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  1. Yep, another shout for Montana - they do some other colours too which are really useful for adding different shading to the weathering.
  2. Looking good Ian - I’ve posted you some ear defenders
  3. Things have certainly been a little odd of late with the Coronavirus Pandemic putting restrictions on the whole country, so I downed tools on Oak Road and moved outside to create Oak Garden....an OO Gauge 85’ double track loop with an 8’ long, foot high viaduct, a triangular junction and a main station based on Totnes. It’s taken a whole month to build the framework and get some track down, and I still don’t have a complete loop! This will give you an idea of what I’m up to..... If the weather holds up I may actually get a whole loop by next weekend
  4. It wasn't me, but I am selling them now if anyone's interested.
  5. Yes Grizz, that’s them, and as Jo says. The Revolution ones need the shocks cutting off and then I’ll just use plastic rod to replicate them in the right place. I may not bother flattening the tops though.
  6. The reason I asked about the bogies was that they look similar to the Revolution ones and can be easily modified to represent the other TF25s under the JNA/A i was going to cast the box but I’ve taken it apart - I just wasn’t happy with it, and I’ve since found a 3D print for one in 2mm which I’ve asked if it can be scaled up. That’s an interesting box of wagons you have there!
  7. Where did you get the bogies from on those flat wagons Grizz?
  8. I was a bit disappointed with my first effort, so I’ve reworked it. I’ve replaced the horizontal rib and put it in the correct place. I’ve filed the weld line down and although it still looks way too big, it looks better than it did. The vertical rib supports are the bits that’s killing it because I can’t get them to look uniform. I wish I’d just left them square now and not bothered trying to angle them! Anyway, it’s not a million miles off so I’ll fill in the scratches along the bottom, tidy a few bits and pieces up, and then get casting.
  9. Yep, NACCO JNA/A, but I’ve messed it up a bit. The Roco boxes are too low but almost the right width and bang in the right length. The downside is there’s a whole load of work to do with them so it’s probably just as easy to start from scratch. My issue is I’m pretty useless at making square boxes - give me some weathering to do, or build scenery (if you’ve seen my trainset you’ll see why) and I’m fine, but this is harder than I thought.
  10. I didn’t make the best job of it Grizz! Still, it was good practice. I’m going to start again from scratch and try and build it properly. Cheers Mike
  11. Whilst not 100% scratch built, my JNA/A has finally got started. I’ve used a Roco box as a base and built around it. Once it’s finished I should be able to cast some more. Bogies may be available from George at some point but I’m using a set of my Revolution JNA/T ones at present.
  12. I’ve done a few more JIAs but I thought I’d just post a few pictures for people to look at... ...firstly, the China clay train heading towards Westbury.... ...mini me taking a video of the China clay train rumbling though...,with my own tag on one of the wagons... ....an aerial view of the same train..... I’ve got some more bits to do to the station tomorrow so I’ll post some more pictures once I’ve finished. In the meantime, have a look at what Rhys and Ian have been up to with their layouts, Porthleven and Exford in Shed threads
  13. The tail light itself is one of the DCC Concepts Modern ones connected to the TrainTech AL4 modules
  14. I’ve taken a break from working on the station and done some work on a pair of JIAs. One has had a tail lamp fitted (what a pain in the backside that was) and both have been weathered as per current day running. Here’s one sat on the station board.... ...only 8 more to go!
  15. While I was messing around with the camera last night, I managed to take this.... ...it’s a shame I couldn’t get the lights on because I think it would’ve really made it come to life.
  16. I hope everyone is keeping safe, and sane. With my day time job coming to a halt, I’m twiddling my thumbs a bit, but luckily, I brought the station board home so that I could work on the station buildings as mentioned previously. It’s been slow progress but for once, it’s nice not having to rush, although that still hasn’t stopped me from making mistakes though!! First up is one of two flower beds... ....the boulders are all hand made. I’ve also added some poster boards to the station building... Mini me found his way to the station too.... ....along with the Severn Models GWR benches. Today, boredom really set in and I turned the board in to a giant diorama (headlights courtesy of Paul’s photoshop skills).. There’s still a lot of detail to add yet, but there’s now plenty of time to plod on through. Stay safe....
  17. Thank you Shane I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that your Dad inspired many people just like myself to ‘have a go’. He will continue to be missed by the modelling world, I’m sure, for many years to come. All the best Mike
  18. With the whole Country approaching lockdown, and every show except RailEx NE cancelled, it’s safe to assume that I won’t be working on the layout for a while. I’ve managed to get the electrics finished all bar a couple of frog wires, and the signal decoders but it’s all connected up to iTrain. It’s been a massive learning curve and one which I wouldn’t have managed without James Hudson at DCC Train Automation, and he deserves a medal for his patience! There’s still a fair amount to do in terms of inputting locos and rolling stock but that’s par for the course. I’m going to spend a while getting the station buildings up-together now and finish off the 166, along with sorting out the rest of the stock. stay safe people and see you all on the other side.
  19. Well progress has been going ok and both the up and down mainlines have now been relaid - trains are running fine and I’ve reballasted the repair. As you can see in the picture, the line leading in to the branch and the head shunt have suffered the same issue (even though I’d relaid the branch line before Swansea) so up they came too! Both repaired and partly ballasted.... Next job is to clean all the rough bits up and repaint everything. I’ve also added the ground signals from Matt at Absolute Aspects and will get them wired up as soon as I can. with all the shows for 2020 being cancelled, I’ve now got plenty of time to get things top notch.....as long as I stop playing trains!!!
  20. Right, I still can’t upload pictures to my computer, so I’ll add the latest one via my phone. This is the rogue board joint that’s been bugging me for about two years now so I’ve finally decided to rip it up and relay it. It looks a lot worse than it is - I’ve removed everything down to baseboard level and will lower the track to take out the ski ramps on the board tops. I started this yesterday evening and with any luck I’ll have it ready to run trains by this evening.
  21. Apologies for the complete lack of updates....I've changed the operating system on my PC and for some reason I can't upload any pictures to it. Given the fact that I have the same issue with my Mac, I'm guessing it's something to do with my phone? Anyway, written updates will have to do. I'm running a month behind (not entirely my fault) with the improvements to the layout, but so far all of the end plates have been strengthened and the old wiring has been completely removed. The fiddle yard boards have been relaid, along with the entry boards to make the centre roads longer, and to get most of the points off of the fiddle yard. Added to the control system have been the following: Digikeijs DR5000 Digikeijs DR 4018 x2 Digikeijs DR 4088 x5 MBT MP1 x24 I've removed the Cobalt IP DIgital point motors and replaced them with the above MP1s driven by the DCC Concepts AD!-HPs that were surplus from the 4018 installations. This whole process seems to be taking forever and I still can't run any trains........and on top of that, I've not even started to look at iTrain yet either! There is a positive side to this though - the boards are now very rigid when bolted together, and the wiring is now split in to a power bus and an accessory bus (the later will be powered by a DR5033). Hopefully, I'll work out how to get some pictures up without resorting to using my phone!
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