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  1. Thank you gentleman, it’s as I thought. ITG, by a dongle, I just meant a wireless connector instead of the usual lead. You have both quoted the DCC05. I must admit I never considered that, but that’s a cheaper way of doing it as you say Ron, thanks Cheers Ronnie
  2. Hi Folks I have a Gaugemaster Prodigy 2 controller which I would like to make wireless Can I do this by just buying the dongle, or do I have to buy a wireless adapted handset as well ? I notice you can get an upgrade kit to make it wireless, which includes another handset, but they are quite expensive, just wondered if my original handset will work with the dongle Cheers Ronnie
  3. Ok guys so this is where we’re at. I’ve contacted Hornby today regarding this issue. Quite helpful to start with :- Try resetting the decoders via CV 8 back to factory settings and reprogram. No difference Set the sound default from 4, to 3. No difference Change the decoders round. Set the powered unit first and change over into dummy unit. No difference Need to send the decoder back for investigation. Already did that. Kept it 3 weeks. No fault found they said. Then stroppy ! Where did you get it from, send it back to them. Can’t do that. Got them from Warley, nearly a month ago, and i’ve fitted them with replacement speakers Must be the loco’s. You need to send the loco’s back to us. No way, it will now be the end of January before I get them back ! I value all your advice, but I ignored everything I believed in when I bought these, that being you get what you pay for. Mr Leggomanbiffo wants £236 for sound decoders for the HST’s Olivias isn’t far behind, a couple of hundred quid. Then there’s the speakers on top, a tidy sum. I paid £59 for these. The observant amongst you will recall a similar thread I put on regarding a TTS Class 66 decoder fitted in which the loco runs poorly at crawling speed. Again, I never did get the loco running right. In conclusion, I’ve done with these decoders. They are cheap, and very unreliable in my opinion. Your replies in trying to fix this problem are greatly appreciated, and thank you, however the ‘big’ boys just aren’t interested I have replaced the decoders with normal Gaugemaster decoders and the loco’s run lovely. Until I can afford the £200 ish required by the above sound fitting boys, it can remain silent. Ronnie
  4. Hi guys I have the Guagemaster Prodigy 2 as my controller. RAF96, good point, someone else pointed out it could be down to dirty wheels/ pickups, so I’ve given them the treatment so to speak and they are now spotless but the issue is still there, and yes, it’s always the dummy car, not the power car, it doesn’t follow through to that. When programming, I was told to program them together on the programming track with the same address. I’ve done that, also one at a time, tried that. Also swapped the decoders over. I’ve tried that. All to no avail. As there are no guidelines in the paperwork that comes with the decoders, I’m assuming it’s a simple fix. If there was a process to follow then surely they would have pointed this out ? Cheers Ronnie
  5. Cheers Philou, I know the TTS chips have a No 8 on the bottom, but they all do I believe . What you have said makes perfect sense actually & you could well be on to something here. i think I will call Hornby tomorrow and ask them about that & see if they’ve seen the issue before. It’s going to be something simple I think, but what, is the million dollar question ? I will update the forum on what they tell me. Thanks again Ronnie
  6. Evening folks I am almost certain this will have been covered but finding the issue on hundreds of threads is difficult. Apologies if this is so I have fitted two Hornby TTS sound decoders to my Scotrail HST power cars Both start up, the lights work fine, but when they move off, the dummy sound and lights go off after about 6 ft of travel Why is this happening please ? Thanks Ronnie
  7. Hi again Guys, Seems pretty simple to me, i'll have a play around with it later today I think i'll set it up as you have Cravensdmufan Now then RonRonRon, you have won tonight's star prize. I wondered who would tell me to refer to the manual first In a sarcastic fashion. Not sure what the F stands for though, shouldn't it be RTTM ? I was struggling with a camera I bought once, so I RTTM'd I was even more bamboozled when I'd read it than I was before, hence my dislike for them But as can be seen above, several helpful comments above have simplified matters. Simples, as the meercat would say ! Anyway, back to the subject in hand. I'm contemplating putting these decoders into a recently purchased Hornby Scotrail HST . By my calculations, to do it the DC Kits way would be a costing of around the £260 mark with decent speakers, as appose to around the £100 mark with TTS Once again, I know the DC Kits sound will be awesome, but that's a hell of a saving Can't get away with it for my 68 though. They don't do one for a 68, however I'm being advised to use the Class 67 example Same engine by all accounts Cheers guys Ronnie
