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  1. I think it looks to me like the bogie is running slightly crabwise but is still on the rails. Andrew
  2. Tony (G) its Vollmer N 7361. I wouldn't say the card is perfect but it looks good from a short distance away. Andrew
  3. Hi Tony (G) Please tell us more about the signal box. Maybe I've missed something above? Currently I'm building a GN signal box based on the one at Authorpe on the East LIncolnshire line for my mate Gavin's Spirsby layout (Gavin was one of the operators of Buckingham Central during our brief visit back in 2017). Its probably about 2/3 finished and is my first scratch built building. Can't remember if I've posted any photos of the box before? Anyway, here it is temporarily located on the layout during our trial running back in September. All I've done since is replace the end t
  4. One of the D&S GN Ballast wagons went for around 100 pounds recently on e..y. seems ridiculous! I've got an unbuilt 51L NE plate wagon so I might follow Jesse' lead on this. Andrew
  5. The J1 looks wonderful Frank. I think you said previously its likely to be offered to John for the LRM range. I certainly hope so! I was going to build a J1 out of a Graeme King resin J6 kit but if I can get one of these I'll make Graeme's J6 into what its meant to be - a J6! Regards Andrew
  6. Andy I'm intending to use heat in one form or another. I've already straightened one pair of twisted Isinglass bogies using the boiling water method. To straighen the top of the sides I'll need to clamp them in the steel bending bars I have. So heating might be a problem as they'll act as a heat sink. Might try localised heating with a hair dryer as well then plunge into cold water. Andrew
  7. Hi John Yes I've seen that and have photos. There's also one of the Tassie ones at Bellarine Peninsula in your state. Talking of Sentinels I've just ordered a Dia 96 body from Worsley works along with three GC Parker bodies, two of which will replace D&S bodies, the incorrect BTK and also the TK with the bodies with the modified beading for later periods. Andrew
  8. Thanks Andy I agree it doesn't look like you've got any significant distortion with those sides. My Dia 164F CK was the worst. Still I've got the original sides to play around with to see what is the best way to straighten them. I've attached a quick photo taken on my phone of the top of the revised corridor side of the Dia 164F to show what I mean. Andrew
  9. Mention of a couple of station buildings above brought memories of a couple of trips to the UK. The Red Hall at Bourne in 2008 Brocklesby in 2013 when I was driving from Grimsby, having visited Atlantic 3279 of this parish to Oughtibridge near Sheffield for an open day at John Quick's of the GCRS. Now this weekend here in Adelaide we should have been hosting our annual BRMA Convention with guest UK speaker Simon Kohler if it hadn't been for ... well you know what! On the Friday we would have unveiled the Spirsby layout seen on p 2037 of Wright W
  10. Kingswear for me as well. I've been there of course a couple of times on visits. I also like the Ashburton branch but not the variety you would have got on the Kingswear branch. Andrew
  11. As I said in my post above we should applaud Andy Edgson for what he's doing and its clear to me he's doing his best and is happy for us to work with him. I hope to find time to build one of his coaches I have by the end of the year. Andrew
  12. Thanks Andy (thegreenhoward) for your comments above re Isinglass and Andy Edgson. I've also had a quite a bit of dialogue with Andy E by email and he made changes to the sides of the GN Dia 164F CK to incorporate the toplight ventilator frames and to improve the thickness of the sides of the droplights and sent me replacement sides, also for my Dia 78T Buffet Car which had flaws in the ends of the prints of the sides. One question for you did you find that the corridor sides of the Dia 78V Buffet had kinks in the tops of the sides looking down on them vertically, mine did to some
  13. Jesse Interesting to see the Isinglass Dia 310 Milk Brake. A comment or two if I may. From what I can see the ends are glued onto the ends of the sides, which seems to be the isinglass way. It looks to me that the roof is rather wide. So I'm wondering what the overall length of the body is as built and whether there is a possibility it could be built by inserting the ends between the sides? The use of what look like MJT bogies should give a nice ride. I built the D&S kit of one of these back in about 2004. Andrew
  14. Manna They're not the only hazards on our local golf course! You have to watch out for pine cones being dropped on your head by these - or the distraction of watching these
  15. St Ives for me to as I travelled on the current shortened branch back in 2017 with my two mates from Oz.
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