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  1. So time a for a further update. Its been a number of years since anything major has happened. I’ve been on the road now for 4 years and I’m still fixing cars ... in fact I’ve been fixing them long enough to go into the mot course and as of January this year I’m currently Scarborough’s youngest MOT tester at 23... on the sliver fox note, with Hattons bringing out the unnamed A4 I’ve got a green streamlined corridor tender on order. The nameplates ( and foxes) are currently at home awaiting the loco to join my roster . so in the near future if you see either ‘Durham Street’ or ‘Falcon Road’ out and about you’ll more then likely see Sliver Fox looking pretty. Carrying the Elizabethan head board. Thanks for reading jamie
  2. I’ve fired a couple of locos which have been LHD and RHD, I’m left handed but haven’t really had any issue it just take practice more than anything. I found the hardest bit of the swing into the firebox is remembering to lift the handle higher then the blade of the showel that the coal heads down the box and not up towards the brich arch. ( I worked with a lad that just couldn’t get this right and kept getting coal on top of the brick arch... ) but that shouldn’t really be effected if your left or right handed ... by trade i’m A mechanic and have driven both LHD and RHD vehicles and it’s just second nature ... ( apart from the first one were I went to release the electronic handbrake and put the window down .
  3. I picked up volume 2 ( southern and LMS) today from the Doncaster show , up to the same standards as volume 1 and I love the Pullman section at the end. Great work once again Hugh ( please excuse the mess in the background of the photo).
  4. well after starting work again my TS time has been limited but time for a quick update... First of all a personal fav of mine, the Stirling single on the nymr. and now for something a little more modern, A couple of shots in bristol. thats all for now. more soon Jamie
  5. You can get Leeds to Manchester with a peak, 101 and blue 47 aswell now. (Sorry didn’t read the above posts). Back to TS 19 after a little while I’ve got more pics to upload later . Jamie
  6. Here we see Scots Guardsman ( Pretending to be one of its long lost sisters) Running 'The Royal Scot' railtour between Blackpool North and Preston, Before another driver takes over the next spell down to Euston... And finally a quick shot at Preston. That's all for today guys, More soon Jamie
  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR guys , hope everyone is well. Bit of a bumper picture special on New Years Day. First of all a little bit of GNER (I've always had a soft spot this simple yet effective livery). Now we head over to wales for some Class 56 freight action. (Only one shot worth using for this one Sorry :/). Finally we head up to Scotland for a Class 66 on a set of merry-go-round HHAs. While the 66 waits at a red signal we capture the Class 158 which is passing the train. and finally the 158 passes the 66 on it's way to Edinburgh. The main reason for tonight's photo heavy session is due to me starting back at work on the 2nd, Hopefully i'll still get shots out every evening but I can't make any promises. Regards Jamie
  8. I use UKTS quite a bit, infact the 67 scenario above is a fairly recent addition to the website. jamie
  9. As promised here is a few 67 shots taken on the Bristol to Exeter. by Just Trains (also available on Steam). And a special in the cab shot (for SHMD). More tomorrow Jamie
  10. Demo wise I believe you can buy the game (Train Simulator 2019) off steam and it gives you a 2 hour slot. That way if the game doesn’t work or it’s not for you , you can request a refund and it steam will give you the money back. (I’ve done this for various games in the past and not had any issues getting the money back). For tomorrow’s adventure I’m going to put up some class 67 shots bringing us back up to date. Jamie
  11. We're back down south today, Here we have a Class 33 passing A HST at dawlish Back in the summer of 85. Regards Jamie
  12. One for today, George Stephenson 45767 sits at Preston before heading off to Blackpool hauling the Great Briton railtour. Jamie
  13. just a quick one this evening. here a black 5 sits in Tebay shed readying up for the days activities which lay ahead. Jamie
  14. I’m going to upload some steam shots once I get back to the laptop, does anyone have any requests ? I’ve pretty much got the full UK roster ( steam and third-party) so fire away Regards Jamie
  15. Another one from me, this time a little less Christmasy. About a mile south of torquay back in the summer of 1985 (not that i was around at the time...). great route from Vulcan Productions and part of their 12 days of Christmas downloads. Jamie Dunn
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