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  1. Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but just came across this, old photos of Bristol
  2. Because he is a modeller?
  3. If you can use another font, search on-line for stencil font, there's hundreds of 'em. Or find a font generator to generate your own. If it is only a few characters, then scale them up in your favourite drawing package and add the appropriate tabs and scale 'em back down again. Here's a link to a truetype font editor which may help https://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Font-Utils/TrueType-Font-Editor.shtml#download
  4. I am puzzled as to how the van by the railway crossing, managed to park so precisely, and I can't see the cafe where presumably the rest of the police are sojourned.
  5. simple adapter change of sizes for ducting - I've used it a number of times to connect woodworking machines to shop vacs, etc. Get a plastic drinks container, the one litre size with a gradual taper from the body to the cap works nicely. Cut it at appropriate diameter places, and gaffer tape it on, if necessary. For my purposes, it gives a gradual change of diameter.
  6. any help? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_WDzpveFz0gk/TIzJ3oPSHcI/AAAAAAAAAZY/dLJfi0IQ8m8/s1600/662+HarmansCross+11Sep10+b+web.jpg
  7. Not very relevant, but the OKI printer I had, was not a laser, although most referred to it as such. It had rows of multicoloured leds, light onto a selenium? coated band, no separate oiling for the fuser, the ink contained the oil. I had to change it for a 'normal' laser. I was printing on 'foliac' transparency, for pcb trackwork, and the ink would not stick, but an ordinary laser's ink would. If I could remember where I put the printer, I could say what model it was.
  8. simple basic servo control
  9. Probably not the UNO font you need, but Bing or google throw up a few if you shove 'uno font' in the search.
  10. raymw

    Dapol 08

    If he wants to develop modelling skills, the four to five foot is big enough. Depends if you can help him, I guess. Jim Reid, and others build very nice models out of nothing much at all, and Jim has been very helpful to others who wish to do likewise in the past. As the search on members does not seem to working too well at the mo., just search on 'cardboard' and see what turns up.
  11. There are a few reasons why you want to hire a consultant. The first is to be able to pass the blame if it doesn't work out. The second is because you know sfa about the project. The third is because you accept bribes. Historically, the folk on most councils have never been the sharpest knives in the box, certainly few have any technical knowledge, and often they promote themselves since they have vested interests in the area, builders, whatever. So, to someone whose main interest is possibly drinks at the golf club, a railway line construction will be highly complex. The trouble is, that not
  12. I had one of them, maybe 60 years ago. (the hopper wagon, that is.) Used to use the hopper mech. Surprised they are still around, and plastic not warped.
  13. It could be more fun - get the kids a pair of stilts, let 'em walk along the top of the wall, maybe walk along the beach, or give up and go elsewhere, like the warren.
  14. many tips are copper coated with iron to give durability. Filing a tip will not be a good idea, get a tip/tips of the right shape.
  15. Virtually all of silverline products are cheap junk. For electronics, get a small spade bit for your antex. You need heat and speed, not hanging around with an underpowered iron. and get cored solder, lead/tin not the lead free rubbish.
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