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  1. Kings Cross because that's where Dad took me onto the footplate of Galtee More. It was probably in 1962.
  2. Definitely would love to have seen a C12 preserved.
  3. Tony I still have a NuCast O2/2 running on its w/m lump. I filed out the gear slot so I could fit a large Portescap - this was back in 1982! It's had new wheels once, when Romford introduced 14 spoke 18mm as an option to their 16 spoke 18mm. I've even got a secondhand O2/3 that I got really cheap as a non-runner on its lump chassis. Didn't take long to get it running but the glued body fell apart so it needs to be cleaned up and soldered together some time. That will also have a large Portescap fitted. Andrew
  4. Peppercorn A1 and for goods ET's rebuild of the O4 to the O1 (if that qualifies?)
  5. Hi Chas Its the D&S ECJS brake. I have a part built one I acquired a couple of months ago to finish shortly. Andrew
  6. J15 for me. I've got 3 so must really like them and I had a great ride behind the preserved one on a wet day on NNR back in 2008.
  7. The Atlantic Coast Express for me as its one of the two named trains I've been on. The other was The Northumbrian but that was behind a Class 40. The ACE was behind 35028 in April 1964.
  8. Jesse 5807 or 5808 would be good nos to choose for your J10. Both had the Pollitt 4000 gallon tender and most likely squared off coal guards as the tenders they were paired with at Retford GC shed in the mid - late 30s had never been paired with 4-4-0s according to Yeadon. Andrew
  9. I would square them off that was more typical but we should try to find a photo of one of those shedded at the ex GC shed at Retford mentioned yesterday to check if possible. I'll have a look in Yeadon.
  10. Doug its definitely correct in emails you may have got from me so you probably have the correct date already and its correct in TCH! Andrew
  11. Calling all Aussie contributors/ readers. I made a significant error in the dates I mentioned for the BRMA Convention in Adelaide in 2021 in my post on the previous page. The dates are 30 Sep - 4th Oct 2021. This inexcusable really considering I set the dates! Hope my modelling is better than my memory. I've now edited the dates in my earlier posting. Andrew
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