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  1. An oops! moment. I remember being with Bennie Bennett on a Type 2 Sulzer which split the 3 way point in the Down local yd at Bescot. I was surprised how much angle we got before the loco stopped! It didnt seem to have done any damage 'cos we drove it down the depot for inspection! The guy in the little loco office Norman John ? gave us a lot of grief, ca'nt remember getting a form 1, but the PW were out repairing the switches bloody pronto. Happy days !
  2. Who is the Driver with the pipe in the Saltley notice board shot? I remember him from my Bescot days but think he was from Tyesley.
  3. Bernard TPM, Thank you very much, just what I need if any more surface from others I shall be a happy person. Regards Mick
  4. Sir Douglas, that was my first avenue of attack. Chivers has not replied to my email and my letter to Backwoods was returned. So this is plan B. Plan C?????
  5. Cambridge Custom Transfers 12v motors are double ended,1.5mm shaft 19mm long x12mm wide x15mm high. Mr high level gearboxes says they run slower than a Mashima and will work out the gear ratio you need. Or he did for me. I have not used mine yet but they were £7 I think which I thought was a good price. regards Mick
  6. One thing to remember, the lid/door is not a dome shape more of a Wainwright smoke box door shape with the knob on the pointed end. On the FR locos the securing catch is just a piece of threaded bar with a catch which rotates on the bar and a screw down knob to hold all in place. A very basic bit of kit.
  7. I am disposing of some 009 loco kits for a friends widow. My problem is I have several kits, no drawing instruction sheets and a box of loose parts! so I dont know if any locos are missing parts. Please pm me if you kept instructions for Chivers RC 7 Lew, RC29 Peckett,RC 44 Bundaberg Fowler, RC45a freelance Forney, and what looks like a Welsh Highland 0-6-4 Moel Tryfan. Also need Instructions for A Backwoods Minatures Russell, Cambletown & Machrihanish 0-6-2. Thanks in advance for any help. MIck
  8. Hi JZ, looks like you had a good time in Colorado, followed the trail I laid 25 yrs ago! Did you get to Leadville? That place left me well out of breath!. If you are interested I have a lot of HOn3 stuff that I want to go to someone who will enjoy it. I dont want to leave too much stuff for the memsahib to clear up! I am clearing up a pals estate and have learnt some lessons! PM me if you are interested but bare in mind mine is all analogue stuff. Mick
  9. I also will be sorry to see you go, i hope you pop in and read the posts on your thread. Like Glover, I have the Irish interests and your conversions give inspriation. Was around the far north line this May and June an amazing line and stunning wide open mountain and sea views. A steam service from Inverness to Wick would be fantastic. mick
  10. If you really want a Mashima, Branchlines are still advertising them, which types I do not know. Or john Isherwood of Cambridge Custom transfers is selling a Mashima look alike. I bought two which I have not used yet, tried looking  for them so I could be clever  and post the dimensions but they have escaped in my stores non-system so I am foolish!! Both retailers have been very helpful.

    1. AVS1998


      Thanks Mike; I'm not desperate for a Mashima, just any motor that will fit and actually get the locomotive rolling! But thank you for going to the effort of trying to find the motors for measuring, much appreciated. 

    2. davefrk


      Highlevel will do you a mashima motor and a superb gearbox too.

  11. If you need an idea of what a Fowler 4MT looked like then the Derby designed and built (some not all) 2-6-0's that ran on the LMS/NCC in Ireland are your answer. And for those that want build a 4mm scale one a kit is available from Worsley Works
  12. Would the guys who expressed am interest in my disposal sale please pm me as I sent photos and lists and would hate to put stuff on Ebay that others wanted. thanks Mick
  13. As an ex Fireman, stoker was used as a casual jockular sort of term. As in someone who heaved a lot of coal in the firebox rather than fired the box. If you watch Winter on Jinpeng Pass there is a footplate sequence where the fireman is firing the QJ at the same time as the mech; stoker is running. But look at the coal ,if there's a bit as big as a finger that's a lump.
  14. Also in the USA. The C&O and N&W had I believe one each. The N&W was called the "John Henry" or maybe "Jawn Henry". Both locomotives had very short lives and must have been a huge investment for little return. On a totally different tack, I spoke with Tony some time ago to ok, me offering some "niche" models from an estate. There are Branchlines Midland/LMS coach kits, Gem loco body kits , Anbrico bus models. If their is any interest pleas pm me, any unsold stuff will go on the well known market place. Mick
  15. HI Corbs, can you remember how the smokebox front is fixed on a Bachmann N class? I want to remove it to cast a different style of door in resin. Mick
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