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  1. Sir Gawain as I was tempted by the Hornby model of that name! Andrew
  2. Scots Guardsmen because I once had the Mainline model and because I rode behind her on the CME in 2017. A marvellous climb of Shap and a great run back via the S&C! Andrew
  3. Duchess of Gloucester for me as I have a model of the South Australian 520 Class with the same name. Andrew
  4. Clearly mine won't win this poll but Colwyn Bay for me as that's the one I have a model of! Andrew
  5. Of course I can only go for South Australia as well and that's the model I have on the LMS part of my layout. It's on a milk train at present. Andrew
  6. At the annual Adelaide Model Railway Exhibition there are two main awards: One by popular vote by the public and One voted by a group of judges Its not very often that the one layout wins both but sometimes the winner of one is 2nd or 3rd in the other category. Last time (2019) I think the popular vote may have gone to the Lego layout - it certainly polled well if my memory serves me right but it wouldn't have got any placing by the judges! My fictious home layout (still very much under development scenically) fits the category that Tony Gee likes to operate a
  7. I have a question on behalf of a friend that someone maybe able to answer. He has a Heljan O Gauge GWR 61xx and wants to know how to take the body off to fit a DCC chip. Apparently it didn't come with any form of instructions and try as he may he's not found a solution. Andrew
  8. Tudor Minstrel the name I applied to the DJH A2 I built for my Dad back in the 80s.
  9. Pretty Polly because it sounds more like a parrot than a locomotive or indeed a racehorse!
  10. This is very difficult- so many great names. But I'm happy to go with Woolwinder. I have a model of her as an A1.
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