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    Born and raised in the East Riding, save for degree studies in the big smoke. Unfortunately almost at the opposite end of the Tees-Exe line for the GWR!

    Currently building up (hoarding) my fleet, and taking my first steps in scratch & kit building, via modifying RTR! The dream? A secondary GWR mainline in the winter/spring of 1946/7, with plenty of operating interest, and justification to run all classes of Swindon's finest!

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  1. Any intel on the mooted return of the GWR toplight coaches? Cheers, CoY
  2. Is it true that you might have a new coach of the brake variety gracing Brent soon Rob? CoY
  3. I'd be interested in a tool & riding van pair, Mike. Cheers, CoY
  4. Whoever pinched the GWR Mink F kit from my basket on eBay, I will find you, and you will not like it! 

    1. gwrrob


      It wasn't me.:lol:

    2. Miss Prism

      Miss Prism

      Nor me, guvnor!

  5. Yes, and if you look in the Bachmann sales announced this last week by Rails, Kernow, Derails etc, you'll see the same models again and again; LMS crabs, LNER K3s, LMS 4MTs, BR 2-6-4Ts etc. People aren't buying them at the new - in all reality too high for the market - retail price. Coaching stock is falling into this cachet too - the Birdcage coaches in olive green have been in every bargain bin I've look at over the last 6 months. Hornby, Dapol and Oxford Rail all mange to keep prices within a reasonable range, and so Kader's notion that Chinese wage rises being the main driver of price rises doesn't wash really. CoY
  6. Yep, Sketty Hall of around 8 years ago has it as well: https://hattonsimages.blob.core.windows.net/products/32-004_1.jpg CoY
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-47002713 Do you think they'll impound his Toad as a result of their investigations? CoY
  8. Is there now genuinely still scope in the market for the Rails/Dapol version? If I were them, I'd be having a look at the sales forecasts and the R&D spend committed to date...
  9. I’ve been after GWR shed allocation transfers for a while - CPL used to do them but Paul Bambrick didn’t have any in stock when I last spoke to him. If Railtec produced some I’d be very interested. CoY
  10. I've sort of made my peace with Bachmann's general listlessness when it comes to new releases, and so therefore I'm disproportionately excited by a wartime black pannier. Whilst its RRP will no doubt be 100% more than good, second hand examples in GWR green, this will save me the time of a modelling project that was in the mid-ranking part of my to-do list. In all seriousness, is this the first ever RTR GWR wartime black release? I simply cannot think of another. CoY
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