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  1. Hi Mixy When is the end of the beta-phase lifecycle, when the SCARM beta versions will stop working. Eddie
  2. I had a similar query with SL 91 several years ago and emailed Peco. The answer I got was “The design has changed a few times over the years, but it would difficult to give exact dates”. Eddie
  3. Apologies if this link is posted elsewhere, but I've just found this video of the St Neots show. (Starts at 6:11) Eddie
  4. I bought one last August and it does exactly what it's supposed to. I've added a bit of extra weight to the brake van, which stopped it occasionally riding up over the roller if it got slightly stuck. Great product (usual disclaimer) Eddie
  5. Have you tried taking all the locos off the layout except one DCC loco and then turning the power on? Does it still start before you press the track power button on the Zephyr?
  6. How many DC locos have you got on the track? The Zephyr will only allow you to control one DC loco as address 00 (zero). Eddie
  7. Hi Brian Sounds like a fault on the Zephyr. If the track is connected to the Rail A and Rail B ports and the track power is set so that the track status light if off, there shouldn't be any power to the track. Has it ever worked? Eddie
  8. Drawed

    Little Dunmow

    Lucky guess Sugar beet is good Eddie
  9. Drawed

    Little Dunmow

    Bacon factory ? Just a thought. Eddie
  10. Drawed

    Little Dunmow

    Hi Shadow Been following along, looks great. I've got the same signal box kit, but I haven't got around to making it yet. If you haven't found anything about colours, this may be of use. http://www.stationcolours.info/index.php?p=1_4_LNER Eddie
  11. Drawed

    PECO announces OHLE

    Picked up a copy of Railway Modeller yesterday, with enclosed 'Shows you how' Modelling Overhead Catenary. Page 9 has a table of wire and associated minimum track radius, the shortest length of wire being 200mm and the minimum track radius for which is 803mm. Think you'll need a lot of space for any curves with the Peco system. Eddie
  12. Hi Hal In time, long way to go before I've much worth posting. At present I'm enjoying looking at developing layouts such as yours and just wishing I had more space. Mountain of knowledge on here. Eddie PS Had to look up L8r - must be getting old.
  13. Hi Hal Picked up this thread from your post on Grantham. Looking good Eddie
  14. Drawed


    Hi Coach I've another one that's spent a couple of days reading through your thread, brilliant! Having read how you kept changing the track work until you felt it was 'just right' has made me feel far less guilty for pulling up the odd point three or four times. Looking forward to whatever comes next. Eddie
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