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    Born and raised in the East Riding, save for degree studies in the big smoke. Unfortunately almost at the opposite end of the Tees-Exe line for the GWR!

    Currently building up (hoarding) my fleet, and taking my first steps in scratch & kit building, via modifying RTR! The dream? A secondary GWR mainline in the winter/spring of 1946/7, with plenty of operating interest, and justification to run all classes of Swindon's finest!

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  1. Ordered on Monday evening, and delivered by Wednesday lunchtime; excellent service! CoY
  2. To atone for my role in the regal thread deviation, I've just put an order in for a few of the GWR P23s and one each of the LMS wagon diagrams. Looking forward to their arrival! Cheers. CoY
  3. I've looked it up it an you're right Johnster. Apologies from this History graduate! King John did however die of Dysentery, which is not too dissimilar a fate to dying of Lampreys, as I understand it. What a last week he must've had - losing the crown jewels then passing away from a severe case of dickey tummy! CoY
  4. Ok, so I've consulted my Hugh Longworth book of GWR/LNER coaches, and the following Hawksworths were built and released into revenue earning service before New Year's Eve 1947. As such, I think you can say with 99% certainty that they were outshopped in chocolate and cream livery with the Great - crest - Western signage. Dia C82 (TK) Nos. 781 to 832 Nos. 855 to 858 Dia D131 (BTK) Nos. 833 to 854 Dia E163 (CK) Nos. 7251 to 7253 All other Hawksworth stock was built after nationalisation, so to have any of the other diagrams (the
  5. Don't you mean King John? Right after he lost the crown jewels in The Wash... CoY
  6. This is a very pleasing development, and I think I will snap up a few. Does anyone know if this kit can be made into the P17 also? I have one built Ian Kirk P17 and one still yet to make, but it would be nice to bulk those out a bit. GWR modellers are quite well served with ballast vehicles at the moment, what with the Cambrian starfish P15/P18, Cambrian P22 hopper, and the Chivers P23. Now all we need is for the Slaters Toplights to return to the market, and we'll be on Cloud Nine. CoY
  7. Nice project this Rob; might have to partake. Do you have any wagon numbers to hand for this van? I don't think it will appear in the Atkins, Beard & Tourret GWR wagon bible because they were not of course Swindon built. Bachmann of course do a nice model of this but I suspect if released today would be around 20 sheets minimum - yours is a good way of bulking up post-war GWR wagon fleets! Would any of the other Dapol GWR van bodies fit an 10 foot wheelbase, and more importantly, are they accurate representations? www.Dapol.co.uk/shop/oo-gauge/wagons-OO
  8. My 4154 has arrived... A much richer lustrous shade then GWR Hornby models of old. Front steps are wonky though; talk about splayed! Cheers, CoY
  9. No, i’m a modeller of the late (pre-BR) GWR so whilst I need moguls in G-W-R green, I don’t want a smokebox door number, as the GWR never used them! As Mr Hargrave states above, GWR numbering on the front of locos was always applied to the right hand side of the front bufferbeam (inboard of the buffers) I’m not jumping to conclusions thank you. I would’ve just thought that the market for a G-W-R green mogul without smokebox numberplate would be eminently bigger than one for a G-W-R green mogul with a smokebox numberplate. This mogul as depicted might’ve have been seen betwe
  10. Arrgghh. I cannot believe Dapol have left that ridiculous smokebox numberplate on the production run 7301 in G-W-R green. Why would you produce a model who’s prototype appeared like that for a vanishingly small amount of time? I’m not going to spend £135-plus to take a scalpel to a brand new model. It’ll be the shirtbutton version and some Fox transfers for me I think. Still, as 7301 is in such a ridiculous livery combination they might end up in the bargain bin anyway.... something sub £100 is a much more agreeable thing to attack with a blade... CoY
  11. Just six weeks shy off three years since my last blog update, and hasn't the world changed since... The fairly new Hornby GWR Collett subs are very nice coaches indeed, and whilst they might only have gravitated toward the London and Birmingham Divisions, they are an essential non-corridor RTR coach to 21st century standards. Rule 1 dictates that a four coach 'set' may well have been seconded elsewhere on the GWR network during their lifetimes; a circumstance perhaps more likely in the immediate post-war years, were delayed coaching refurbishment cycles caught up with the GWR and e
  12. Very nice indeed! All I can say is that i'm very much looking forward to the forthcoming re-release of these by Slaters. Can't be much longer now surely? CoY
  13. Yes it's the unaltered Ks kit. The GWR only ever built 6 Siphon Fs so I don't mind too much having two! CoY
  14. The Siphon F transfers on the Modelmaster sheet do fit, as I applied some this week. However, there's only one set of Siphon F on the sheet so you'll need a sheet for each one you've got. CoY
  15. I actually think the Mainline/Bachmann sunshine coaches are a sound basis for conversion using brass side overlays; the roofs in particular are quite well detailed, the underframes reasonable and the bogies ok. Comet alone produce around 10 different variants of side that can be used on these coaches. I think the sunshine coaches are fair candidates for eventual retool, but the problem is that Bachmann would make glacial progress, and when they do eventually appear, they would be north of, what; £60-£70 a coach? I cannot see Hornby adding a third range of GWR corridor stock, so pe
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