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  1. My Livingston Thompson also arrived from Derails today. Had a quick test run up and down a length of spare track. Simply stunning, no other words for it. The level of detail is unbelievable, I had to put my glasses on to fully appreciate it. Definitely raised the bar for oo9 RTR. Bring on the Quarry Hunslets.
  2. Overall a good looking model from the pictures shown on Rails site. But the slide bars do stand out.
  3. Pre ordered mine via Derails. So that's Christmas, fathers day and birthday sorted for the next year. Loved the clip of the Hunslet running around a 2 pence piece in the announcement video.
  4. I have just read these aren't DCC ready. Which is a bit of a shame, but no deal breaker. I've wired my layout in anticipation of a DCC ready Alice. Hopefully the tender space will allow for chip storage. Really looking forward to getting Prince.
  5. Really enjoyed the first episode. No false jeopardy. Looking forward to the next.
  6. If you walked back up to the station from the pub you could see all the scaffolding on the inside.
  7. I remember Castle Aid. As shown on the board in the photo of D335. I left school in 87 and four of us who were teenager members at the time entered the Pump Trolley marathon on the branchline to raise money for 5051's purchase.
  8. I would agree with the previous posts. I had one of each from the first batch. All ran well and I even had the 42xx banking the 72xx on a long train of wagons with no derailment. Spent an hour going around in circles without missing a beat. The only issue I seem to remember was the dcc blanking plug bracket was plastic. Which would bend back onto the flywheel if you tried to stuff a Hornby chip and harness in. Was a bit of a fiddle, but got there eventually.
  9. Weren't 6023 and 6024 used as dead weights for bridge testing which helped put them in Woodhams catchment area?
  10. We were on that double headed train. The weather was gorgeous as was the scenery.
  11. I think you are right. I once had a tour around Metalbox near Denchworth. I seem to remember the metal sheet was covered in a white plastic film on the side that would become the inside of the can. The thing that impressed me most was the large plastic test tube thing that would become a 2 litre Coke bottle.
  12. My Grandfather used to make cake tins for my Grandmother from tin cans. He used folded joints to hold them together rather than solder which could potentially melt in the oven.
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