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  1. Thank you both for really quick replies, yes i agree it looks like a Dia2103 van. The second question is are there any 4mm kits out there for that diagram van, as my quick google has drawn a blank ?
  2. Hi, is anyone able to help with working out the orgins of the middle van in the photo. To my untrained eye the left van looks like an LNER fruit van that's had a replacement roof as I cant see an sign of vents, and the furthest right looks like an LMS van. My question is what is the van is in the middle as it appears to be plywood sided, but other than that I'm stuck?
  3. Hi, does anyone have an up to date Maskokits catalogue, or is able to tell me the most recent price for the under frame kit for the airfix/Dapol class B tank, which i believe has a product code of 6.09 ?
  4. They are basically two "Y" shaped pieces of casting with a 90 degree bend at the bottom. I'd guess that the two arms of the Y shape are mounted at the top and the single piece with 90 degree bend facing outwards underneath the bottom of the steps ?
  5. Hi, I am in the process of detailing a Bachmann Jinty using brassmasters detailing set, but I'm stuck when it comes to the injectors. I can't work out how/where to fit the injectors as the instructions are wonderfully vague and the pictures online don't clear things up much more. Has anyone got a photo of the brassmasters injectors fitted to a Jinty or photo of the real thing that might help show me where they fit ?
  6. I would recommend Railtec transfers. They come as a 3D printed decal, and to my eye look equally good as most brass Smokebox Numberplates.
  7. Any suggestions as to what the 16 ton minerals above the safety valves are ? They don't appear to have top doors, so I'm leaning towards LMS built ones, but i can't see any markings on them suggesting bottom doors.
  8. I think that there are problems with clearance on the district Line, that have restricted it's usage but is still double line. I do believe that the Welsh Government want to create a "Swansea Parkway" station on the district line. I'm not sure as to how much life the bridge over the River Neath has left in it as it's got a severe speed restriction over it.
  9. I agree, i don't quite get why the Welsh Government are so hell bent on the Carmarthen-Aberystwyth line. The line from Carmarthen-Llandeillo seems to have been forgotten and would be a much less costly project. I'd argue that if it was an isolated line there would be no case for reopening but as you said it would shorter the journey from Carmarthen to Shrewsbury to 2 1/2 hours which IMO is pretty good compared to the 4 1/2 hours at the moment. How many people would use it is a different question altogether.
  10. I was going to suggest that if you upgrade the HoW line, the next obvious suggestion would be to re-instate the line from Carmarthen to Llandeillo. Yes you'd need a new alignment in places and several new bridges but it wouldn't be un-surmountable and would save atleast an hour to get to Llandeillo from Carmarthen ? If you did that and upgraded the HoW line you could route quite a lot of traffic from/to Carmarthen/Pembrokeshire that way instead of it going through Cardiff and the Marches to reach Shrewsbury.
  11. I seriously doubt it would, its currently roughly 2 hours to Carmarthen, add another 2-2 1/2 to get to Aber. From Aber to Dovey junction, with time for a change you're looking at another hour and a further 2 hours to get to Porthmadog and another 2 hours to get to Holyhead. So what's that 9-10 hours, whereas currently Cardiff to Holyhead is under 7 hours. If i had the money to burn I'd look at re-doubling and upping the line speed wherever possible on the heart of Wales line to make it a viable route from west wales to the Midlands and see if traffic increases.
  12. A couple of 16ton in this picture. Interesting looking wooden wagon in the background.
  13. Great thank you. I'll get some B003 in that case. It seems like the "standard" dia 1/108 are anything but standard !
  14. Hi, as the title suggests, I'm looking to replace some plastic buffers on some Parkside 16ton Dia 1/108 mineral wagons with cast ones from from LMS. Which would be the correct ones to use as I can't quite work out the correct (or most common) ones to use as a couple say that they were used on mineral wagons ?
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