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  1. Not got a awful lot to show for the layout recently but I have been working my way though my stock and pretty much all of it is running without issue on the layout so soon I’ll have to start sticking some track down. I recently went to a toy fair and the three counties and came away with these goodies which I'm hoping at less the signals will be useful on the layout but with replaced LED’s. I have been wiring up a load of LED’s which I will be using in some existing Eckon signal kits I have which had the older bulbs and I prefer the colour of these new LED’S so will probably fit them to all signals. I also acquired a ratio signal gantry to have a look at potentially using over part of the lines. See below for madly colour coded LED wiring photo. One thing I'm struggling with in platforms(replacing temporary card ones in the test videos)as they need to be quite wide to support buildings and also curved. Ideally I’d like a laser cut kit but none of the once’s I've seen do platforms of this type so maybe I’ll have to try and build a wooden one and clad it in brick sheet. If anyone has recommendations please do comment. Finally here is a short video of me testing a longer train which still didn’t derail so I think the track work seems to be holding up well to my testing. OliverSR
  2. Time to start a new workbench topic and try to actually remember to photograph and post some projects I am working on. Here is a old brass body for a Z class I acquired a while ago and recently dug out as I fancied attacking something with paint stripper. Peculiar old thing even by Z class standards as it seems to be assembled with wobbly looking handrails and a cab far too low so the cab windows are almost semicircular. Also not sure about the rain strips on the cab roof as all photos I can see show these as being less curved looking. After some paint stripper and a overnight soak for good measure the body is now looking a lot better and I can see how it was assembled. Copper handrails account for the wobble and despite its peculiarities it’s still a impressive thing so I’d like to get it decent looking and running. I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on a Wrenn 8F chassis which I think will suit the loco pretty well but this will require removing the bunker interior to make some room for the motor. I also need to have a go at raising the cab as there is more material to the front and back parts of the cab which are currently sitting below the surface I am just unsure how to deal with the roof on this. I guess it’s a case of fire up the soldering iron and try my best to get the cab and back end apart but any advice or suggestions from people will be greatfully received. I do have a few other projects on the go but I will try to stick at some long enough to get them finished. OliverSR
  3. Originally posted here but changed my mind and decided on a new topic in RTR modifying section as this seemed more appropriate for most of my projects. OliverSR
  4. Thought I’d just share my experience with NuCast partners in the last week. I needed a few spare parts to fix up a second hand loco which is in the rereleased range. After an email to Dave Ellis address I received a prompt reply with price for the parts I needed and following the bank holiday phoned up to sort out card details. The parts were then cast up and posted to me the same afternoon and reached me safely today, very good clean castings too. All in all I’m incredibly happy with the service I received for a few quids worth of small parts but still felt as valued as someone buying a full kit. OliverSR
  5. Turns out the Great British Locomotive collection static N Class model also has the tender type I am after so if anyone has a tender or complete one of them it would also be considered. OliverSR
  6. Wow that was a faster response than I hoped, thank you. If after having a look you do have one please drop me a PM. OliverSR
  7. If anyone has a Bachmann N class flat sided tender they’d be willing to sell. The loco variant I’m looking to model only had this type of tender. I have a whitemetal tender with the sloping top sides and bodies for the Bachmann N class tender sadly also with the sloping top sides if a swap would be of any interest also. Please feel free to message me regarding this. OliverSR
  8. Thanks for the responses guys. I have purchased some suitable LED’s, some careful soldering of 0.25mm wire and after changing a few CV’s I am now well on the way to working signals. I did find it easier to do the programming via a laptop connected to a SPROG rather than my powercab but operation is as easy with both. looking forward to getting some signals on my layout. OliverSR
  9. I’m looking for a working 2 rail chassis for either the dublo or Wren 8f. Would also consider a complete 8f in poor cosmetic condition but running since I’m only really after the chassis. OliverSR
  10. Hi all A bit late to the party but I was the buyer of this layout and own and enjoy it to this day, having modified it to make it suitable for my London Underground stock and naming it Lammas Lane. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/121014-lammas-lane-n-gauge-london-underground/ I came across this topic after being told the layout looks just like @toolongtoremember’s layout on their YouTube, so it’s a rather small world. I originally found this layout on another forum and never knew it had a topic here till now. OliverSR
