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    If you're hungry, I won't give you a fish. I won't give you a fishing rod, either, but I may show you how to build a trawler.

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  1. I am not a user of the software or machines that you use, but have some experience of drawing, cad programs, and conversions of hand drawings into vector format, for generating G-code/whatever. I know of no software that will successfully convert a hand drawn, (or even convert a scanned image of a cad drawing) into a 100% usable vector format. For simple shapes, then it's maybe worth editing the result of the conversion, but in all cases it is quicker to load your original scanned drawing as a background image into your cad program, and manually trace the lines you want. It is quite common for the automated vector conversion versions to detect the edges of colour changes, hence, no matter how thin your line, assuming it is of a coarse enough resolution to be visible to the conversion program, it will detect where the white changes to black, and then the black changes to white, say. A solid filled in shape, will be better, in that there is only one edge, if you get my meaning. e.g. a rectangle filled with a solid black will most likely produce a more usable result than a rectangle without fill (that'll have the two lines at the boundary, or be very much broken). I would suggest you spend some time trying various types of drawings, and presumably contrast settings, whatever, in your particular conversion software, and prove for yourself whether or not I speaketh the truth
  2. raymw

    Penalty Fares

    Interesting to know that some folk value cash over their integrity.
  3. raymw

    New forum software

    If I disable javascript (in firefox) then the reply screen goes blank, with no submit button, and I've got to remember the html codes. The previous version was OK. The main problem, i find, is that if i post a link, then everything I type after the link gets underlined, too, unless i make a new line and as mentioned elsewhere, the edit function is restricted too. Harping back to the previous version of the software, the useful thing was the two buttons towards the top, one for 'topics I follow', t'other for 'topics i posted in' (or words to that effect). Would it not be possible,for someone to give the settings to replicate that in the activity settings, and stick it in the place it was before. (After all, even windows 10 can be made to look and feel like windows 7)
  4. raymw

    SOS Junction. Railway Modelling not included.

    This would do for yer car, cos when i wuz a kid, this wuz our central heating https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Aladdin-Vintage-Space-Heater-Green/26026415639?iid=132940384407
  5. the butt of many a joke...
  6. raymw

    On track transformer

    It looks like the MT10 is simply a transformer in a case (No detailed info. on the web site) so it is nothing like a dcc power booster.
  7. but rmweb seems to be a narrow page, a couple of inches blank on each side. But, it is a clearer font
  8. If not applied retrospectively, I'd be a dictator, and after warning members, I'd go through and delete none complying members. But then I'd delete all members who don't post, too, and a lot of other folk, too ,
  9. as the line-spacing seems much different than the previous version, any chance that it can be compressed. (iirc someone else mentioned about holding down shift key when entering/newline). Maybe automatically compress the signatures, that would save about half the real estate, or more, in many posts. (fat adders almost OK, Blue Lightening way off . Could not forum restrict to say, six lines of text (inc blank lines). It would encourage folk to be more frugal...- (I've found there is a separate thread wrt sigs.
  10. raymw

    New forum software

    It seema that can't get a preview of post, or can't find it, and in edit you can't set notify me of replies.
  11. raymw

    New forum software

    I can save images to my desktop, say, and drag to a post - is that what you mean? (download image from google drive.)
  12. raymw

    New forum software

    Being an old fart, like many here, I do not like change. But, having poked around for an hour or so on this site, I can see that this may be one change that I'm going to like - well maybe not like, but just get used to and accept that that's the way it is. I expect in a month or so, it'll all be working fine
  13. raymw

    SOS Junction. Railway Modelling not included.

    I don't think Bile beans are the same as baked beans, but two of them were meant to replace a couple of tins of baked beans.
  14. raymw

    SOS Junction. Railway Modelling not included.

    Minor claim to fame - I think I remember it correctly - Dan Driver, art teacher at Exmouth gramer schule, designed the advertising logo "come to sunny Exmouth" or perhaps it was "come to sunny Devon"/whichever, but the logo consisted of a sun hat and a pair of sunglasses. I can't find it illustrated on the web, but it featured in the back pages of the newspaper ads, back in 1960 or so, for example.
  15. raymw

    Will we ever see a RTR HST in O gauge?

    I'm not certain as to the 'play value' of a 125 set. I think many would be bored after a few minutes, since you can't do much with it, other than let it stretch its legs, so to speak.

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