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  1. So here’s a few ideas going forward. Newbury was originally a good location to base everything on but by using Westbury, I have an advantage of mixing the diagrams up a bit so that I can use my 158s and 159s due to the lack of 165/6s in N Gauge. It also means I can run some ex EWS freight stock, along with some Colas stuff. This can be overcome by combining the two and just creating West Neelbury and throwing the role book out of the window! At present, all lines are by directional which isn’t really needed for what I need to do, so therefore I’m going to revert the main running lines to single direction. The track disappears through holes in the backs scene at each end so I’ll make some bridges to sit in front of these - it’ll just tidy things up a bit. I’m also going to lose the bridge (even though it’s a nice feature) because it’s very ‘Fen like’ and I need to make everything look more Western than Eastern. The station island platform canopy will be made to look like Westbury and I’ll put up the newer style OHLE without the wires with maybe a couple of bases minus the portals and gantries to denote the fact that they’re still being installed. Other than that, it’ll just be enhancing the scenery and bringing everything to Berkshire / Wiltshire. I have a year until GETS 22.....
  2. I did a little bit of work on Neelbury (which may become West Neelbury - I’ll explain later) this evening which involves hand painting the rail sides on the sidings and adding some toning to the ballast and greenery. It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything in N Gauge and I’m struggling to see it.... I also had a little go at the mainline but this needs to be done in stages... This could take a while!
  3. I’ll more than likely add the masts ad portals but without wires as per the original Neely, and also the real Newbury at the time period I’m going to model - they didn’t have the wires up, only the infrastructure.
  4. Yesterday while at Aldershot Model Railway Show, I decided to have a moment of madness and buy Terry Metcalfe’s old Neely layout from some chaps at Scunthorpe Club. I’ve long been an admirer of the layout and often wondered what had happened to it, so here it is... As some of you may know, I model (almost present day) GWR in 4mm, and for my sins, that’s what most of my N Gauge stock is too, so after hatching a cunning plan, Neely will become Neelbury (on the Berks and Hants), and with a few subtle changes, we’ll see some nice HSTs & 800s a-la Oak Road style looking right at home. The OLE portals are removable which means I have a choice, leave them off, or continue to use them....and here’s the clever bit. By modelling the newer style portal, and imagining this as Newbury(ish), I actually don’t need to have physical wires because at the time, only the gantries and portals were in situ. The fiddle yard needs some attention to make it more useable and I may look to narrow the whole thing and remove the well in the middle. Just one thing......we got it home and realised it’s too big for where it was going!
  5. I’m keen to keep Terry’s original layout name so it will more than likely become Neelbury. You can expect a few changes too but nothing major.
  6. Reviving an old thread - I’ve just become the new owner of this layout having bought it from Geoff Buttler today. I’m really grateful to be able to keep it going but expect a few changes....mainly in location and a slightly different name! Here it is at the Aldershot show earlier today .....not that I needed any more projects!
  7. Well the Oak Road crew managed another successful mission at GETS, even with the layout not wanting to work after set up on Friday. Two points decided to work when they felt like it and we had one and two thirds signals all weekend - stressed was an understatement and how Ian and Rhys didn’t hit me with something heavy is a miracle. Despite the issues, the trains stayed on the tracks and everything ran very well (unless we couldn’t remember what routes we’d set) and by all accounts, the public loved it. We didn’t run to any specific plan, we just ran trains, and lots of them at that...probably every thirty seconds or so, and from what I’ve heard, we were the only people constantly sending something round. We had modern trains, 80s and 90s trains, and even borrowed trains.....by way of 21 Cavalex PGA wagons, which looked and sounded great trundling around behind a pair of DRS Tractors. We had a bus on a bridge, complete with working destination display (which I’m going to raffle off) and the trainset came third in the Hornby Magazine layout of the year award!! Dave was due to come with us but his health dictated his need to give it a miss this time around, which in hindsight, was probably the right thing to do. Ian and Rhys deserve a big round of applause for keeping things moving, as does James from DCC Train Automation for the remote support, and helping get the layout routes setup despite being very much under the weather. It was a good show and good to get back out again. Next stop, Ally Pally, but until then, I’ve got some wiring to remove, some boxes to add, some scenery to finish, and then there’s this bloody box I keep falling over with a load of PGAs in it...........
  8. Bloody good model and excellent value for money, despite a few minor mistakes
  9. I tried this and failed miserably! Do you paint the lens or the aperture? And what paint did you use?
  10. I’ve just heard this very sad news through a friend. Unfortunately due to Covid, I never got to meet Geoff in person, even though he tried to get Oak Road to Trainwest 2020, 2021, and then finally 2022. My thoughts are with Geoff’s family at this difficult time and if 2022 does go ahead, I will be there to do him proud. Mike
  11. Apologies for the lack of any content on my thread but I’m now sat in the co-pilot’s seat with my Dad for his final approach and I’ll continue to do so until his plane lands silently on the runway. I’m very surprised to learn that the layout has been nominated in the layout of the year category again, which is extremely flattering considering it’s still unfinished. I will be back, but for now, I need to be elsewhere. Thanks for understanding.
  12. I’m very flattered that Oak Road has been nominated in the layout of the year category for the second time, especially as it’s still a huge work in progress. Thank you for the nomination.
  13. Somewhere within the recent Covid-19 chaos, this happened.... Its really weird seeing my layout in a magazine, and actually looking half decent!! 2020 has been an odd year to say the least, but for me, it’s been a real tough one. As some of you already know, my Father was diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer in 2017, which was a complete shock, and a few months ago, we were informed that the treatment was no longer working. In light of this, myself and Nicky decided that we’d up sticks and move in to his house so that we can look after him. This is quite an upheaval, but one that’s a definite necessity, so the trains are currently being packed away and the garden railway is sadly no more. Oak Road is still at work, and will remain there for as long as needed, or until they need the office I’m currently being loaned. Toy trains, and real ones, have been a huge part of my life, and even more so over the last 10 years, but it’s time for them to take a back seat as I take care of more important issues. I’ll be back at some point, but for now, I want to spend time with my dad.
  14. Sorry for the complete lack of updates on both Oak Road and the outdoor layout known as Oak Garden, but unfortunately, everything has had to take a backseat due to my Father's health. The garden layout will cease to exist, probably from the end of this month, or possibly October if the weather stays nice, and Oak Road will stay firmly tucked up in the office downstairs at work for the foreseeable future. Richard from Hornby Magazine is coming down in two weeks time to do a feature on how Oak Road came about, why I count rivets and my association with Meningitis Now, but that'll be it. I've got a few videos to post up on YouTube of the garden railway at some point and I'll pop a link on here for anyone who'd like to see how far it got.
  15. Scott, can you just build something and leave it alone.....I'm struggling to keep up!
  16. Yep, another shout for Montana - they do some other colours too which are really useful for adding different shading to the weathering.
  17. Looking good Ian - I’ve posted you some ear defenders
  18. Things have certainly been a little odd of late with the Coronavirus Pandemic putting restrictions on the whole country, so I downed tools on Oak Road and moved outside to create Oak Garden....an OO Gauge 85’ double track loop with an 8’ long, foot high viaduct, a triangular junction and a main station based on Totnes. It’s taken a whole month to build the framework and get some track down, and I still don’t have a complete loop! This will give you an idea of what I’m up to..... If the weather holds up I may actually get a whole loop by next weekend
  19. It wasn't me, but I am selling them now if anyone's interested.
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