  11. Thanks to @Derails ModelsI received my O2 today. Fitting with a Gaugemaster DCC93 was simple and easy. I’m very pleased with the model as a livery I always wanted it is a great addition to my IOW stock. Pictured alongside my original release Ventnor. OliverSR
  12. Lots more testing of various rolling stock and many minor tweaks to track work to avoid derailments but also a couple of visual things I’ve done. The old backscene boards from Lots Road have been reunited with the boards albeit with some modifications due to the new trackplan. The idea being to use tall buildings and greenery to hide the holes in the sky. Secondly I fitted some hooks to hang a LT destination board I own and think it’s sits there rather well. You may have noticed the rolling stock is looking rather IOW based as I’m waiting for a recent EFE Rail release and with the backscene now in place some trick photography it almost looks like a finished scene if you don’t look to closely. That’s all for now OliverSR
  13. Hi all Im looking to fit some signals to my layout and so have bought the following things, a Signallist SC1 and several Eckon secondhand unbuilt signal kits, the idea being to connect and run these from my powercab. I opened the kits today to find that they were older than I thought and still had grain of wheat bulbs in the packets rather than LED’s. Would I be correct that for me to use the SC1 I would need to get replacement LED’s for this as the SC1 isn't designed for filament bulbs? Also if anyone has any general advice words of wisdom about the setup I’m hoping to do then please let me know. OliverSR
  14. Over the last weekend I have cracked on with my list of jobs for the layout in fact I have pretty much done all I listed on the previous post. All track sections have droppers fitted which have been connected to the bus wire via some neat little WAGO 222 type connectors which save the need for soldering and with a box of 50 connectors for just under £10 on eBay not too bad on the pocket either. It’s a bit messy in the fiddle yard areas due to board supports but no one will see it when a back scene is up so I, not fussed as long as it works. I have also made this lift away section to go over the LT line to aid maintenance and access if things ever derail(hopefully not often though). This was made with bolts fitted for vertical alignment and RailAlligners on the edges. Some old door handles allow me to lift it easily and I have fitted a plug for power and a draw bolt to lock it into place. So far it seems to be working fine with even my largest locos at decent speed not having issues with it. Now I have power hooked up to all running lines as well as the servos all connected to the point controller via servo extension leads bought from Amazon. The point pins have been trimmed down and I have been able to get on with the important task of rolling stock testing(playing trains). I plan to give all my rolling stock a run across the layout to fault find any areas to fettle before I finally fix down the tracks. I should also think about signal placement, I plan for these to be Eckon/Berko type signals which I’ll connect up to the powercab. All in all I’m happy with how things are progressing. OliverSR
  15. Since I had the week off and intended to get as much done on the layout as possible last week here is how I got on. Mainly due to the heat not as much as I’d like(soldering in the heat is less fun than normal) was done but still made significant progress towards a running layout. Cork underlay has been added under the scenic side and this has been painted with hobbycraft dark grey acrylic and now looks a lot neater. The fiddle yard section has been mostly corked too but I ran out of cork so one corner still needs it. The RailAligners have been fitted on 80% of the boards but I decided to make the section above where the LT line passes under removable to help with maintenance and derailments. So far during my testing with both steam and Multiple units I have had no derailments so fingers crossed the track work is decent. Finally I’ve been fitting servos to the points which will be controlled by my NCE Powercab. I opted to use a system bought from Chesterfield Model Miniature Engineering which seemed good value to me while being plug and play and had room for 16 points which by coincidence is my layout total. I did some tests with standard set track point and then removing the springing mechanism and with servos it looked a lot better to me if I removed them for the scenic sections. These were then fitted with servos which I used with some mounting kits bought off eBay. Basically neat aluminium brackets but due to how close I had a few to the edge of boards/undercut I had to trim down a bracket or two which the dremel handled admirably. Finally with the powercab I was able to link up crossovers via Macros so I can switch sections at the press of a button which I’m rather impressed with. Here is a video showing the whole point process. So still to do before trains can run is… finish one corner of cork underlay and RailAligners to lift up section fit 4 remaining servos. solder all droppers to track sort the BUS wire Not there yet but a lot further along than I was a week ago. I was a bit lax on pictures so these not great photos showing the current state of the layout will have to do. That’s all for now but I hope it won’t be too long before I get more done on the layout. OliverSR
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