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  1. It was actually the E&WJR that brought this to my mind. I thought them attractive. I had also remembered the M&SWJR locomotives, which is why I had thought they might be a regular type. Somehow, I missed that the E&WJR types were outside framed.
  2. Does anyone make a kit of what seems to be a somewhat common Beyer-Peacock 0-6-0 type? I've seen photos & mention of the B-P type on many joint & small railways, both pre- and post-Grouping. I personally kind of like the type. I am also, personally, terrible at picking out detail differences between members of a class. Would there be a market for an RTR tender locomotive with probably a dozen different liveries?
  3. I had to put away the Tau. I just did not have the patience. The whole operation became very daunting very quickly. Instead, I bought some new Gundam kits to settle with; The larger box is a so-called Master Grade, or MG kit. Excellent levels of detail, well-thought colored molding, & intricate assembly that attempts to affect 'realistic' poses. I favor the kits. Larger scale, too, at 1/100. The other three are so-called High Grades, or HG kits. All three are from a series known as Gundam Build Fighters. Gundam Build Fighters poses the concept tha
  4. If you have molding silicon, cast duplicates of your filed ones.
  5. I might have to get one of your gasworks for myself. Is that a Pug chassis?
  6. Sorry for another gap. Christmas was busy. Just before Christmas, I assembled what Kadees I had to hand. Kind of just felt like building them. I need to fit them, now. I have plenty of stock waiting; All these clamps, I certainly had a hold on the situation. Wanting to build something well-designed & straightforward, I started the Toyota AA kit. Very clean molding, very well designed assembly. Only bit that took any time was holding the lever-shocks in place while the glue set. Tamiya Extra Thin made sure that wasn't l
  7. I had no idea the idler flat with the Ruston was so terribly incorrect.
  8. I think cotton is white without any dyeing. Then you have your commonly depicted white sheep. The apparent commonality of white shirts I would wager was just no-one spending the money for color.
  9. What an ugly thing! I may be understimating it, but it looks pretty straightforward to build.
  10. I almost feel that red needs to be culled somewhat. Lacquer reds are...distinct. At least needs a heavy wash, or a satin coat.
  11. I wish the same had happened here. Confederate 5' gauge make so much more sense the 4'8".
  12. Problem there becomes length, again. Michael Edge did a scratchbuild in the 80's posted elsewhere of a supposed Horwich design for an 0-6-6-0, lacking the front pony to accommodate turntables.
  13. Rolled Homogenous Armor. I meant the reference to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, honestly.
  14. Don't let the nonsense coming from the Pugbash thread of late drag you down. What you're doing is still real modelling.
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