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  1. Hi all, been a while since anything has happened with the layout, other than testing new locos on it. BSC River Don Works has had it’s debut at the Yorkshire Wolds railway’s model railway exhibition back on the 16th of March. It went very smoothly with only track cleaning causing any problems. A nice mix of locos from my own collection and others’, everything from a BR (LM) gala with 2 1f 0-6-0Ts and a jinty to a peckett and Barclay, even BR diesels like the 20 and 03. Hopefully more can be attended in the future. Since the exhibition I’ve been busy wagon building, some Parkside 16t minerals and a bogie flat wagon for scrap and steel traffic.
  2. Glad you enjoyed your tour Dave, always try to get a different route on our brake van tours. Let us know when you plan on coming up again!
  3. As the proud new owner of BSC Don Works, I shall be continuing the thread on the layout when I make a start on it, at the moment its awaiting a new controller and some appropriate rolling stock.
  4. Steelworks traffic is a very as and when system, at scunthorpe, as soon as a rake of wagons are emptied or loaded, a loco will appear to take them away. as with the nature of the place its the train will run when its needed and in the case of scunthorpe, whichever route is available too. This can sometimes lead to some sights "mainliners" would be shocked at, such as a fully loaded train following another on the same track yards behind
  5. Hi all, Well it didn't take long but I've now ordered the first 2 locos specifically for the coke ovens, http://www.hattons.co.uk/312306/Hattons_H4_AB14_005_Andrew_Barclay_0_4_0ST_14_2134_WTT_in_lined_green/StockDetail.aspx My plans for the locos are for them to become Beckton Coke No.1 Ann and No.2 Jan A crudely made version of the Beckton Coke livery with the B C either side of the name and the United Steels Logo on the cabside. Just now need to find someone who can make USC logos as they don't seem to be available from anywhere.
  6. ex LSWR G6 No 30237 was bought by Redbourne Ironworks in Scunhtorpe in 1949, withdrawn in 1960
  7. Suppose I could chop the end off and make a new one using a former? Might be worth it as I would like a few.
  8. I think the smell is too well stuck in my head to need one! It's not one you forget very easily after being drenched in benzole a few times, even the car ended up smelling of it!
  9. Thanks Dave, The layout is going to be 00, forgot to mention that, was there any major differences between the bitumen tanks and the TTAs in the Hornby railroad range? I have a few that I've been given a while ago and I was struggling to find a use for them. Thanks Jordan
  10. Hi all, Its finally time I get my act together and start building a layout after all these years. As part of my apprenticeship at Scunthorpe steelworks I had a 6 month placement at Appleby Coke Ovens, which is more like a working museum than a live industrial site. it showed a lot of history, for example the machine that used to bag salt to be loaded into box vans even though its rail connection was taken out decades ago. It all got me thinking how good a layout it would make, Then the book Modelling Heavy Industry showed the building of a diorama of a tank farm which just reminded me of the coke ovens. several hours later I ended up with this: Orange= Tanks Red= Benzole Loading Grey=Tar loading Blue= Pump house Green= Gasholder The layout is set late 1960's to early 70's and will feature all sorts of industrial locos in a (hopefully) authentic background. I've tried to keep the trackplan simple but operationally interesting with 2 sidings for tar loading and one for Benzole, as well as a sidings for empty's. it will fit on a 3' x 18" baseboard with the same for the fiddle yard. I know Benzole and tar used to be transported in the old 14t tankers, but would TTA's have ever transported them? Hope you all enjoy watching the build as it develops Jordan
  11. Hi Dave, RE the Etched plates, Narrow Planet have the design for the Yorkshire as my friend Gpplumy (On this forum) got some made for his 0 gauge Janus, im not sure about the Yorkshire Grey or the BTH plates though although I can get close up pictures of them for you as I'm at foxfield this weekend with the IDRPG. Jordan
  12. Thanks for all the replies I would like a list of all of them if possible, as it something that interests me, but the specific ones would be 60001,60002,60015,60039,60055,60063,60093 as they are ones I have models of although I might be renumbering them to locos more specific to wherever I finally decide to model
  13. Hi all, Does anyone have a list or know where the information is for which sectors and depots the class 60s were allocated when they were first introduced. I'm going to be superdetailing my fleet of lima models and renumbering/respraying them to others and would like them correct for the era (1993 ish) Thanks in advance Jordan
  14. If its anything like last years I will definitely be going, as long as the visitor isn't as unreliable as the last one...
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