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  1. Dave, not a bad idea! My kids must have some somewhere.. Thanks.
  2. I got a little carried away fixing the signal.. I ordered an electric one from Dapol I'd been holding off doing this as I didn't have a DC feed into the layout for any accessories. This now gives me an opportunity for other lights etc as there is now 12v DC bus.
  3. Thanks Richard.. I need to fix that signal, but before I do I figured I'd check. I ran a piece of set track to the end of the fiddle yard to see how much space it would take up. The straight track from the curve the main line is about 80cm and about the same if I move the fiddle yard. I'm going to leave it for now! Plenty of other work to do.
  4. He managed to get a very private tour of the bbmf a few years back. Had great fun climbing in the Lancaster. The air show for the families day was probably one of the best days though.
  5. Glad to see this is still going strong. But a new project, 2 points, some wood. About 2 weeks of work?
  6. Good spot! My brother in law was based there. It's signed by the demonstration pilot, pretty cool picture.
  7. Not going to make any quick decisions, but just getting the 009 out of the way and into the garage has given me room to have a sort out. Part of the issue with two layout and 2 young kids, they constantly want to jump between them, neither is clean, stock in the way, so it just gets messy as then I don't have the time to tidy up. Get clean and then maybe sort a few unfinished jobs, yes, we have all said that before haven't we!!
  8. Last one looks good, keep it simple!
  9. Washing up bowl? Ah, the IKEA tub with a project in. That is the 009 fiddle yard! It's under the rubbish.
  10. Cramped, my desk.. No, there is loads of room, just too many projects and loads of rubbish off the layout on there right now. One of the advantages of getting the 009 out of the way is the fiddle yard is narrower, so will make the desk feel roomier. It was built with a sliding fiddle yard at the back, so never really worked when I re-did the shed and then couldn't get behind it.
  11. Loving the pictures and the sounds from the new locos. Real shame that they are giving so may problems, you don't expect that of modern locos, they should just work these days!!
  12. Not going to argue Tony.. Kind of why I poste.. I think phase 1 is to tidy up and see what that curve looks like. The fiddle yard is already on the desk, so a scenic board of about the same size isn't going to change much.
  13. As the nights start to draw in, I've been thinking about the layout and there maybe trouble ahead. I've been distracted all summer by my garden railway and the layout hasn't had any love. I'm now getting very tempted to remove the 009 from the railway room and possibly put the fiddle yard where it's located. I can then extend the 00 from that corner, over the desk and have a longer run to the station. I've been putting this off for a while, but I just can't maintain 3 scales, 009, 00 and 16mm is too much. The 16mm takes up most of the summer, so then either the 0
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