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    Born and raised in the East Riding, save for degree studies in the big smoke. Unfortunately almost at the opposite end of the Tees-Exe line for the GWR!

    Currently building up (hoarding) my fleet, and taking my first steps in scratch & kit building, via modifying RTR! The dream? A secondary GWR mainline in the winter/spring of 1946/7, with plenty of operating interest, and justification to run all classes of Swindon's finest!

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  1. Hi there, You may find it useful to take a look at two pictures that I took at Didcot back in 2015 here. It's images 11 and 12 in the list of images, both show the GWS's 3822 with wartime mods; the first image shows the detail of the cabside blanking plate, and the second image is a "picture of a picture" showing the loco in running condition with the wartime cab topsheet cover in place. Hope this helps - but you're right, images and written text on these wartime mods is somewhat rare. Cheers, CoY
  2. Hi Rob, A nice build. Are the cast coupling hooks the LMS whitemetal ones? If so, how to you fit the three links? Do you just hang them from the hook, or do you drill out the coupling eye with a .45 drill bit? I try to do that latter but seem to end up snapping a fair few drawhooks! I'm really trying to add three links to all my kitbuilt wagon stock but it's such a faff sometimes! CoY
  3. Don’t hang around Rob - most box shifters have sold out; had to go onto second page of Google to get mine; and it was their last one! CoY
  4. I daren't say it on the Hornby threads, so i'll say it here - probably the most underwhelming set of Hornby new releases for the GWR modeller in many, many years. They could've at least thrown us some sort of bone, like Collett coaches in post-war livery, or any of their locos in post-war livery (such as the Grange, 28xx, 42/52/72xx). I am also crying out for a Castle (preferably with scalloped inside cylinder cover) in G-crest-W livery with a Collett tender. Agree with the dismay at the generic pre-grouping coaches; it's not a good look to compete with Hattons when th
  5. I agree with the comment about LNER coaching stock, and that the current Gresley's are the poor relation when Hornby's coach ranges are looked at in the round. They are inaccurate (no tumblehome) and also lack the variety of diagrams needed to make up realistic rakes (no BTK or CK in the current range, and open third would also be good to see). A new range of Gresley teaks would, I think, be popular. I also think Hornby can get better at sweating their assets, by releasing new liveries and with different detail combinations. Don't we always hear a cry for more A3s in BR Early Embl
  6. There's two trends that I really don't get in this thread so far. First, is the sizeable minority asking for a retooled GWR 14xx. It's not going to happen; the Hattons/DJM might have a ropey mechanism, but the body is sublime. I can see that eventually finding its way back to market via the EFE range with maybe, just maybe, a revised mechanism. Hornby won't gamble it's product development budget on designing a new one from scratch against an existing model that isn't as bad as people make out. Second, is the amount of pushback on the thought of retooled Merchant Navie
  7. - GWR Saint - Re-tooled Black 5 OR 8f - Southern Q - LNER Coronation coaching set - GWR Collet Bow-Ended Dining Car - One new tool big 4 wagon - probably something that is already in the Parkside range, as per. - Something "Era 1" like Lion, or something industrial, like a sentinel VBT loco - My dark horse punt: the GWR "Great Bear", or an S160... CoY
  8. Hello knowledgeable Southern modellers! I have just built and painted one of the excellent Chivers kits for this wagon, and am about to apply transfers. Whilst the kit instructions give the wagon number range and tonnage, I do not have any resources from which to know about the tare weight of these wagons. Would someone kindly be able to advise on this please? As a bonus question, would these wagons have been in the common user pool in the immediate post-war period please? I am not going to number my wagon as a "Loco Coal" one, but rather as a general miner
  9. I’m surprised these haven’t attracted more comment since this morning’s Engine Shed blog, as they look incredible. I fundamentally cannot justify any as a post-war GWR modeller, but I will certainly admire them when I see them in the flesh at my next exhibition (whenever that is!). I must also say that these augur well should Hornby turn their premium coach attentions west... GWR Centenaries or Ocean Saloons anyone? CoY
  10. Very nice. Which MJT product did you use for the trussing please? I've been on the hunt for toplight queenpost trussing for a while now. Cheers. CoY
  11. The Great Western (SVR) Association have done a fabulous job restoring their Collett bow-ended composite 6045. Their restoration blog is choc-full of images including a lot of interior shots here. They've restored her into 1927 - 1934 livery and I would assume internal finish, so it exactly matches what you are trying to achieve. I cant speak to their adherence to historic accuracy but I would bet a decent amount that they know their onions and have done their research. Cheers CoY
  12. I’ve had my eye on that for a while but alas the number of views that webpage has had this morning means it’s now back up to the princely sum of £39.99. Always worth keeping occasional tabs on Amazon’s Hornby range though for the occasional “blink-and-you-miss-it” price drop. CoY
  13. It was mentioned that the (comprehensive) instructions booklet advises that separate smokebox doors are available to order. Is any further info given please on how to order? I want to pick up 7301 in GWR green but I don't want that silly BR smokebox door! Cheers. CoY
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