new boxes.
  4. Wasn't BR pretty efficient by the time it was privatised?
  5. But presumably in many cases union employees would be represented by a different union (if at all).
  6. OK how about this: (From a House of Commons briefing paper on public service pensions from a few weeks ago) "In most cases, both employers and employees contribute to their pensions. The main exception is the Armed Forces Pension Scheme, which is non-contributory for members, although pension benefits are taken into account when pay is assessed.31 Until April 2012, members of two further schemes (the classic section of the civil service scheme and the judicial pension schemes) only paid contributions towards survivor benefits. However, they now also contribute to personal benefits." A pedant might suggest that we've gone a teensy bit off-topic here.
  7. The Reverend Awdry was certainly not the only one.
  8. Don't know about that one, but I believe the Disneyworld one uses real preserved steam locomotives. What did amuse me was travelling on a train in the Animal Kingdom in Disneyworld and seeing a lamp on the back with "BR(W)" on it. (Not somewhere I ever expected to go, but I once went to a conference that bizarrely was in a hotel in Disneyworld and it seemed a bit silly not to visit the theme parks while I was there).
  9. Agree fully that rail franchises aren't/weren't franchises by the usual definition. But that's what the government chose to call them so that's how I would refer to them.
  10. It takes a fair amount of cash to prepare a bid I'm sure, but my understanding was that (at least with the previous system) taking on a franchise doesn't require much in capital.
  11. I've just received a delivery from Rails - it came promptly and it was beautifully packed. Not, of course, in the re-used cardboard boxes nicely trimmed to size that small shops can afford to take the time for, but in a box not much bigger than it needed to be, with the actual product box beautifully wrapped in bubble-wrap and then packaging properly filling all the rest of the space in the box. I'm impressed.
  12. I see that the unions aren't impressed with the Williams-Shapps report largely I think because it doesn't call for wholesale re-nationalisation of the railways. I was wondering if in principle they could put their money where their mouth is and bid themselves for a concession to be run as a non-profit organisation? I realise that at the moment the details are a bit vague, but if following similar rules to franchises does anyone know if it would be legally possible for a union to set up a company to bid for one? Of course being technically possible and practical are different things - I have no idea where the money would come from to prepare the bid - but I'm just curious.
  13. Steady on now....pictures of a Hitachi train in this thread?
  14. I believe that with the exception of the 737, all airliners currently in production have a computer sitting between the pilot and everything that they are controlling. Weren't we talking about Hitachi trains at some point on this thread?
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