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  1. Somewhere within the recent Covid-19 chaos, this happened.... Its really weird seeing my layout in a magazine, and actually looking half decent!! 2020 has been an odd year to say the least, but for me, it’s been a real tough one. As some of you already know, my Father was diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer in 2017, which was a complete shock, and a few months ago, we were informed that the treatment was no longer working. In light of this, myself and Nicky decided that we’d up sticks and move in to his house so that we can look after him. This is quit
  2. Sorry for the complete lack of updates on both Oak Road and the outdoor layout known as Oak Garden, but unfortunately, everything has had to take a backseat due to my Father's health. The garden layout will cease to exist, probably from the end of this month, or possibly October if the weather stays nice, and Oak Road will stay firmly tucked up in the office downstairs at work for the foreseeable future. Richard from Hornby Magazine is coming down in two weeks time to do a feature on how Oak Road came about, why I count rivets and my association with Meningitis Now, but that'll be it.
  3. Scott, can you just build something and leave it alone.....I'm struggling to keep up!
  4. Yep, another shout for Montana - they do some other colours too which are really useful for adding different shading to the weathering.
  5. Looking good Ian - I’ve posted you some ear defenders
  6. Things have certainly been a little odd of late with the Coronavirus Pandemic putting restrictions on the whole country, so I downed tools on Oak Road and moved outside to create Oak Garden....an OO Gauge 85’ double track loop with an 8’ long, foot high viaduct, a triangular junction and a main station based on Totnes. It’s taken a whole month to build the framework and get some track down, and I still don’t have a complete loop! This will give you an idea of what I’m up to..... If the weather holds up I may actually get a whole loop by next weekend
  7. It wasn't me, but I am selling them now if anyone's interested.
  8. Yes Grizz, that’s them, and as Jo says. The Revolution ones need the shocks cutting off and then I’ll just use plastic rod to replicate them in the right place. I may not bother flattening the tops though.
  9. The reason I asked about the bogies was that they look similar to the Revolution ones and can be easily modified to represent the other TF25s under the JNA/A i was going to cast the box but I’ve taken it apart - I just wasn’t happy with it, and I’ve since found a 3D print for one in 2mm which I’ve asked if it can be scaled up. That’s an interesting box of wagons you have there!
  10. Where did you get the bogies from on those flat wagons Grizz?
  11. I was a bit disappointed with my first effort, so I’ve reworked it. I’ve replaced the horizontal rib and put it in the correct place. I’ve filed the weld line down and although it still looks way too big, it looks better than it did. The vertical rib supports are the bits that’s killing it because I can’t get them to look uniform. I wish I’d just left them square now and not bothered trying to angle them! Anyway, it’s not a million miles off so I’ll fill in the scratches along the bottom, tidy a few bits and pieces up, and then get casting.
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