  8. Never changed CV’s before though How do you go about it with a Gaugemaster Prodigy 2 please ? Don’t want to do any damage ! Cheers
  9. Thank You both for your advice. Just to reiterate JST what Paul has said, the speaker is an 8ohm example, thanks for the good advice ! The loco the decoder is in is a Bachmann 66 ( 779 ) At this time it sits in a loose bit of heat shrink to keep it away from the circuit boards, but I’ll take your advice Paul and use your tape example. Just as a matter of interest, the loco judders quite a bit at crawling pace. It’s ok when you notch up a bit, but that is quite annoying. Have you found that issue at all ? What is your opinion of these Hornby TTS decoders guys ? Do you like them ? I must admit I think they’re pretty good for £40 Cheers Ronnie
  10. Hi Guys, First of all apologies if these queries have been addressed previously, but there are loads of pages aren’t there on the subject ? Last week, I took the plunge, and purchased a Hornby R8121 Class 66 TTS Sound decoder. I figured, that for £40, it was worth the risk. If it was no good, it’s not the end of the world ! Having done some homework on these, I ditched the speaker which comes with it, and purchased a Rail Exclusive Big Boomer speaker. Now for the paranoia ! I read a report from someone somewhere, that these decoders get warm. ‘Now I’m not in the habit of feeling the tops of my loco’s, however having done so on this occasion, I’ve noticed the top is warm, not alarmingly, but warm non the less having been run for a couple of minutes, and stood stationary for 5ish minutes. Is this normal behaviour for sound decoders, I can’t say I’ve ever noticed this before. I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised by this decoder. I think it sounds really good, especially with the speaker change, and Hornby have captured the distinctive Class 66 sound very well. I think they need to be congratulated on bringing sound to modellers that can’t afford the £118 decoder that DC Kits produce as an example ( I’m not knocking the Leggomanbiffo examples, they are awesome ) For the record, I have ordered one of the new Bachmann 66’s from Hattons with sound that has been captured again by DC Kits, for a measly £261 !! I’m now wondering if the extra £111 for added sound is a bit extravagant when in my opinion, the Hornby sound equivalents have cost me £52 including the speaker change. I am well aware, the DC Kits decoder will be far superior to the Hornby example, but there is a £49 saving here. Can anyone advise on the heat issue, and I would be very interested to hear of your own opinions on these decoders Thanks guys Ronnie
  11. Hi Guys, Does anyone know, or indeed have, a spare bottom front deflector plate for a Bachmann Class 66 411 Eddie the engine, you know the ones, the black & white stripe version ? One of mine has snapped and although I have tried to repair the damage, it looks rubbish As this is quite an old loco, I'm struggling to get a spare one Thanks for looking guys Regards John
  12. Hi Guys Believe it or not, I am struggling to find a correct colour / shade to weather bogies on my diesel loco's I have tried several off the shelf colours offered by the Lifecolor's and Humbrol's of this world, but I can't get it right. This is not helped where the manufacturer has applied a gallon of oil around that area for lubrication, and the finish dries shiny The Bachmann Class 66 is a perfect example of this, but obviously that has to be removed before applying and paint. Can anyone share with me the colours / shades you use that looks the part that you yourselves use please Thanks Ronnie
  13. Cheers RFS, may upgrade to abetter chip on the problematic loco's Nice reply 34 I'm sure you're right. I think
  14. Hi Guys I have noticed that some of my loco,s judder. It is only slight, but it is noticeable when hauling rolling stock.. The most notable culprits are my Hornby 56's Another thing I am noticing, is that when the loco,s are cranked down on the controller they halt abruptly down the sequence, finally stopping dead. Very unprototypical. Not all loco,s do this. My Bachmann 37's don't do this at all, nor do my sound fitted loco,s, one of which is a Hornby 56 My Bachmann 57's are fine too My track is always kept immaculately clean, as are loco wheels The common denominator is the chips I use I have always used Bachmann decoders in all my loco,so but I've got a feeling this may be the problem Loco,s don't just stop dead or judder on their way round,and it's quite frustrating Any ideas folks ? Ronnie
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