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  1. I wanted to go down this route, but the 21>8 pin converter I used is too tall. May I ask what c9nverter you have fitted?
  2. I have been planning to add a 45 for my mid to late '60s BR southern layout to haul my HAA coal train bound for the cement works at Cliffe. I have seen images of them working through Kent, sometimes piloted by a 33, IIRC, but have no idea about which numbers or named engines definitely did this work. Personally I would prefer pretops green with split headcodes, but if anyone has more info the Heljan does look good.
  3. Belated thanks for this tip, I've only just got round to finding it.
  4. I didn’t buy a Dapol 73 when they were released, because it seemed a high price to pay given the apparent faults. Despite that the second hand prices have held up, so I have only recently taken the plunge for a collector’s club green one bought from Dapol at Warley for £80. As predicted, it ran like a pig and bits fell off daily. Despite being an inexpert solderer I have managed to rewire the circuit board to correct the directional lighting and added extra pickups following the expert tips on this forum. I have reglued the various dislodged bogie and electrical pipes and now I have a fine-running, extremely well-detailed 73, which I am now putting through the weathering process. The one remaining glaring fault is the oval buffers, two of which fell out during my manhandling. Can anyone suggest a source for replacement round buffers, preferably ones which will slot into the existing sprung mechanism? My apologies if the buffer issue has been touched on before, but to be honest I am loath to go through all 1800 ‘contributions’ to this subject again, to find it. Someone astutely pointed out a while back that finding useful, positive information is being made difficult by the tsunami of repetitive criticism which the Dapol 73 has attracted. That person also suggested that the thread be split between one for those of us interested in positive solutions to make this fine-looking model perform as well as it should, and those who wish to repetitively complain about known problems. What a good idea! This forum offers a wealth of very useful information that has helped me improve my skills, fix problems and thus get much more satisfaction from the hobby. Unfortunately, the RMweb platform is increasingly being clogged by me-too complainers, axe grinders, self-righteous victims, and various sub-species of troll, all of whose incontinent whining lessens the enjoyment of those of seeking to improve our knowledge and share our enjoyment of the subject. Now, about those buffers...
  5. Had an excellent day yesterday after an annoying start. I was travelling from abroad so booked my travel arrangements online, NEC discount Pendolino from London timed to arrive just before the early opening. Then went to the Warley site to book my show ticket, paid for it then realised there was no download facility. So I ended up queuing at the collections desk, having first been misdirected into the cash buyer’s line. The nice NEC lady apologised, but the final result was I lost most of the half hour early entry, and was £2 down before I even got in the door, having been charged a ‘facility fee’ by The Ticket Factory for booking online. The volunteers of the Warley club do a fantastic job organising this huge show, but no download tickets in this day and age, is not really acceptable. Whine over. Some marvellous layouts, well positioned by subject/gauge, great trade selection and despite the false start, I managed to ‘recoup’ most of my costs by ’investing’ in a couple of bargain locos and a raft of bits and pieces for my thoughtfully modest rucksack.
  6. I received my pre-ordered BR late crest 31518 on release and put a Hattons 8-pin direct chip in it, ran it around the track for a few minutes and have not really touched it till a week ago. Unfortunately, it is now behaving erratically, setting off in a controlled manner, but then after a few seconds, refusing to accelerate beyong mid speed even up to speed step 28. It is the same in both directions with or without the body. It also takes a few seconds to stop after the throttle returns to zero on my Powercab. There is also a faint buzzing sound. All pickups are working well and it is properly lubed, though I haven’t been into the gear tower. Hattons suggest that it may be because it is not running a Hornby chip, which I don’t have. So, can anyone suggest any cv changes that could help with the Hattons chip, or should I send it back? I love the engine and given the apparent lack of exchange stock and the fact that I am abroad, I would rather try a fix if it possible.
  7. I have no need for a 92 on my layout, but I am considering diving in for one purely to support Dave Jones. DJM is a fledgling company in competition with established multi-nationals and as such, vulnerable to being crushed at any time. I do this as a serial supporter of the underdog and also as the former owner of a similar type of business, which went on to succeed by being smaller, faster-moving and more innovative, but only after surviving the launch of products by better resourced competitors designed, in part, to kill us. I don't know Dave, other than through RMWeb, but it is clear to me that the energy, skill and no small amount of courage he has shown deserve success - and our support, for with the models he is bringing to the hobby, he is benefitting us all. I don't often contribute to these pages, preferring to lurk and enjoy the expertise of other modellers and the wonderful information RMweb delivers. I also signed up a yellow J94 (also useless for my SR layout) as a gesture of support for all that Andy Y has achieved. I decided to chime in today, because I am exasperated by the attitude of some of the 'contributors' so far. Dave Jones, having (probably) put up his house in pursuit of his dream, worked untold hours and circled the globe to try and make it all come together, is rewarded by being accused of various forms of dishonesty by armchair-bound critics who seem to regard the thought of him making money out of 'his business' as distasteful and not 'social' enough. WE have no right to complain: Exclusive 92 models are being offered at a discounted price. If enough people fancy one, you get your model. You potentially risk a £30 deposit. After that, you can buy as many different, non-exclusive 92 models as you want, but at a higher market price. Your original limited edition model meanwhile might be worth more than you paid for it, on eBay. Where are we being cheated here? WE need to see the bigger picture. If DJM makes money and grows, we get more toy trains to play with. One day, I hope, Dave Jones will have no choice but to make the Double Decker...though by that time I may have to worry about that sputtering Sun.
  8. Invoice 0009 paid by Paypal. Happy to help your cashflow a tiny bit. Hope you, or Kernow get the note about delaying posting till the end of the week.
  9. i have been dragged away from the trainset for a couple of weeks, but i will check this when i get back in the loft. .thanks to everyone for the the range of useful suggestions. my knowledge is expanding, just need my ability and confidence to follow.
  10. Thanks very much for your thoughts, I have run it in properly, and checked the speed steps, so next step is to swap in a second Bachmann chip. I was surprised at the big difference in performance as I imagined that both units use the same Bachmann power bogie.
  11. Speed dating is much, much quicker than what I've been up to.
  12. I am very happy with my NCE powercab, but I am having trouble getting a Bachmann 4CEP and Bachmann MLV to run at similar speeds in a consist. Both have 21-pin chips: 4CEP Bachmann, MLV Hattons. The 4 CEP which I bought second-hand arrived running just as I want it, the MLV bought new has always been slow to move off and then accelerates too jerkily for my tastes. For the same throttle position it is about 25% slower than the 4 CEP I have read the manual and threads about this subject repeatedly and have modified the CV2, 3, 4, and 6 of the MLV in an attempt to match the 4-CEP, to no avail. Whatever I do, it doesn't seem to affect its speed very much . I can run a 'fake' consist with the 4 CEP running at throttle position12 and the MLV at 16 for a realistic cruising speed, but this is far from ideal. Am I doing something obviously wrong?
  13. There has been mention of tramlines in Beresford Square Woolwich, but just the other side of Woolwich Arsenal rail station was the tram shed itself which has survived and been used a theatre by Greenwich Council for many years. It claims to have hosted London's first comedy club and I remember seeing Hale and Pace in a show hosted by Rory McGrath there, way back when. http://www.glypt.co.uk/tramshed/tramshedhistory/
  14. Nice layout, has that wide-open French station look. May I suggest the name of Nimportequoi which roughly translated mean 'Whatever...'
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