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  1. This video gives a flavour of Newcourt during WW2 - I'm not sure the non-rail scenes are Newcourt (possibly nearby), but I'm pretty sure the rail and wagon unloading part is.
  2. A really delayed reply but the remaining sections of jointed rail are: Eastern approach to Crediton; Copplestone - Morchard Road; Middle third between Lapford and Eggesford (around Chenson); 3/4 mile west of Chapelton to Barnstaple.
  3. Mine might be on the way from Cambourne. Got a cryptic email saying they've sent me something - just declined to say what it was!
  4. Sadly it looks like another piece of our railway heritage is to be lost. A planning application has been approved to demlish the C&W shed, formerly part of Newton Abbot works, to build an Aldi supermarket. Whilst you have to be realtistic that not everything can be saved, it does seem a bit uneccessary in this case. https://www.devonlive.com/whats-on/shopping/aldi-plans-new-newton-abbot-1238756 There does seem to be an online petition going (for what it's worth). https://www.change.org/p/save-our-shed-save-our-historic-gwr-shed-from-demolition
  5. It'd be nice if Hornby gave some kind of explanation. The near silence at such late notice doesn't inspire confidence.
  6. Are they going to put in a magnet for the down stop Signal at Baldu?
  7. Always think the line down to Coombe Junction looks like a train set with its tight curves and the elevated view you get from Liskaerd Viaduct. Got to go for a ride down there sometime.
  8. I feel your pain. I'm waiting too - Southern livery Birdcages and H Class seems to have been a bad choice in terms of waiting for their arrival. Be nice to know where they are and when they're coming.
  9. You don't even need a sale - the KESR hired a P class twice in the 1930s.
  10. Yes - that is another location which illustrates the point. E315 is the end of bidirectional working and again the WR seem to have been keen on Junction Indicators in this scenario. You'll see the same at Teignmouth (west end of the up main platform), Taunton (gantry east of the station) and Newton Abbott. It would be interesting to hear an S&T view on all this - St Simon and Stationmaster would probably be very good people to provide a more professional view on this. Driver's learn what is there and obey it; but aren't privy to the design decisions behind this kind of thing. I think this is something I have either discussed or read at some point along the line.
  11. Seemed pretty speedy to me. Reckon you'll need to decide on either Southern or Western style signalling. As you say it would probably be the operator of the through line as per Exeter St Davids pre 1964. But then maybe if it has Southern Region electrification it would need to Southern Region S&T as they would have necessary expertise of dealing with any complications from the 750DC? If so go with your original Junction indicators. Don't know if you have seen this website (came across it in another thread) http://dickthesignals.co.uk/. There BRB Signalling Manual content would be very relevant.
  12. You might also want to place an additional position light on the line running from Platform 3 for shunt moves to reverse behind - there are lots of these at locations throughout Devon, Drew up suggestions whilst waiting for a train:
  13. So there are 2 double track mainlines leaving to the left with the sidings in the middle? First thought: if you are trying to emulate Western Regiom practice then they tended to add extra arms to their junction indicators for the straight ahead routes on loop platforms. A prime example would be Platform 1 at Newton Abbot; the east end has a no.1 indicator for the only main aspect route (to the up main) and the west end has no.1 and no.4 indicators for the 2 available routes. So if you're feeling really keen you may want to add an extra feather to signals 1,3 and 4 (or you might not). Second thought: The route indicators might be simpler in reality maybe an E and an S rather than ES and CS? Any use?
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