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    Born and raised in the East Riding, save for degree studies in the big smoke. Unfortunately almost at the opposite end of the Tees-Exe line for the GWR!

    Currently building up (hoarding) my fleet, and taking my first steps in scratch & kit building, via modifying RTR! The dream? A secondary GWR mainline in the winter/spring of 1946/7, with plenty of operating interest, and justification to run all classes of Swindon's finest!

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  1. In a Rails of Sheffield product announcement email sent this afternoon.
  2. Yeah, I guessed it was an error rather than an actual April Fool, but the image of a dowdy gunpowder van featuring a multi-coloured interior, flush glazing and interior lighting cracked me up. Disco wagon? Would be banging’! CoY
  3. YOU ARE BUYING A "HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE" WRENN UN-BOXED MODEL No W2217 LNER CLASS N2 0-6-2T TANK LOCO' FINISHED AS LNER VERSION No.9522 IN APPLE GREEN LIVERY. IN ORIGINAL NEAR MINT CONDITION https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WRENN-MODEL-No-W221-7-LNER-CLASS-N2-0-6-2T-No-9522-TANK-LOCO-LOT-62/402760630667?epid=675908944&hash=item5dc667818b:g:Sc4AAOSwwk5gWQKj :-) CoY
  4. Just to "bump" this thread. When people say they use Evostik for brass sides onto plastic RTR, what is the exact type of Evostik used please? Just conscious that Evostik is a brand name with many different products under the brand... Pointers would be very much appreciated as i'm losing patience with trying to get my GWR D125 sides attached to a Bachmann E158 shell. Cheers. CoY
  5. I'm a sucker for true time-capsules with that little bit of "something extra". Berwyn on a cold autumn afternoon with a roaring fire in the waiting room, the raging River Dee 60 feet below, and the distant sound of pannier or prairie charging up the bank from Llangollen. Rothley on a warm summer's day, drinking tea from china cups, whilst the signal box bells ring happily away. Oakworth on a cold winter's night, gas lit both inside the waiting room and out on the platform, waiting to join the revelry aboard the bar car of the next train during the KWVR Real
  6. Loco crew with 9303 at Reading, April 1947 here. Does this help? CoY
  7. Err... the last release of the Modified Hall (approx 2016?) had a completely inaccurate front end beneath the smokebox door. It had the correct extension frames, but the wrong type of running board “drop” over the cylinders - it mixed the standard Hall running board drop with the extension frames of the Modified Hall. Brassmasters had to issue a brass fret of parts to help rectify, which I am currently mid-way through completing. CoY
  8. This is a most excellent announcement, and one that just seems to make so much sense. A popular loco that appeals to modellers of both the historic GWR & BR scenes plus contemporary preserved lines alike. I can’t wait to see these iconic locos get the Accurascale treatment. I’m certainly going to order 7819 in GWR green, and perhaps one in Shirtbutton too. Though one request; please, please get the rendition of GWR green right! More Bachmann/Dapol’s rich middle-chrome green; and less Hornby’s chalky/blue green! That said, I do feel sorry for Dapol; that’s twice they’ve been gazu
  9. I have to say that even as a GWR modeller I find these apeeling. Don’t think I’ll grab a bunch, but perhaps just one to give skin-deep coverage. CoY
  10. No, the new tool Hornby model was down to £99.50 with the likes of Rails within a few months of release. Others like Bure Valley Models still have them for £105. I paid £115 for mine when new. I'm not complaining at the prospect of bargains - far from it. Also, the 31xx and 81xx variants are to be welcomed, as is the Dapol take on GWR green which is infinitely superior to the Hornby sludge variant! All I am saying is that I am astonished that the Dapol business case for these still stacks up. Full marks for their endeavour. CoY
  11. I have to say that I am astonished that Dapol are proceeding with this model. The Hornby version is still widely available and indeed was discounted fairly swiftly by many retailers. I just cannot see the market as being big enough for both versions? Surely bringing the Manor's development forward would be a safer bet and help to ward-off any pouncing on the prototype by other manufacturers? Clearly Dapol's business case for these is still seen as sound. I do think this will lead to bargain bins overflowing with prairies of both manufacturers. I hope I'm wrong but I c
  12. Hi there, You may find it useful to take a look at two pictures that I took at Didcot back in 2015 here. It's images 11 and 12 in the list of images, both show the GWS's 3822 with wartime mods; the first image shows the detail of the cabside blanking plate, and the second image is a "picture of a picture" showing the loco in running condition with the wartime cab topsheet cover in place. Hope this helps - but you're right, images and written text on these wartime mods is somewhat rare. Cheers, CoY
  13. Hi Rob, A nice build. Are the cast coupling hooks the LMS whitemetal ones? If so, how to you fit the three links? Do you just hang them from the hook, or do you drill out the coupling eye with a .45 drill bit? I try to do that latter but seem to end up snapping a fair few drawhooks! I'm really trying to add three links to all my kitbuilt wagon stock but it's such a faff sometimes! CoY
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