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    Born and raised in the East Riding, save for degree studies in the big smoke. Unfortunately almost at the opposite end of the Tees-Exe line for the GWR!

    Currently building up (hoarding) my fleet, and taking my first steps in scratch & kit building, via modifying RTR! The dream? A secondary GWR mainline in the winter/spring of 1946/7, with plenty of operating interest, and justification to run all classes of Swindon's finest!

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  1. Kernow have the Hawksworths and some Collets for £29.99, and unbelievably, some of the Collett subs at £24.49! At that price i'm struggling to not order some more even though I have all I realistically need. CoY
  2. Hi Brian and team. I'd argue that this is an even more important poll than the Toplight one, as the range of coaching stock in this poll span almost 50 years and most coach styles are needed to accurately model the GWR in its 1920's to 1930's heyday. As I model the GWR immediately post-war (1945 to 1947) in theory I could justify any of the above; even Clerestories hung on carrying passengers in penny numbers until about 1950. However, it would be unwise to vote for all types as I think it would provide too a diffuse selection for the manufacturers. In that case - and it's head over heart here - I would buy the following RTR and thus vote accordingly: 2 3 4 5 9 10 11 If absolutely pushed I would say that 11 - Sunshine coaches are vital to have in RTR to modern standards, closely followed by 9 - bow ended general service coaches of 1930-33 (as someone said, the C67 in this coaching range was the fourth most produced TK of the GWR). I just think that clerestories are too niche and will probably fall prey to a "generic" release a la the 4 & 6 wheel Genesis/Hornby coaches. In terms of the special service stock of Cornish Riviera, Super Saloons and Centenery stock, again they're too niche, and as they weren't many of them, if you really want them, buy kits and build them - or even pay someone to make them for you! The coach ranges I've voted for were general service vehicles and as such I would buy well into double figures of them if ever made RTR. Imagine an express of 70 footers behind a King or Castle! Cor! Cheers. CoY
  3. Emphatically, I vote for 1. As others have said, this is the only way this particular train is going to leave the station! I would buy multiples of each, though especially the TK and BG. CoY
  4. There has never been an RTR GWR Iron Mink prior to this one. There has been two kits of the V6 diagram; a white metal one by ABS kits (no longer available), and a plastic one by Ratio (now via Peco) and still available. I've never seen an ABS kit but I seem to understand that it was quite well regarded in terms of dimensions and detail, but happy to be proven wrong. The Ratio kit is too narrow in the body, and as the sides are too high the roof doesn't sit flush against the sides and ends, leaving a minor air gap, but is otherwise quite serviceable and can be tinkered with to suit the modeler's prerogative. This new Rails version has attracted much comment as to its quality and finesse. Straight away I would say the roof sheet looks too thick and therefore crude, the brake gear looks overscale, the coupling hook looks a bit flimsy and done in plastic which would make fitting 3-links a challenge (and it doesn't seem like 3-links are included, despite Oxford Rail now including them with their wagons at 1/2 the price of this), and the wheels are Dapol's standard crude type that are overscale in most dimensions (spokes, wheel rims etc). Others have mentioned that the holes on the solebar are too large, but I cannot comment on that. The livery on some versions is suspect too. It would have been very unlikely for the late GWR and BR versions to have a brilliant white roof such as that shown - certainly by the start of WW2 all van roofs went into a dark grey colour. Furthermore, the late-GWR livery is dodgy as the font style does not look right - the lettering is too narrow. Hope this helps. CoY
  5. Brian, I would purchase any and all of 1 to 10 inclusive. In terms of 12) Other Wagons - we need a Lowmac, ideally an earlier diagram with rounded curves, not the later 'orrible angular ones. Also, some crocodiles; the Bachmann (nee Mainline) crocodile scrubs up quite well, but as they came in varying lengths, I would love to see a longer one, as there aren't even any kits for these iirc. Thanks CoY
  6. Whilst admittedly it’s on its way to the knackers yard, there’s an iron mink in post-1936 livery in 1947 on Warwickshire Railways website here: https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrb1787.htm
  7. I know it’s not kosher to talk price on here these days, but these feel around £10-£15 overpriced to me. They don’t exactly look finescale do they, and that anaemic ‘GW’ font gets worse the more I look at it.
  8. They’re produced in partnership with Dapol. The venerable yet still decent Ratio Iron Mink kit is still available for less than a tenner. Ultimately prospective purchasers will have to make their own value judgments…
  9. Well, well, well… Is this the dawning of the age of the GWR rtr wagon? https://railsofsheffield.com/collections/iron-mink-vans?mc_cid=d5f5052676&mc_eid=640c17b9af The model itself looks good but I’m not sure about the lettering for the post-1936 GWR version? The font looks incorrect. The white roof will have to go. Anyway, a pleasant surprise! CoY
  10. Are you sure you've checked everywhere? R40107 R40110 CoY
  11. The steam-era coaching range is arguably one of Hornby's unsung strengths, and there are some superb models about, at very competitive RRPs when compared with other manufacturers... I've been particularly impressed with the following, in order of impressiveness: - GWR Hawksworths - SR Maunsells - LNER Gresley non-corridor stock - GWR Colletts corridor stock - LNER Thompson non-corridor stock - GWR Colletts non-corridor stock - SR Bulleids (57ft stock) - LMS Stanier non-corridor stock I've never owned a Hornby Pullman as I've no need for them, but they've always looked very fine when I've seen them elsewhere. I really think steam era coaching stock is ripe for Hornby to further exploit, starting with more accurate Gresley corridor stock (and with more diagrams like CK, BTK and TTO), Period I or II LMS stock, and GWR toplight (!!!) or flat-ended stock of 57ft or 60ft variety. Cheers. CoY
  12. Nice V35 Robin! I am currently working on the same, but I can't decide the best way to join the Peco/Parkside chassis to the Dapol body. How did you go about it please? The wagon floor included in the chassis kit is too narrow to be affixed to the bottom of the van sides. Cheers. CoY
  13. Looks like the only other possible diagrams could be: D101 Brake Third (Hornby D98 as donor) - same length and bogies, but 5 compartments instead of 6. Phoenix did the kit, and according to Miss Prism's website, Worsley Works are to do so but they are "not yet available". E124/125 Composite (Hornby E131 as donor) - same length, but 9ft bogies, which look to be the only visible cosmetic change. E129 Brake Composite (E131 as donor) - same length, but 9ft bogies. 6 third class compartments and 1 first, small brake area. Comet do the sides. E134 Composite (E131 as donor) - same length, same 7ft bogies, 4 third class compartments and 5 first (compared with 5 third and 4 first in E131). Phoenix did the sides. E135 Brake Composite (E131 as donor) - same length and bogies. 5 third class compartments and 1 first, medium sized brake area. Only four ever built and so no suprise that no-one does the sides. There is no suitable full third coach conversion option given different underframe lengths. Seems to be more options then I first thought. Anyway, hope this is of use to someone! CoY
  14. Heads up - Hornby Collett subs, at what is frankly a "silly cheap" price by modern standards over at Kernow: https://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/c/614/OO-Gauge/5 I have all I need (I think) but I wonder if they could be adapted into other diagrams using brass sides? I will consult my Longworth book of GWR coaching stock... CoY
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