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  1. Thank you for the information Stanton! That fills in a lot of gaps. It’s nice to see photos of mine in traffic, also gives good details of the livery. No.1 has got it’s tandem equipment now, not sure weather it was reinstated or only had the pipes removed but she has run in tandem on preservation with No.3 afaik. I wonder what happened to No.4 for No.3 to be chosen for preservation instead. Are these photos yours Stanton and may I use them on my page for the locos?
  2. Thanks for the plug! I am the lucky owner of the Thompson Loco Collection and I was fortunately in a position to save these unique beasts. Sadly due to COVID I havent been able to go any further with them but we are hoping to have the first one moved in the next month or so to Darley Dale to join YEC 2679 Ford No.3. It will be a long project as unfortunately 423658 (No.3) has a cracked engine block but a spare was thrown in so it's a case of build up a fresh engine from the 2. 421439 (No.1) will hopefully be more straightforward as she was in use before her engine was stripped to f
  3. The depot building has now come along massively. The floor has now been painted in Phoenix new concrete. The building is now fitted with its textured walls and the roof glazing and the roof panels painted ready to go on. I’ve also been working on a model scene Leyland National single decker bus for the road at the back of the layout. Painted in a fictional livery of red and white. It’s far from finished and the roof isn’t attached as I’m waiting for the figures to sit inside.
  4. Hi all, a little update on the layout. The depot building now has 4 walls and roof supports! It really is a brilliant kit and goes together really easily, hopefully it looks the part when I’m finished with it. I finally got the baseboards together and laid out where everything was going to go, and it turns out I had more space than I thought! This was the original idea. 2 tracks behind the depot coming to a headshunt where the 2 bolsters were. Very minimalistic and would probably get boring to operate quite soon. So I’ve shu
  5. It does seem to be doing the rounds! Just ironic it’s made it’s way back to river don. I do too! This will be my first layout that I’ve built so I’m looking forward to trying everything I’ve learnt out. Hoping to find a knightwing sentinel kit so I can use it as a static model in the workshop, the other idea is an old Mainline 04.
  6. Hi all, I thought I best start a thread for the layout now I’ve made a start. Brigg Road Depot is an internal shed built by British Steel as an outstation to the main site works so locos didn’t have to leave the area for servicing and minor work. It’s located next to the exchange sidings with BR for BSC Ancholme Works. The depot features a small brick built office and a portacabin for a workers welfare. The workshop itself is a modern (for the late 70s) prefabricated Steel building with one track long enough for 2 shunters comfortably or the odd visiting BR
  7. I will definitely be having a couple of them for my layout! Just a shame they won’t run on the current one, also some of the Hunslet shunters.
  8. Hi all, Welcome to my new blog, I thought this would make more sense than having a separate topic for everything. I think that having all of this time at home over the next few months will give me plenty of time to get some kits built, first of which is the Parkside 12t Goods van. As with all Parkside kits, a dream to put together. I managed to build this one over the afternoon even having time to leave bits to set while I did other jobs. The kit isn’t complete yet, just needs buffers and couplings to finish the build. Then it’ll join the queue for paint with the rest of
  9. You say that, I’ve seen sound fitted to the Hornby sentinel, peckett and even the 48DS!
  10. Hi Dave, the Janus used in the recordings for the Golden Valley/Legomanbiffo sound is actually only accurate for one of the models, as built the Janus was fitted with 2x Rolls Royce C6SFL (6 cylinder supercharged engines) other than a handful of prototypes fitted with Cummins NT500 engines. At BSC Scunthorpe in order to reduce the noise from the locos they were re-engined with C6T (turbocharged engines) which drastically changed the tone of them, the loco they recorded for the sound (YE2877 of 1963 Appleby Frodingham No.1, preserved at the AFRPS Scunthorpe) is fitted with the latte
  11. Hi all, been a while since anything has happened with the layout, other than testing new locos on it. BSC River Don Works has had it’s debut at the Yorkshire Wolds railway’s model railway exhibition back on the 16th of March. It went very smoothly with only track cleaning causing any problems. A nice mix of locos from my own collection and others’, everything from a BR (LM) gala with 2 1f 0-6-0Ts and a jinty to a peckett and Barclay, even BR diesels like the 20 and 03. Hopefully more can be attended in the future. Since the exhibition I’ve been busy wagon building, som
  12. Glad you enjoyed your tour Dave, always try to get a different route on our brake van tours. Let us know when you plan on coming up again!
  13. As the proud new owner of BSC Don Works, I shall be continuing the thread on the layout when I make a start on it, at the moment its awaiting a new controller and some appropriate rolling stock.
  14. Steelworks traffic is a very as and when system, at scunthorpe, as soon as a rake of wagons are emptied or loaded, a loco will appear to take them away. as with the nature of the place its the train will run when its needed and in the case of scunthorpe, whichever route is available too. This can sometimes lead to some sights "mainliners" would be shocked at, such as a fully loaded train following another on the same track yards behind
  15. Hi all, Well it didn't take long but I've now ordered the first 2 locos specifically for the coke ovens, http://www.hattons.co.uk/312306/Hattons_H4_AB14_005_Andrew_Barclay_0_4_0ST_14_2134_WTT_in_lined_green/StockDetail.aspx My plans for the locos are for them to become Beckton Coke No.1 Ann and No.2 Jan A crudely made version of the Beckton Coke livery with the B C either side of the name and the United Steels Logo on the cabside. Just now need to find someone who can make USC logos as they don't seem to be available from anywhere.
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