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  1. Here’s my take on this in N gauge (Burngullow Junction) quite a lot left to do... including the main dries building.. I’ll be following this thread with interest
  2. Here’s my newly received Engineering Train leaving the Parkandillack branch towards St Austell at Burngullow Junction
  3. @Ben A indeed its awaiting the builder of the centre piece to step up
  4. It just occurred to me that I haven’t really posted anything about the layout I’ve been building for the past 18 months.... so maybe I’ll start at where the build is now! Based loosely on Burngullow and the Blackpool clay dries, this 11ft by 3ft N gauge depiction of the area is a fully automated DCC controlled system using Digitrax and Digikeijs hardware i have a resin 3D printer so most of the buildings have been made myself at home Era is early diesel hydraulic to 1979 and first outing will be N Gauge Southeast in 2020.....
  5. Hi Chris, did you contact the designated uk repair agent for Rapidos Pendolinos Sh model making as per instruction manuals? @Ben A Cheers Paul
  6. As Alan says totally unsubstantiated rubbish was unfortunately posted on the N gauge forum. I have deleted the post thread and tracked the user to a vpn line so someone deliberately trying to stir trouble for Dapol unfortunately .....
  7. The clayton would need a total redesign and the tooling for the shark wasnt past block stage so i hear https://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?topic=45680.msg575788#msg575788 not a lot left in the pot... someone might buy up the mermaid tools but again they sit too high etc and 2mm wheel sets raise it even more.... as for the 92 not sure that anyone would want to reproduce another verison, that would be commercial suicide?
  8. Definition of rogue trader is in the financial markets theres probably a different name that goes with this level of ineptitude.
  9. To paint or not paint..... Buffers in the 1970's yard...

    1. engage


      That! as the Bard would say ... "Is the Question"

  10. To paint or not paint..... Buffers in the 1970's yard...

  11. Good idea there Dave, Can you show us the CADS then as you have already had them done, would like to get an idea before I pledge Cheers Paul.
  12. I'd definitely like a rake in N if they become available!. Cheers Paul.
  13. Only-Me


    Indeed it has been incredibly quiet, this year has been spent mostly building a new train room in my garage and sound conversions!... We are out in October at the Folkestone MRS on 7/8 October in Leas Cliff Hall. If you are in the area do come and say hello! http://www.folkestone-mrc.com/NEXT%20SHOW%20MENU.html
  14. Yes I ordered from Hattons on Monday when they showed in stock and all mine arrived yesterday.... Never trust pre ordering with Hattons, they did it to me a while back..
  15. Morning all, I posted a short video on Facebook last night of the first EP for the class 92 that has arrived. Unfortunately someone in China sent it in kit form so myself and Ben A built it last night and by just before midnight on the test track (9" curves!!), we had a functioning EP, which is primarily for Ben and Mike to check all the body and under-frame detailing is correct.. Buffers still to fit Here is a short taster for those of you that do not have FaceBook!... Paul.
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