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  1. sjrixon

    Little Muddle

    I need to pull my finger out and tart mine up a little.... Thanks. It really is looking smart, the comparison from the original pictures is just amazing.
  2. sjrixon

    Little Muddle

    What did you use on the coupling rods? Looks very nice, just covering the amazing, super shiny coal really lifted it.
  3. sjrixon

    Little Muddle

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the collet. I've got one and it looks very shiny next to the Dean...
  4. Page 23 of the pocketmags version doesn't look right. Says BONUS DIGI CONTENT, I'm guessing a placeholder that hasn't been filled.
  5. Just been catching up, really nice build as usual. Enjoy Didcot, the new signal room is quite good and fun to play with.
  6. Really good day with the Swindon and Cricklade for one of their Steam Taster sessions. There were 4 of us for the 2hr session, so we went in two groups of 2 on the footplate of the andrew barclay loco. The driver directs you on what to do, as it's 5mph through the points and station and then 25mph on the line. There is also a farm crossing that's blind that they stopped at to check it was clear and the end of the line is just dirt! They are building further, so the track just stops at the moment and I guess will be like that for a while. She's a really bouncy little loco, you get knocked about on the footplate at any speed. Great fun though, to be honest it was just as good being on the footplate as driving, just to be in the cab of a moving steam engine was amazing. It's a small little line, but certainly worth a half day there with the family. I now think I want to get a model one (in green) for the layout!
  7. Cracking pictures in the magazine, really nicely done.. The video was a really nice touch too, great to see the layout with trains running.
  8. There aren't a huge number of completed ones in the forum, so hopefully we will see a nice flurry of activity before the end of March.. I've some thoughts around building one of my own.. So roll on round 2
  9. She looks great with the milk, really tempted by a green one now..
  10. I've been working on a few crates to start dressing up the goods yard and the loading dock a little more. These were some resin ones I'd picked up and have come out quite well I think.. The other boxes on the truck and the crane are Scale Model Scenery, which are really nice.
  11. Have fun at the exhibition, make sure you make the time to take plenty of pictures!
  12. It's certainly worth it. A total pain to do, but both my auto coach and B set look like much more modern models because of the updates.
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