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  1. Thanks. After I posted, I spotted what I assume are 769 test runs on realtimetrains and wondered if they were keeping a 37 to resue errant 769s. So did 37 175 fail? Not much use as a thunderbird in that case....
  2. Does anybody have any idea why 37 175 and 37 418 were heading through Heath High Level today? (Towards Cardiff at around 18:35). I couldn't see anything on RealTimeTrains so I don't know where they'd been but there aren't many options on that line. The large logo one looked familiar for some reason. I think a return of the Rhmney 37-hauled trains is a bit too much to hope for....
  3. I've been on an underground train where they had to "Test out a safety system" or whatever it is they say when proceeding through a red signal. Even at a low speed there's quite a jerk when the brakes come on.
  4. Can anyone explain what the object hanging from the chain on the right is in this photograph? Seen in Salisbury station. I'm somewhat mystified...
  5. Some good offers on 00 gauge rolling stock at Bure Valley Models - too many for me to list. I ordered from them a few months ago and had very quick service.
  6. I appreciate that the Rails one will cost more to manufacture because it's 3-d printed. But £16 is a lot less than I'd have expected for an unusual limited edition like this, never mind one which "features etched brass components and separately fitted parts". Manufacturing costs will be less than Rails due to the different manufacturing technique, but that doesn't necessarily help with design costs, though of course they will be shared with the 1st class coaches to some extent. And just because something is cheap to manufacture doesn't mean it has to be sold at a low price if people will pay more. I also don't think it's particularly cynical to suggest a company might look at competitor's prices before setting their own (like "Railroad" 66's that mysteriously come in non Railroad boxes...) (Edited for clarity)
  7. No.....but I don't think you'd have to look very far to find someone alive who knows more about it than me....
  8. Anyone else surprised at that price? Even allowing for a possible desire to undercut Rails? Edited to add: Just seen the Rails announcement myself, including the comment "the incredible low RRP". (I don't think in the original announcement they explicitly said it was 3-d printed, though I think the material they were using suggested that it was).
  9. I suspect the bit I've put in bold is the problem. The person holding up the stick may not even be the one who does the measurements. Last year I came to work and found a nice poster up showing someone studiously making some measurements in a lab. They were actually "measuring" something I was responsible for, but the person photographed had nothing to do with the project and as for what they were actually supposed to be doing...?
  10. I'm no expert but according to Hornby the open coaches started out as second class, and were then downgraded to third with a new enclosed coaches built for second class.
  11. Quite a lot of new items have just appeared on the Hereford web site, mostly in one off quantities but as usual with some good prices. No photos, and some vague descriptions (i.e. Flying Scotsman just described as an A3) so you need to do a little work. (Edited to add: as helpfully pointed out below, the name and number are given further down - under the "add" box). Thankfully there's nothing I want there because I've already given them too much money recently. It's good of them to provide some lockdown entertainment though - I've been enjoying coming back every day to see what else has appeared.
  12. The cellar appears to have gone virtual - gradually more and more stock (often just one of each item) is appearing on the web site - and a lot of it at prices that now look extremely good. I have succumbed on several occasions (too many!), and each time what I've ordered has arrived within a couple of days, nicely packed in re-used boxes cut to just the right size and securely taped up - none of the standard sized box full of packing materials you get from the larger outfits. I even got a little test certificate with a locomotive. They don't go in for the sequence of emails you usually get these days saying it's been picked and packed, then sent with a tracking number. It just turns up on the doorstep - quite refreshing actually. I can't fault the service, and I hope this is all enough to keep them going.
  13. These are the ones where you get a free solebar with every coach, I think... I'm not terribly fussy about correctness, but these are a step to far even for me. Meanwhile. the constant trickle of new additions to the Hereford Models web site is keeping me diverted in lockdown. If anybody went for one of the GNER HSTs they had a few weeks back and wants to extend the rake (and make it a bit more correct), they can now get a TGS to go with it from Hereford (3 left at the time of writing...) (Edited to add: they all seem to have gone now)
  14. Thanks for that. For some reason for both of them I had to click twice on the "READ NOW" button for it to show up in "my magazines".....so if it doesn't work first time...persevere.
  15. Replying to an ancient post I know, but... I don't know if this was unsual either, but the one time I got the last train back from Thurso in the 37 days it did the same thing. It was quite a journey - one of the coaches had no lighting on and the guard was happy for us to sit in it enojying the views of the stars without reflections from the window, and check our tickets with the light from his Bardic(?) lamp.
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