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  1. Maybe I should title these usefully, huh? First off, the contest I built the wolfman for came and went. I didn't even place. Disappointing, really. I had decently high hopes. Maybe the SD contest will go better. Speaking of the SD contest, I've started on paint - maybe a beat early. Base colors here; Additional filling on the head. I greatly overcomplicated the build with this aspect. Here's some parts that I thought only needed the satin black, plus a drybrush. I used Tamiya X-11 Chrome Silver as the drybrush color. I like the effect; Maybe a little heavy on the two. Still learning, I am. Lastly, my centaur is actually nearing completion. I reckon on a clear to protect the paint so far. I will follow that with some pastel work. I hope to approximate a Palomino with the horse body. The tutorial I found for Palominos used almost exclusively pastels to get there. That will be a new experience. I also need to paint the base. I think I will do a simple sand base. Once the heatwave here in Illinois breaks, I can continue with clear on the centaur, and color on the contest model. I'll punch myself with yellow again. Can't spray when it is 100 F. Just doesn't work right. I'll do better. Updates should be more reliable soon. Also, pay attention to my other blog! I have a stupid idea I'll post there soon.
  2. I was always under the (very uninformed) impression that Wolverhampton "green" was almost turquoise. That it was only slightly more of a green that Improved Engine Green. Sorry - Mikkel, how is the modelling going?
  3. That brings back to the purported difference between French drivers and British. A doctorate for the Chapelon designs, and enlistment for Collett.
  4. Update mentions inclusion of a second motor in the design. Cool. I'd imagine, with two motors and hopefully a decent weight, this could out-do the OO Heljan Garratt.
  5. Camrys? Are those for shipping Toyotas? Sorry, I'll see myself out...
  6. Instead of welding the boiler, how about a one-piece extruded boiler? Also, I used to fantastic ideas of steam-powered airships with different alloys for boiler material. Are either aluminum or titanium, or alloys thereof, suitable for pressure vessels at any serious push?
  7. Our problem with speed runs here stateside are both lack of protection of the right of way, and crap signaling. National limit is 70mph, has been 70mph for decades, and will likely remain so. Only the Northeast Corridor is allowed higher speeds now, and that is a dedicated line with no crossings or freight.
  8. Niagras for in-service cleaning. Fun picture, which I don't have to hand, of men in fancy outfits standing in the firebox.
  9. AlfaZagato


    No pictures this week. Did more filling and sanding of the Zaku head. Started panel lining on the F91. Cleaned up some pirates for paint. Too hot. Just, way too hot.
  10. How are international entries handled for prizes?
  11. AlfaZagato


    Not much this week. Started working on a new contest model. I haven't done much yet. Mostly, I have started the conversion work. I have only a month yet. Here's to a decent finish.
  12. Green is especially touchy. Our eyes see more shades of green than any other color. Green pigments of the era were known to age strangely, as well. I also highly doubt there is anyone still alive who could attest to what a true shade would be with authority.
  13. These Gundams scale out close to English N, so I could have my own 'Yard Dinosaur.'
  14. Attractive little vans. I especially like the vertical planking on the VoR.
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