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  1. I listed that for sale months ago and had forgotten it was on Buy & Sell! PM sent to you Neil.
  2. Class 90 electric. And something from WW1 other than the sets / train packs already announced. Maybe a trench supply train? George
  3. Yes I've seen a lot of Steve's work on this and other forums. Ideally I'd like to take a complete RTR loco out of the box, ask my nephew to put a dcc decoder in then run it. The 3d bodies look excellent, but at 80 and with arthritic fingers the fettling needed to marry up a chassis then paint and line the body is beyond me. George
  4. LNER B12 LNER G5 LNER J50 LNER J52 LNER J72 LNER N2 LNER N7 Having just removed a Dapol B1 from its box to find that the glue which was fixing the valve gear to the bodyshell had given up, can we please have valve gear that is attached to the chassis block. An easily removable loco body would help. If so then can you produce these for me please LNER V1/3 LNER D49 No hurry George
  5. n-gauge

    New Jinty

    The recommended decoder is more than just a normal one with the pins bent 90 degrees. It appears that they are soldered to the longer edge of the decoder. Picture here of one out of the box http://www.petersspares.com/Bachmann-36556ra-ez-command-906-pin-dcc-decoder-dc-compatible.ir?cName=Bachmann-Bachmann-dcc No connection with the above supplier etc....
  6. n-gauge

    New Jinty

    BR liveries showing as being in stock at Barwell as at 13 Feb. LMS still on its way.
  7. n-gauge

    Farish Ivatt 2MT

    Mremag.com Pat Hammond says that the lined BR black versions have left the factory. Time to retire my Minitrix models George
  8. "44-234 Low Relief Public Convenience £13.95" Low relief is when you pee into a communal trough as opposed to your own recepticle? George
  9. Quick question for Dave - I've seen conflicting information about the livery of the new class 27, ND205B. I'm hoping that it has full yellow ends which includes the side cab windows in a similar fashion to the BR blue version - is this correct? Its a complicated story but I need it to look different enough from the class 26s I have in green (one with small yellow panel ant the other all green) George.
  10. Ben, some photos here might be of interest http://picturestocktonarchive.wordpress.com/?s=billingham+station&submit=Search George
  11. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all members, Andy, The Mods (and the Rockers!) Hope you all get something railway related - oh and by the way, Dear Santa, I can explain...... George.
  12. Someone doesn't know their Castles from their B17s! The description of B17/2 Thorpe Hall might give a clue. Maybe they are also confusing it with a GWR Hall? I voted for 1928. George.
  13. Will have to buy / download an App store copy. Will be interesting to compare the interview with the previous visit to Dapol by Railway Modeller in September 1984! George
  14. How soon will they be released? I read somewhere that they would be here late October? George.
  15. Not unless the something else is an N gauge V3, J50, J72, K3, Sentinel Railcar or a J series (other than J39) which could use the tender from the B1/B17, in which case you have my consent to stop right now! George
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