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  1. It's not only crowd funding that is a problem - reliance on one guy https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/12/cryptocurrency-investors-want-to-exhume-ceo-who-took-250-million-to-his-grave/
  2. The first one is a skep, folk don't keep bees in them today. The sandmodels is sort of OK, for a wbc, but not that popular these days. The layouts4U model is a joke. It will take you less than 5 minutes to make a scale national hive, the most common in uk.
  3. There are many different versions of dxf files. You can probably export a different version from turbo cad, one that the studio software can read.
  4. It will be interesting to see if the copper and aluminium react when the current flows, (and then ceases to flow). It'll probably be OK in the short term, but maybe not after a year or two.
  5. I guess you could replace the screw with a bolt straight through, and clamp the wire on the back between a couple of washers and nut. Save on the hot glue, and drilling a hole for the wire (but need to drill hole for the bolt..)
  6. I never ordered anything from DJM, but the website is still there, if you miss the home page statement, then it looks as if it may still be trading, mentioning deliveries, etc. Today I went to order some items from a company I'd used a few years ago, Mega electronics ltd, but every search for their website drew a blank. They went into liquidation back in June, iirc. Just a different approach, I guess.
  7. there's still a lot of stuff on his site. N gauge progress here, https://djmodels.co.uk/n-gauge-product-update If he's having to live off of what came in, then that is a regular expenditure of, say 2K/month roughly. This could be equivalent to Initial crowdfunding payments for, say 10 models per month, then say trip to China, maybe an additional 20 models. It does not take long for all the crowdfunding income to be spent - he did say you wouldn't get it back!
  8. raymw

    DJM, the end.

    Bonfire of the Vanities
  9. come on, CK, say what you really think
  10. you could get a phone with a reasonable camera, and not install a sim. a cheap charger in the car will keep it charged, when needed. Genuine Canon info lithium batteries communicate with the charger and the camera, and have fairly extensive protection built in - cheap knockoffs do not. Maybe a camera that will take AA cells, say
  11. https://djmodels.co.uk/news-2
  12. The only fail-safe way of buying the sort of items we are talking about, is to see it, pick it up and pay for it*. Crowd funding, prepayment, mail order, can give problems. There are more steps in the transaction, any of which can have a problem. In most cases, the thought of any risk is overshadowed by the 'want', and often everything works out OK - until it doesn't. * yeah, you can think of situations where even that doesn't fail safe if you try really hard
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