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  1. I may have something to contribute here before too long. I picked up a running Hornby 0-4-0 for $5 at a swap meet.
  2. Finally had a chance to play a game with the sci-fi Japanese I finished back in April. Over the course of the game, I was informed that model facing is important. Cue the following; I painted roughly 180 deg. of the base red. Quick & simple. I used Model Master enamel, having found it coats well enough in one go to not waste time on such a simple job. As painting the red took so little time, I started on another gaming model. This is a special model for Sisters of Battle, an army in Warhammer 40k. Some time back, I had built another singula
  3. AlfaZagato

    8th Army 4

    Joys of modern injection-molded plastic. Yes, they are about 1/56, though figures for the sake of being figures don't always hold to scale.
  4. Finally got around to painting the bases for my half-squad of Bolt Action 8th Army; Just the one coat. Don't want bare plastic, but I also didn't want to spend two weeks layering color. I mounted the figures and based them, too. All done; I have no idea why the photos are so yellow. Whatever. Maybe a little glib with the sand. If it bothers me, I can pick them clean. Gets them off of my bench, though. Airbrushing is on hold at this point, though. I managed to damage the tip I was using. My one spare tip did not match either needle I have.
  5. Marklin do, too. At least two such are present in my local club.
  6. Eventually I'll break my slump. Eventually. The clear on the Heavy Gundam did, in fact, orange peel. I guess I'll need to knock it down. I hate sanding. I sprayed another coat of gloss white on the Kaempfer; I think it's about there. Better be, too. I'm running out of season and gloss white. My airbrush was acting up, too. Drying in the tip. I've never had that before. This is Model Master enamel, too. Ended up wasting half a cup of paint when the thing completely clogged. Frustrating. I may have damaged the nozzle trying to separate it t
  7. I took video, too. Patriot in O I think a commuter train, DB. HO-scale German, again commuter, I think. O-gauge T-3
  8. I really should have made a thread.
  9. I should have made a thread...
  10. Ridiculously incredibly absolutely very quite truly excitingly somehow yet even more photos.
  11. Incredibly absolutely very quite truly excitingly somehow yet even more photos.
  12. Absolutely very quite truly excitingly somehow yet even more photos.
  13. Very quite truly excitingly somehow yet even more photos.
  14. Quite truly excitingly somehow yet even more photos.
  15. Truly excitingly somehow even more photos.
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