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  1. Had two separate claims refunded in August (credit card through citibank) but one has now been rejected as being beyond the 120day limit so will expect a similar result sometime soon for the other claim.
  2. Both 5th and 11th have a value of 11; do they point to the same decoder address?
  3. How is the rolling resistance going with use?
  4. How much do you have invested with DJM to be "concerned" over delays?
  5. Yeah, right! Pure exaggeration and fantasy. Would at least take an 80 pager even for a speed reader.
  6. Where are the dislike and disagree options? They would be getting a good work out from me for some of these posts. Only having like and agree options seems to give a sense of only agreement with some rather poor taste and pointless posts. CFJ
  7. Are they using cheap motors in these locos? All of the motors I have ripped to bits (not all that many) have had thrust bearings/washers at each end in the case to limit travel and binding.
  8. As well as can be mounted off-centre to either side.
  9. Many years ago I abandoned the single central CDU in favour of individual DIY CDUs for each point motor. Number to be thrown at once is no longer a problem and long runs of thick cables no longer necessary. Something to consider.
  10. Strange statement. If you don't know the full facts then you can assume. If full facts are established then it is not an assumption.
  11. These "butresses" are pillars of brick to support the walls just that most of the bottom of the pillars are behind the sloping walls. Just look thin at the bottom.
  12. Comparing big green thing to B/W insert picture, the curve on the green does not extend as far down as in the photo. The doo-hicky above and linked to the two breasts is too high on the green.
  13. Why was this shot on a merry-go-round on a ship in very rough seas? Want to see annoying? Just watch this video as it whirls about with auto exposure going crazy. I agree the unboxing videos are a huge waste of time. Some of the RC ones start with the brown paper wrapped parcel. I also dislike amateur videos who have long intros with graphic titles. CFJ
  14. Toowoomba Model Railway Club 2018 exhibition is to be held on 2 & 3 June 2018. http://toowoombamodelrailwayclub.com.au/
  15. Some of the replies are a bit negatively aggressive in tone. If you can't add anything positive just shutup.
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