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  1. So Tony, allowing for your present work rate to continue unabated, stash of kits should be built in just over six months! Wish I could build at that rate! The calculation only came into my head because at Sleaford club on Wednesday night we of the Bantry group were asked will it be ready for a May debut? No of weeks x hours in the evening = less than a week. Do they still sell Midnight Oil at hardware shops?
  2. A cornucopia of J15's, like the pacing shots really good. Have you left the roof's loose for loading later? Must get my track working again, got train envy.
  3. Thanks davefrk I had totally forgotten Bowness in Cumbria.
  4. Gordon Highlander still looks very good in the museum at Bowness, my wife and I both thought how stunning it would look in steam, maybe on the Far North line. Bowness is well worth a visit lots of interesting 'stuff' there.
  5. I think with the platform. But please make it the same length as the coaches, cold dark icy mornings could mean broken legs if detraining before the carriages were at the platform.
  6. Clive has got it right with his comment about flow around depot layouts and many being unworkable in real life. I find, I admire the loco's and pass on to other layouts. The constant moving from siding to siding is not an observed, loco arrives, serviced, parked and departs but a confection to give interest for the paying public. As modellers we should remember that real railwaymen do not like shunting, much better to stay in the cabin, keep warm, drink tea, play cards and rank up your locos as needed for departure. How do I know? got the tea shirt donkeys years ago. As an aside, I do remember when I was driving on the Festiniog, having to do a large carriage shunt at the end of the day, maybe seven or eight separate moves. When the guard was asked why so many moves? He liked shunting! He was also a railway modeller.
  7. Nile, thank you so much very helpful. I shall order some on Monday. Help is so freely given on RM Web. Mic
  8. On one of your wagon detailing threads you show a very nice brake lever and ratchet etch, I liked the very fine holes for the lever peg. whose etch was it please? As I have some early wagons to detail which need single blocks per side. Mic
  9. Could the greater number of fish trains run by the LNER have a bearing on it? I also am a fan of the L&Y 0-8-0 but with the large boiler they remind me of an elephant stood on a drum.
  10. Thanks for all the input and interesting comments that have been made after my puzzlement remark about LNER 2-8-0 classes. And of course it has brought up interesting facts on fitted wagon numbers etc; I think it was Headstock who commented on O4 disposal times being very quick. If that's because the disposal crews pulled the firebars out and pushed the fire through the ashpan, yes that's quick but I never saw it done on the Western. The fire droppers always had their own individual long shovel and arms like my thighs! As for preperation times I seem to remember a small engine was 45 minutes, a 4 cylinder was 1hr 15min and the rest were an hour. 9fs did need a certain style of firing which involved keeping the back corners as full as possible which often meant scorched overalls even if you blacked the fire in under the, large door!,with slack or small coal. Several drivers at Banbury would let you drive one part of a trip if rostered long firebox locos. I never got to drive a 9f on the main line! As for a Black 5 being an improved Hall, never in a month of Sundays. And steam was not at its best when I was a fireman! Although there were exceptions.
  11. I like the look of LNE 2-8-0's but the complexity of the classes with all the modifications baffles me! Makes Western engines a piece of cake to understand! Churchward got it so right with the 28's ;should I don a flack jacket?
  12. JD that 350 could be the Patent Shaft jocko shunting at Wednesbury. A Bescot turn back in the day and a very boring duty for a second man, believe me I know!
  13. The white pipe will be the feed pipe to the exhaust steam injector, which should be under the footplate outside the frames somewhere near the cab steps on the firemans side. I presume they were fitted with one and one live steam.
  14. Thanks for posting this info on the Far North line. My wife and I love the whole area from Inverness northwards with Brora being our favourite spot. If in Helmsdale in the evening a visit to "La Mirage" is worth it, some of the decor just makes me smile! The food is excellent and also, in Helmsdale is a very well restored late 1950's Albion lorry that is worth photographing. The community museum on the old colliery site is well worth visiting if your in Brora.
  15. B15nac, your Manor looks really good. I like the chimney you have fitted which is far,far better than the thing that Bachmann put on. A heavy dose of weathering and it will remind me of all the Manors I fired back in the 60's!
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