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  1. Mine (LMS Black 17566) arrived very late yesterday. I should be able to check running tonight.
  2. My Talavera arrived late yesterday. Ended up spending an evening outside in rather chill temps. I have a chance at test running it, maybe even running in, this evening. I hopefully can say more in the morning. Am I the only one that got Talavera? I feel like everyone on this thread went either 'as preserved' or 'service' LNWR.
  3. Has there been any further development or news on the King?
  4. The 4DD has been fascinating to me ever since I've first heard of them. I live outside Chicago, so gallery bi-levels have been all I've known. Seeing how unusual double-decks have to be in other situations is neat. Being a self-contained set is also appealing. Means I have no obligation (real or imagined) to find more stock to support it. Though being electric does vaguely hamper just running it fully rule 0. I think I will be expressing interest in this.
  5. I deposited via PayPal. Neither of my credit cards work internationally without an intermediary like PayPal.
  6. Congratulations, you've built your own Hurricane. Almost.
  7. First attempt at charging the card always seems to bounce. Even if every other transaction is through Paypal, they always trying charging the card directly on pre-orders. Otherwise, just the usual delays inherent in international shipping right now.
  8. Probably, and they still maintained a fleet of 3Fs or so for other banking duties. Not every train needed Bertha.
  9. I had forgotten the original Lickey bankers were American. Y'all have reverted. Reading Wikipedia, 66's are being used to bank when needed. Probably been posed before, but what would have other companies done to bank Lickey? Would we have still seen a ten-coupled banker from Churchward or Gresley?
  10. I suppose at this point, you already have a plan. If you're still considering, why not have a Scotch Derrick at the fore of the layout? If you have it positioned right, you could imply more yard 'off the table.' Then you'd have you're derrick in full itself, while only modelling 1/3 of the space it works. Admittedly, this plan leads to a tall, awkward set of objects at the front of your layout. I think any notable crane will be adverse to access, though.
  11. I need one of the Dapol 45xx. Or three, so I can butcher two into a 42xx or similar.
  12. At the very least, the Chicago, Aurora & Elgin was almost universally third rail. The only exclusion was the yard in Wheaton, IL, where overhead was used out of concern for worker safety. The L is still third rail, as well. The CA&E ran a minimum of two-car sets, to deal with level crossings. Crossings could only be made so wide as to allow a two-car set to bridge the gap. I know their freight motors weren't particularly long, so as to allow occasional turns around the Loop, so I don't know what they did for crossings there.
  13. Have you given thought to the old Airfix Throneycroft/Coles motor crane? The kit that is paired with the Bedford/Queen Mary trailer combo? That kit can be built into a surprisingly nice model. All the shapes are right. The detail is mostly lacking. Listed as 1/76, as well.
  14. Can AC be routed via the third rail? I know in small-scale practice, yes, but could 25kv be ran that way? Could have allowed a more common design to be developed. Or 86's fitted with shoes.
  15. SR CC1 & CC2 were built for freight, ostensibly. Apparently good for 1000t in such service. Also keep in mind that 18000 & 18100 were ordered by GWR before nationalization. 10800 was similarly ordered by LMS.
  16. Do you have a circle cutter? Like one of the Olfa jobs? Might make cutting arches easier.
  17. @tythatguy1312 Probably right. Also, most common engines for them were a pair of 180hp Cat V8s.
  18. I just double-checked my information on the 44-tonners. The US common carriers and the operating unions agreed to one-man operation, if that operation was inside yards and by locomotives less than 45-tons overall weight. Curious that the Class 08 wouldn't qualify. I'd like to see an 08 next to one of the 'Euro' GE 44-tonners, or one of the Whitcomb machines. GE 44's aren't small, from what I remember.
  19. ASLEF seems to have been more thorough than the American unions were. I'm not aware of a UK equivalent to a union dodge like the 44-tonners. Was there? If there wasn't, what size loco do you think ASLEF would have deigned small enough for one-man operation? What would the different builders have found for such a thing?
  20. Was debited for mine on 12/31. Yet to receive tracking, though I believe they have been closed since.
  21. I've probably suggested it before, but a thin drop of sepia wash just above the nose will make the faces plenty defined at 1/76.
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