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  1. Sorry for the complete lack of updates on both Oak Road and the outdoor layout known as Oak Garden, but unfortunately, everything has had to take a backseat due to my Father's health. The garden layout will cease to exist, probably from the end of this month, or possibly October if the weather stays nice, and Oak Road will stay firmly tucked up in the office downstairs at work for the foreseeable future. Richard from Hornby Magazine is coming down in two weeks time to do a feature on how Oak Road came about, why I count rivets and my association with Meningitis Now, but that'll be it.
  2. Scott, can you just build something and leave it alone.....I'm struggling to keep up!
  3. Having reached rock bottom....I started to dig

    1. bgman


      You off to Sydney ?

    2. BoD


      Be careful not to scratch your balls on the way then.

    3. bgman



  4. Having reached rock bottom....I started to dig

  5. until

    Really looking forward to this exhibition - it was great last year!
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