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  1. How about a Bachmann James? Chassis overall length 83 mm, wheelbase axle centre to centre 42.5 mm, wheel dia; 18 mm tread to tread so plus tyres is about 19/19.5 mm. Following this thread with interest, its very good so far. Mic
  2. But Johnster you wuz a railwayman and I bet you do your shunting in as few a moves as possible? Lets get back in the cabin its snap time.
  3. I am puzzled so will offer no opinion. Try posting on the Irish section of RM web or IRM lots of clever boyos on there who will know. Nice photos I hope the rest are as good.
  4. For me, Mike has got the chimney beautifully proportioned on his V 2. Probably the best looking Gresley chimney I have seen. Was the V2 the most useful or even best loco Gresley designed? Certainly the Woodford crews I knew thought " them Green Arraas" were outstanding locos.
  5. Wow! that's impressive, like building Tower Bridge from matchsticks. I have used coffee stirrers for small buildings. have you looked at scalescenes.com ? pay once and then unlimited prints and MetcalfeModels.com ?both do brick and slate roofing papers. I have not used either but they are very popular. If you have found this site there is a thread devoted to card modelling which could help you. Good luck and enjoy the hobby. Mick
  6. I assemble mine with Everbuild ca from our local £ shop and u/c with a Halfords grey primer from a rattle can but degrease with Viakal or Cif srubbed with an old tooth brush. If you break a piece off, maybe a roof corner or have hole to fill mix some c/a with almost any very fine powder. I use baby powder but have used baking powder. Just build it up leave to go hard and shape or file to suit. Works a treat.
  7. Looks excellent never seen one of those modelled before. Whose chimney casting did you use? Looks just right for Oirish loco's.
  8. The WD 2-10-0 at the North Norfolk makes all the right noises, could be louder but its a WD and well looked after. Unlike 99% of those BR owned.
  9. I did'nt realise the push pulls were as basic as, plastic stacking chairs against the outside wall! Indian comuter trains would have been more "comfortable" or on a par? Good modelling definately an unusual prototype. Well done.
  10. Driver Ron Boyle and Melvin Lambourne on the passenger pilot at Banbury 1965/66. Ron is 94 going strong, Melvin must be mid seventies. Class 5 45145.
  11. Those are some very enjoyable videos Kieran. Is your W class a Stainer 2-6-0 in disguise? And did you have my problem with the roof catwalks warping that I had on the B101?
  12. All this talk of drawings and the lack of accuracy thereof makes me wonder if I should just resell my jamieson L&Y Baltic kit which just has a Skinley drawing to guide its construction. When I checked the L&Y Society site there are lots of detail drawings for areas I do not need but no GA and a friend who volunteers at the NRM has not turned anything up yet. This self confessed fan of the Great Way Round does like other things, even a huge regard for Pacifics of the LNER but I have been reading this thread for a long time, maybe I have been indoctrinated?
  13. Looking at the photos and drawing its a very clean, neat and probably low maintenance solution.
  14. Can I throw my hat into the J17 ring? Bearing in mind that all the posted photos are from different angles, I think that looking at the preserved one and using that as a basis to compare. I think the whole smokebox boiler unit on Tonys model sits too low. My reasoning stems from looking at the r/h sandbox and to me the curve of the smokebox goes several inches above the sandbox before it starts the major curve of its diameter, the boiler also seems to have more space underneath it. So raising the whole unit 2mm? brings the firebox top closer to the cab window frames. As a confessed fan of GW locos I shall take cover!
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