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  1. Johnster, you have hit the nail on the head! Two things you didn't mention, rising standards of living in China, the shrinking spending power of pensions and the other nice to haves like our old caravan, great for holidays and use as a spare bedroom. That's three! My interest in Irish Railways is suddenly getting rather expensive and when I look for that chassis on our favourite web site prices rise's of £10 from last year seem the norm. Whinge over, I'll just man up and pay or not!
  2. Looks much better, Corbs is right about the driver spacing, tight is right or even compact! But please throw away the King type axleboxes go for ones as fitted to 47's or 53's just plain spoked. I think a Chapelon trapezoidal firebox would work best fitting between the frames at the front and over them at the back, a slightly longer combustion chamber, keeping the tube length about 14-6"/ 15' so maybe the smokebox would have to be lengthened a bit rearwards. As regards the rear pony truck, Nord Super Pacifics had them under the cab so did Pacifics for the BAGS in Argentina and a number of diff
  3. Looking good my friend, ingenuity, vision and skill, please keep posting. And when do you think you will have covered the whole Irish 5-3" fleet? must be soon!! Stay safe Kirley. regards Mick.
  4. Calderwood, one of my favourite model railways. I could spend far to long watching the operations.
  5. The comments on tolerances and clearance were also applied to the products of the ell'of a mess by the chaps on the Western. It often felt there was some truth in it when a Black 5 or class 8 which was pretty rough under steam felt as if it would shake itself to pieces coasting. Western engines could be very rough under steam and sometimes for it! but coasting was usually very smooth. Happy days!
  6. The wagon sheets are looking good Kieran. But I am curious how they stopped water getting inside the container because the top ISO pockets are visible and how were the sheets secured? Twenty yrs in the grain trade just led my eye straight there!! Keep your sheets tight 'cos grain and water do not mix unless you want to make spirits. Keep up the good work.
  7. Must be something wrong with my eyes. They happily do not notice the lack of brakes, lamp irons, sand pipes etc; they tell my brain that's a nice old K's O4 pulling a long freight train. Truly a layout loco, reminded me of one I used to own. My eyes think its brilliant and so do I.
  8. Was it on Wright Writes that I read a topic about cleaning up old photographs to show hidden detail? This was fairly recently. I thought there was an A4 on a turntable in the example photo. Sat up this am till silly o'clock looking and failed. I'm hoping the combined brain power on this thread points me straight at it! Mick
  9. Hawthorn is quite a dense bush at ground level indeed at all levels!, I remember it as pretty rampant along railway lines.
  10. Am I allowed to nominate Andre Chapelon as a true genius of the modern steam locomotive? From my reading, his theories on steam flow and drafting provided the footprint that many others followed. I am reading ,again!, about Coey of the GS&WR and have on my book shelves Aspinall, Robinson ,Maunsell, Chapelon and the History of the Baldwin Locomotive Works. For me it shines through that all these men had many different talents in railway manufacturing but the greatest strength was picking and drawing together a good team and in general managing that team. We as onlookers have
  11. A camera, the modellers instrument of torture! I looked at least twice before an ahh! its a model moment. I would be applying the two foot rule. Those hoppers are bloody brilliant.
  12. Thanks also from me Dave. Nori=Iron spelt backwards. Trade name due to the strength of the bricks . I believe its all gone now? I was born in Clayton-le- Moors one lot of grandparents lived there and the other in Oswaldtwistle. Mick
  13. As Tony says the preheaters were removed along with all the related Crosti equipment. Speaking as one who shovelled coal into them they were b useless the inability to boil water and maintain the boiler was staggering. Should have been rebuilt or cut up. I will not be convinced otherwise!
  14. I found a photo of Nori some time ago but cannot find the photo again. Any ideas? I believe Nori was an 0-4-0 saddle tank maybe built by Neilsons or Barclay. I know it shunted at the Whinney hill works because I went for rides on it as a 10yr old! about 1957. My grandfather worked in the weigh bridge for a couple of years after retiring .Was it the only loco they had?
  15. Regarding joggles in ejector pipes, Could it be that apart from keeping the ejector pipe a reasonable constant from the boiler, the joggles are arranged to put a backward slope on the pipe so as to drain any condensate? There is what seems to be a drain visible just forward of the cab spectacle in some of the photographs. Its another of those little wiggley pipes that festoon engines.
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