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  1. BRM TV.. You cut off the little train pulling the hoppers Phil had made.. Did it fall off the table? Nice issue, loads and loads and loads of it!
  2. Enjoying this month.. but page 79 has an odd image in the pocket mags version.
  3. You see, that make more sense of the Bryandale story. It's written from the point of view that I know the railway, but I don't. At least with a track plan and a few more pictures, while now understading where the street is, all makes more sense.. Ps, page 41. Says next month is on sale on the 14th May Good month though.. Keep the builds coming and I really enjoyed the Vale of Weedol bit on the 'behind the camera'.
  4. Sleepy moment between trains, the Brewery is busy as ever however.
  5. It's been cracking in the UK. Real saviour at moment as the kids can go nuts in the garden!
  6. Love the pickup goods pictures. Keep up the modelling! Wish I could find some time in this lock down in the UK, but it's really been busy!
  7. sjrixon

    Little Muddle

    Oh.. Looking forward to seeing it. I'll apologise now if I decide to copy it as I have one of these trucks too.
  8. Not sure on the best pictures for the B Set. The Keen web site is pretty clear.
  9. Leave it with me.. I'll take some shots and share..
  10. I used the Keen system on my B set and for that matter the flush glazing (And Autocoach). Not quite sure I'm ready for another session of flush glazing, it drove me mad! With the knowledge that if I butcher the coach ends I could buy some more, I took a saw to the inner ends and trimmed off the Hornby plastic corridors. Then attaching some paper corridors. I've also built a hook and loop system to close couple them and used two lengths of fuse wire to mimic the vacuum brake and steam heating pipes. Also new close couplings on the new bogies helps as these had the HUGE old type.
  11. Has anyone tried trimming to corridor connections off the Clerestories? I'm wondering about add some card joiners to mimic the corridor connections?
  12. Autocoach looks really good..
  13. I though you had.... See, not going mad I've got some Hornby clerestory coaches on the bench right now, I'll do the same to them. Really helps take away the plain plastic feel a little in these earlier models.
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