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  1. Or to stop anyone else using the technology.
  2. Kernow model centre, arrived on Saturday.
  3. Dcc supplies used to show improved ones on there website with better protection but it's gone now.
  4. The blanking plug is unique to this and later class 22s so the Bachmann one won't work.
  5. https://www.railcar.co.uk/images/1872 The wiper arms were purple at least.
  6. Try turning off running on DC, a have a 21 silver that wouldn't stop until it was switched off.
  7. Has every one who will be refunded been refunded, I have looked at my PayPal account and the money has been paid but I haven't seen anything else.
  8. It only needs 5 functions front/rear marker lights, front/rear cab light and carriage lighting. The problem with the Bachmann decoder is the logic levels are wrong on the function output for the carriage lighting.
  9. Hopefully it will be sold without the controller and possibly without the sound chip by some shops.
  10. Mine also has a lenz silver 21 pin decoder, the packaging and instructions of the bubble car are ambiguous saying mtc21 because true mtc decoders with logic level outputs on aux 5 won't turn the carriage lights off.
  11. It's the difference between Trix and British Trix,two different but linked companies. https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Trix.
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