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  1. I was wondering if anyone had a set of OO Heljan western wheels to replace some on a earlier model I have. If you have some of the standard OO Gauge left over from a em or p4 conversation then please message me. OliverSR
  2. N-Train do a range of 3D printed kits including 1959 stock and 1992 stock as well as many others. https://n-train.net/ I have built the 1959 stock (shown on my thread https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/121014-oliversrs-n-gauge-underground-projects/). I have have a few others from their range I’m working on which I find are very well designed 3D printed kits and easy to assemble. OliverSR
  3. Anyone got a spare Bachmann analogue controller 36-560 type or similar eg one from a starter set maybe. Cosmetic condition unimportant but must be working, dc adaptor or any of the cables not essential as it would be used as a slave unit. Please PM me if you can help. OliverSR
  4. Ebay discount offer on the same day I’m paid means I have now ordered, Camelot, Camelot (it’s only a model)

    1. Harlequin


      Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! (Sorry) What's a Camelot?

    2. Tim Hall
    3. OliverSR


      Correct it is 73082

  5. I’m looking for a Bachmann 32-927 class 150 in FGW livery. PM me if you have one you’d consider parting with. If someone has the older version chassis with the big motor block I would happily consider a body swap onto the older chassis if that is preferable as I’m mainly after that particular livery. OliverSR
  6. I recently aquired a kitbuilt finecast SECR D Class. It ran smoothly on analogue with no binding or shorts with pickup from wire wipers on one side with insulated wheels and through the chassis on the other side. I then proceeded to fit a gaugemaster Small OPTI decoder DCC26 so I could run it on my main layout. The appeal of this decoder to me was the price, fact it was pre insulated and had a detachable harness so I can fit the harness then plug in the decoder after and not break the wires like I have done on Hornby decoders before. I fitted the chip ensuring it was the correct polarity and all wire joints were insulated with heat shrink. Upon testing the loco it runs well for a second before stalling and then starting again but due to the locos sweet running before I don’t believe it’s a pickup or mechanism issue. I have tried a couple of other the same decoders in the harness with the same results. Are there any CVs that I could try adjusting to improve the running or did I pick a poor choice for decoder for this loco and is there an alternative that would fit into the same harness to save rewiring again? I would be greatful for any advice/ideas as the loco is a really nice train and I’d love to have it running smoothly on dcc. I’ve tried to include enough info but if I have missed anything out please let me know. OliverSR
  7. No longer required. OliverSR
  8. The similar version I have is a BR Black Dublo R1 in front of my scratch and 3D part built O Gauge R1 on a Lima 4F Chassis. You can never have too many R1s. Maybe one of them could have the front splashes altered as in some photos different members of the class have fully curved ones unlike the Wrenn/Dublo one. Great collection though, keep up the good modelling. OliverSR
  9. Whilst I’m enjoying slowly working on 3D print models in Shapeways, my old laptop isn’t coping well, I’ve had to wait up to a hour for a curved profile to generate. Better get a new laptop before my current one tops itself next time I ask for a funnel to be drawn.

    1. sem34090


      I'm liking the LCDR loco...

  10. Renewed interest in 3D Printing/Modelling after reading up on how to draw steam loco domes and other curves. Bye bye glorified boxes and brake vans. Hello steam locos.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. OliverSR


      Despite previous experience with Metrpolitan Stuff my tastes are far more eclectic. Currently almost finished a LCDR T class as a proof of concept. CDC models already do a print on Shapeways for the A Class anyway and SE Finecasf do some good kits for the E, F and K classes. But the Met D class has always appealed.

    3. sem34090


      I was thinking a H would be rather nice...

      LCDR is even better! I look forward to more - just warn me if you do any LBSCR stuff, so I can knock it off my own to-do list!

    4. OliverSR


      I have no LBSCR stuff planned to design so no worries there. And honestly a H Class is low down my priorities as I tend to base my models on me getting hold of a cheap RTR chassis as then I can garentee half decent running. I have a rather nice SE Finecast K Class running on a Bachmann N chassis and that runs sweetly and is a weighty loco indeed.

  11. Pleased to have found a new use for a ELC playdoh cutter on my layout

  12. Pleased to have found a new use for a early leaning centre playdoh cutter on my layout

  13. Anyone got a N gauge 94xx that they are willing to part with. Does not need To be in running condition as it intended as a dummy loco. Preferably body in good physical condition with nothing major broken or missing but the livery is unimportant. If anyone has one please feel free to PM me. OliverSR
  14. Got a second hand Schools for Christmas and I am very pleased with it. It didn’t have any instructions and I would like to know how to get the tender body off. Could someone point me in the right direction for this info? OliverSR
  15. If anyone has any of these leftover from previous projects please let me know. I only need one or two of each item so a opened packet/leftovers for a small bit of money seems sensible rather than buying a full pack and only using one. The items I am hoping for are as follows. One or two cabinets from Ratio 258 N gauge relay boxes. Any lengths of leftover from Ratio 257 concrete trunking. One Peco so-347 dummy point motor. And if anyone has a single spare N gauge platform bench (P&D marsh or similar?) I would also be grateful. Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to help. OliverSR
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