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  1. Good morning Tony I thought it was time I showed you what I've been up to recently. A D3 from a Premier kit with a severely kitbashed/scratch tender using the sides and rear from a Nucast GN B Type tender. The equal spaced tender frames are from Graeme King as are the tool boxes, the water filler box and the smokebox door (from Graeem's J6 ). The loco is awaiting the start of painting during which the boiler bands will be applied and brakes fitted. Plus the beginnings of a B8 using a Graeme King resin boiler and custom etches (body parts in the photo and the chassis) I had done locally here in South Australia about 10 years ago from drawings I did at the time. The boiler is only placed in position as are the PDK D11/1 chimney and dome. The bogie is one of Mike Edge's etches. The cab roof is from an old Ks B2 I picked up for a song which was the whole reason I started to plan this build as initially I intended to use the Ks boiler. I plan on using a Bachmann tender with some modifications. More detail on these can be found at: https://www.lner.info/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=14225&p=143731#p143731 Andrew
  2. Tony with all your wiggly pipes I'm surprised you've left the cast smokebox door handles. Andrew
  3. Gilbert I like the view and one option is to simply crop the top so making it a nice wide photo with not much sky. Andrew
  4. That photo of the J6 is just superb Gilbert. I had to look twice as I thought I was seeing one of Keith Pirt's photos! Andrew
  5. I also had Bayko. I still remember playing with it. I never had Meccano. I think Dad was more interested in buying Hornby Dublo. I gave the Bayko away for a church fete when we were cleaning out my parents home 16 or so years ago. I wonder if they were able to sell it or it went to the dump?
  6. You think that's a problem! I've got 6 suitable buses and 2 overbridges. However, I do have an underbridge and a level crossing.
  7. Is the motor one of the very earliest to be used in Portescaps? The first Portescap I bought would have been around 1982 I think and didn't have that motor then. I've never had much satisfaction from using that style of K's wheels but I did use them back in the late 70s and early 80s on a C12 and a K3 when Romford didn't make a 22mm wheel. Andrew
  8. Our most well known ex Cornish mining towns are Burra and Moonta, as mentioned in the web reference. Out of curiosity I lived in Rosevear St, Hawthorn here in Adelaide after we emigrated in 1964, until 1978.
  9. Also the strip along the edge of the roof which will hide the join. Still the timber work looks very nice. Andrew
  10. I have a P1 I built from the Crownline kit plus a D16/3 and a J17 to build. Years ago I was able to buy lots of spare chimneys from Dave's Crownline kits and more recently I got quite a lot from PDK. RIP Dave King. Andrew
  11. Normal 3ft 1in wheels. I built the D&S kit back in the 80s. Unfortunately the kit is based on a one off version. It has one door each side on a diagonal basis which are placed at the end of the verandah, whereas the other GN 8 wheel brake vans built had the doors on the inner end of the verandah. The kit could be kitbashed into one of these with a bit of work. The steps are rather fragile and benefit from some reinforcement. They are covered in Tatlow's LNER Wagons Vol 1. Note the example at Tanfield has a rebuilt body without the larger GN style verandahs, more LNER standard style. Andrew
  12. Last year I posted some photos of the Spirsby layout built by Gavin Thrum based on the Spilsby branch in Lincolnshire to which I contributed some items and on which we run some of my LNER stock. We assumed that Spilsby became more important and the line was signalled to allow more than one engine to be on the branch at the same time. Hence we named it Spirsby rather than Spilsby. This last weekend should have been our annual BRMA Convention here in Adelaide. But due to Covid restrictions on travel across state borders here in Oz we've postponed it once again. We were intending to show Spirsby at the Convention venue but will now need to do that next year. As we had a free weekend locally I had a BRMA meeting at my place on Sat (split into two sessions to allow for Covid restrictions of a max of 20 people in a residence at one time) and as Spirsby is in storage at my place I set it up for a week. This will allow its use by two operating groups I'm in, one of which was last night. Consequently I took the opportunity for a bit of a photo shoot. Hope you like the shots. Andrew
