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  1. I did wonder about that.
  2. I haven't been to Westbury properly since my Grandmother died 13 years ago. Have stopped off at the cemetery whilst on the way to Longleat but you can see the town has changed. Record below
  3. Spoke to a friend who did a quick trawl through Ancestry. He sent me an imaged of what looks like Ernest's record of employment. It looks like he was posted to Westbury 4th Feb 1918. Description of works looks like 1st Goods! I'm not sure about copyright so wont post it here. My grandparents marriage certificate of 1933 state his profession as GWR Engine Driver. It does look like they are in their Sunday best. On closer inspection it looks like Ernest has an ASLEF fob on a chain. It just hanging below his folded arms.
  4. Yes, GWR Mitual Improvement Class. Sadly the date on the chalk board wasn't filled out! I've had a closer look at the name plate lettering. It's almost impossible to decifer the first letter after "of"
  5. Thanks Chaps. I can just see a partial letter after "of". But in artificial light can't make it out. Will look in the morning.
  6. I was thinking around the first world war era. I don't know where you would find shed allocations for that era tho.
  7. Can anyone help with the photo below. My Great Grandfather, Ernest Arthur Wiltshire is in the first row on the left, the chap with a moustache. The shed is Westbury. That I believe to be true. He lived in Westbury and the photo was taken by Till's of Westbury. The engine I think is 3815 County of Hants. On the original you can just make out "Y of" on the name plate and the last digit, 5, on number plate. They are visible between the shoulder of the chaps on the back row. I would like to know a date and whether anyone can name anyone else in the photo. I did have a cutting once from the Wiltshire Times that had a few of the same faces in, but that has long disappeared. Thanks Matt
  8. Got these in the back garden. An Ebay steal about 15 years ago. Came from Westbury North. I would have seen them as a child whilst visiting my grandparents. My great grandfather was a driver out of Westbury shed as well. I have his flare lamp.
  9. didcot

    Hornby R3692 14XX

    I would wholeheartedly agree with that. Bought some spare non tyred wheels and swopped them out. So much better performance.
  10. Must admit my 61xx has a bit of wobble on the rolling road. But then again so did the Heljan Dock Tanks. It does disappear on track though, with the tiniest wobble on the front end. It looks to eminate from the centre driving axle. Almost prototypical of the small Prairies. They do seem to lean into their stride and rock from side to side and hunt left to right when starting away.
  11. When I did my apprenticeship the instructors in Building 501 would give you a drawing in imperial units ie 1 1/6, a metric micrometer and the lathe would be in Thou increments. Soon learnt that 1mm was 40 thou and chop and changed units quite happily. Back on topic my 6110 arrived via Derails today and very nice it is to. Just given it a quick run on the rolling road and it is very smooth.
  12. Really enjoying this series and Tim's enthusiasm for the subject makes it all the more engaging.
  13. Cast, but is proud of the main casting, on a raised rectangle
  14. I know it's not rolling stock, but this seemed the most appropriate place. So I'm cleaning up a couple of GWR bench ends. The earlier fancy scroll type. I doing so found Landore cast into the lower portion. See pic. I got them from the Newport area, so not far from Swansea/Landore. However I've never seen a name cast into the lower portion before. Could anyone shed some light on it please? Thanks Matt
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