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  1. Hi all, im wanting to restart my paused 0-16.5 layout and I need to get some rolling stock for it. I keep looking at the Peco side tipper OR-28 and the flat wagon OR-21. Are this kits plastic or metal and if metal are they any good or do they need lots of work to be useable? Also does anyone know if Slimrails is still running as ive tried emailing and phoning but haven't got any reply which is a shame? Many thanks, Lloyd
  2. Thanks chaps for your advice, they are specifically for painting miniature figures and detailing work with citadel/games workshop paints. I have bought a mixture of all three now to test out and i'll report back with my findings. Lloyd
  3. Hi all, I'm looking at getting some new brushes and am torn between synthetic ones or natural hair? Can anyone tell me the differences and pros/cons of each? Currently I'm looking at some red sable ones, golden synthetic and synthetic/sable blend and am wondering if pure sable brushes would stand up to use with acrylic paints or if I should just stick with synthetics? I'm looking at a change purely because I'm tired of all my nylon brushes curling over time. Many thanks for everyone's help in advance, Lloyd
  4. Love the idea Dan and it really looks good so far! Reminds me I must use my On30 stuff I bought a while ago....I have a book which references sugar cane transport on narrow gauge albeit in AUstralia but I'm sure much of the rolling stock would be similar, PM if you'd like me to scan a few pages etc for you. Lloyd
  5. Thanks guys for the help with reference material, I will get on to English Heritage today. Lloyd
  6. Hi all, I'm currently looking at making a small n gauge layout based on Southampton Docks loosely. I live in Southampton and the scale of the old docks railways has always amazed me and I was wondering if anyone has any pictures of them in operation especially of Bulls Run and DIbles Wharf to see how they looked around the lates 50s/mid 60s? After looking through Ian Drummonds book the pictures aren't quite enough to show the layout of what the Wharf looked like and how the coal was stored there or loaded onto the ships. As I said, any pictures, memories or even well placed guessses would be very beneficial. Many thanks, Lloyd
  7. Compared to what I usually work, They're an entry level one! I'm a powerboat engineer and never really paid attention in rigging classes....its starting to show! Well done Simon, points means prizes but i'm afraid I can only offer a hearty well done! The next hulls are ready to be cut from my new balsa supply so if nyone wants to volunteer a boat to be made feel free and I shall hunt the plans. All the best, Lloyd
  8. Hi all, Little while since I posted here but here is the Bavaria all completed and rigged for sitting in the marina. She is far from perfect but I'm pleased with the overall result of he first one I've done. Now its onwards and upwards to the next ones! The hull sides are slightly dimpled from the wood but these only show when looking up close really. Sh is named Rincewind if anyone can't see it and a brownie point to whoever recognises that name. Thats all for now, Lloyd
  9. The layout is really impressive! Puts us all to shame of how quickly its come along. Keep up the good work, Ill be following this one Lloyd
  10. Killybegs she is gaff rigged I believe usually but the picture I used shows one with its spinnaker up up a speed trial. Most I work on are hardly ever rigged in that way at all.
  11. Ian thank you for the advice, I will have to try that on the next couple I do as the Bavaria isn't amazingly smooth but I've built up paint layers and sanded in between which looks good enough from a distance. Stubby thanks for the link there, luckily the Bavaria is almost all GRP and the small amount of decking will be covered by a sprayhood. I'll keep it in mind for future builds though.
  12. Hi all, Been dormant from model railways for the past few months due to many reasons but I've jumped back in as my grandad has started re-building his layout into the loft of his home. Being a large layout he would of course like the very ubiquitous dock area and I'm adding a small marina onto the edge of it for some variety. The other reason may be I work on leisure yachts so I want to see some in iniature around! Looking online we saw 4mm scale yachts were rather expensive so I have taken it upon myself to populate this new marina with yachts etc. As I build various yachts I wil update this thread with each one and aybe do A few tuorials of thats what people would like to see maybe? Bavaria 34 Cruiser. The first yacht is a small one to test the waters and bring my modelling skills back up to scratch. The Bavaria 34 is a small cruiser yacht found in many places over the UK and abroad for its entry level price and relative sailing ease, which is why I've chosen it as my first marina occupant. My model isn't am exact scale model, it uses the plans of a 34 cruiser but bits and pieces are changed here and there for ease. First of all, I printed out the plans at roughly 4mm scale of the yacht and marked out the hull shape onto some thick balsa. Shaping the hull is the next step by cutting and sanding away all the excess balsa. Highlighting the excess with a highlighter helped me distinguish how far I could keep going with the blade. All nicely shaped (except the rear hull chamfer) The coach roof is only sat onto top at this point, it is a thin sheet of balsa cut and sanded to shape according to the plans. This is how she sits at the moment at the desk with her coach roof attached and the rear deck carved out carefully with a chisel shaped craft knife blade. Being a fractional gaff rigged boat, the rigging shouldn't be too complex to model but I shall keep you chaps updated. Being a marine engineer, I specialize in engines not rigging so famous last words and all that! I'm sorry the pictures are a tad naff but phone cameras in the dark don't always work too well I'm afraid Until next time, Lloyd
  13. Looks brilliant Milo, Im really hoping to go to Warley this year purely to see your layout!
  14. I don't think they're prototypical...they're not dented enough and are too straight They look right at home on that building Milo so go ahead and stick them down! Lloyd
  15. Thank you Kevin and everyone else for your input. I shall hunt down a copy of Julys rm at some point to have a look through. Many thanks, Lloyd
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