  13. Below is a photo of my Hornby O1 (possibly shown before?) to which I've fitted a Graeme King resin smokebox front and chimney. These changes turn what is a fairly good looking O1 into what an O1 should look like in my view. It still needs further weathering of the chassis and the valve gear in particular which currently is still Hornby's weathering. Also I should fit a new pony truck to get rid of the ugly NEM pocket. I have an unbuilt Little Engines O1 picked up for an absolute bargain (~£15) at a BRMA Convention which might become a source of parts for a range of other projects so I could fit that pony truck as its likely to be too difficult to carve up the Hornby cast metal pony truck. As indicated above by Headstock, most retained this earlier style of smokebox door which I believe is of NE heritage. The chimney is an interesting problem with all of Hornby's LNER locos with flowerpot chimneys except for the B12/3 which it got correct. I've had dialogue with Simon K on this matter and understand its something to do with the moulding process that prevents the correct curves being incorporated into the stem of the chimney, although Hornby got it right on the slightly shorter chimney fitted to the B12/3. I've got models of all the relevant Hornby models but as most are for a BR period I've not bothered to change them yet as I really only run my railway in a 1930s LNER period. However, I've fitted a replacement brass chimney on my black LNER D16/3. Whether I'll upgrade all the BR locos only time will tell. Andrew
  14. On the subject of the DJH Atlantic's - both are far from accurate being based around an extended driving wheelbase as suggested above. I built a C2 about 20 years ago and made some corrections such as shortening the length of the loco (footplate) and narrowing the footplate. If I had known more at the time I could have made a few other changes such as reducing the height of the frames above the springs below cab and on the tender. At the end of the day whatever you do with these is going to be inaccurate to varying degrees as you can't change things like the boiler diameter easily. One unfortunate fact is that the overscale dimensions are not consistent across the models. One of the most significant overscale parts is the boiler and smokebox on the C1. I bought an unbuilt C1 secondhand many years ago but will probably never build it. I'm more likely to reuse the parts from my dismantled Ks C1, built originally in 1976, when I get around to building my model of 3279. Andrew
  15. Gilbert - I imagine the F stop shifted accidentally in manual mode on your Canon G12 assuming you're still using that? I've had that problem with mine - in other words I've accidentally changed it without realising it. Andrew
  16. Despite the fact you had to cut them out - they are the best etched plates in my view and they are still available I understand. Andrew
  17. My understanding is the A2s were meant to have the flanged Cartazzi wheels provided but they got left out by mistake. Hornby will provide them if you ask for them. Andrew
  18. A most interesting photo. Thanks Mike looks like I was wrong about the 'band' on the edge of the V. The only time I've seen 4771 was my first trip back to UK in 1981. The photos then were slides although I took a range of views I've not yet bothered to find them - looks like I should! Its interesting the handrails are black - I've always imagined they were green on the green parts of a loco. Andrew
  19. The photos above reminded me of mine from 2017. What's also interesting in this shot of a V fronted cab is that there does appear to be a very thin extra band on the front of the V which maybe what Bachmann has tried to reproduce on its V2 albeit much too thick? Andrew
  20. Certainly looks like a V-shape to me. NRM July 2013 Andrew
  21. Tony and Tony Although I can't yet measure the Bachmann cab windows I'm almost certain they are too small. The space between them seems to be too wide for starters. Andrew
  22. I don't think I've ever shown a photo of this V2 I built in 1978 from the Bristol Models kit. Subsequently I decided that the front section of the boiler and smokebox was a bit too small in diameter, ie the opposite to the original Bachmann model. The handrails on the boiler are also a bit too low , their position being governed by the position of the superheater header covers which are a bit too low. It has Ks P2 valve gear as the Bristol Models kit came as only body and tender and a separate brass chassis with no cylinders or valve gear. The cylinders I originally fitted were modified Triang Britannia cylinders but during the 1980s I got a pair of Nucast cylinders and a Nucast chimney for it. Its fitted with a MW005 motor and Romford gears. I originally numbered it 4791 but then changed it to St Peter's School as I wanted a named loco. It looks very bare with no brakes and other finer details. It hasn't been on the layout for a long time. Next time I come across it I should give it a run! I did intend to build a better V2 so purchased the Proscale kit in 1985 - which is another story of course and its still waiting to be built! When I got the Nucast cylinders for the V2 below I also got a Nucast boiler so possibly this could be fitted to the Proscale kit? I do intend to buy a Bachmann LNER V2 so then I'll have 4791 again. But looking at the photos we've seen and as I commented on Gilbert's Peterborough North thread I expect I might need to make a few mods to it but then we are railway modellers and we like changing things - or at least I do. Apologies for the quality of the photo which was taken back in the 90s on a friend's layout. Andrew
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