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  1. Fantastic clip, thanks William
  2. Yes to jewellery stores, I think I got mine on eBay, I bought the stainless pins separately. The pads come in all shapes and sizes.
  3. Tuesday again. Today’s top tip is a multipurpose tool primarily designed as a holding tool for jewellery makers, a ceramic black with tiny holes throughout, supplied with stainless (and mostly unsolderable) pins. Very useful for holding and securing work, protecting from heat. I got a twin pack, so the second doubles as a handy tool, drill, pin, wire, work and cocktail stick holder. I put it in a tin lid so the stuff doesn’t go straight through when you pick it up, but only after it did, once....
  4. Thanks! I’m trying hard to get everything up to my standard, which my not match everyone else’s, but you have to I’m somewhere, and not being afraid to try is half the battle. The Association 16t is a fun build, I’ve a few of them on the go, and a couple of variations. They’ll be starring here soon. I can highly recommend the Association in general, and Nick Mitchell’s videos of his build: come over to the small side, you’ll love it! John
  5. Getting down to it, 2mmFS wagons take just as long to do as their bigger brethren, perhaps longer, there’s a lot of fiddling. So some vans and now a few opens are receiving their numbering and lettering. It’s all CCT Transfers applied on gloss varnish then matt varnished over. I also ripped up the first 2 foot of Easitrac, it was too thick in glue and I hadn’t really thought through the wire droppers. The new length is almost ready to lay, pictures as it happens.
  6. Tool tip Tuesday, well it is Tuesday and I was thinking of doing one of these now and again. Nothing new here, just stuff I’ve picked up along the way and found useful. I bought a pack of half a dozen of these off eBay for not much money, and they are surprisingly good. You might think, as I did, that the tips look chunky, but they go to a good fine point, and being ceramic and a bit chunky, they tend to warp less, so less parts ping away into orbit somewhere. As an aside, I think there needs to be a study into the danger of small part debris in low earth orbit, I’m sure there’s a
  7. Thanks No still some decisions to make, I had intended to use DGs, but so far we are not getting on. May go (crazy) for 3 link yet, but some maybe semi permanently joined. The brake van is on the books, but first attempt didn’t go well, I’ll be looking at it again soon enough... cheers
  8. Thanks Mikkel and it’s true about motivation. The stock box just holds the bits while I’m working, the numbers relate to the order they entered the system, I keep a matrix so I know which wagon has which type of chassis and wheels etc, eg #13 has no chassis yet as it’s due to have a more complex brake arrangement one, and I haven’t started it yet. The box also has a bigger compartment at the end to hold odds and ends, as yet unallocated parts. This is part of the enjoyment of building for me somehow.
  9. With wagons #1 and #11 now numbered up, we officially have a train. Further vans are close behind, seen behind. Just some more subtle weathering to do here. Loco needs it too.
  10. John57sharp


    Wagon #22 gets buffers in the peg clamp, jigged up.
  11. I’m writing this taking a coffee and (home baked) shortbread break while I order up some more wheels, and yet more vans from Shop2. Yesterday I got some progress on brake gear after watching Nick Mitchell’s wonderful video on building the 16T mineral, and following his methods I have succeeded in getting 3 or 4 levers on. I did a stock take and found I had one chassis too many, so I had to buy 2 more van bodies (they come in pairs) so I had to get another chassis too. Good job I like vans! Pictured below is the workbench at close of play last night. If you look carefull
  12. I’m fairly sure that Chris Higgs has stock of the CCT etch and roof, from a recent post here somewhere. I may need some too, so it stuck in there somewhere! Enjoying your updates, please continue. John
  13. This is Wagon #12 undergoing some remedial work on the under frame. Replaced a few rubbish attempts at etched axle boxes from the 3D printed range. The large nut is a red herring!
  14. Major good news! After the dispiriting news of jamming gears, I put it away for a day or two while I got on with something else. After carefully removing the wheels and gears until it freed up, I traced the problem, I think, to one of the short stub axles on the gear train, it was just too short, so I replaced it. After that it all ran smoothly, so I carried on, reassembled everything, even the rods, and it still ran! So I soldered the rods on with the microscopic washers and oil soaked rizla paper. It still runs. So far so wonderful. Stay tuned while I put the cosmetic out
  15. The drive train has become locked. The driving wheels will only turn 1/3 revolution either way. Hmmm. I’ve stripped it back to just the gears and the problem persisted, nothing obvious, so the free gear axle came off and the motor turns the worm wheel freely. Phew. I put the free gear axle back, and after an initial stutter, it appears to run well. I’ll do more testing and slowly add the centre axle with gears and wheels and see how it goes.
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