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  1. Hi all Back again with a bit of a odd ball model. I do't know how many of you have had a look at the Cool4Cats web site. These are delightful card kits of a range of subjects all of which make into working models, automatons I think is the word. I have made several over the years and powered them with those cheap motor and gearbox items. At my last viewing of the site there still were not any railway ones. I thought I would have ago at scratch building one. This is probably my last throw at building a "complete" model railway! I think the photos will explain better than a hundred words.
  2. Hi Everyone. I see it's six weeks since I posted my "penultimate blog" and a heck of a lot has happened in that time. I have moved from the Lake District back to my roots in Shipley. I have an apartment over looking the River Aire just half a mile from Saltaire where I was born so I think I can say I have come full circle. To say the least it has been a hectic time for an 85 year old but with the assistance of my family is has happened and I'm settling down. So, on to what may be my last blog. On my Semerdale layout some of you may remember the development of a couple of log loading cranes
  3. Hi All. I have just watched a TV program I recorded last Sunday evening on BBC 2. Britain's Greatest Pilot: The story of Caption Winkle Brown. I mention this as he was serving on the escort carrier Audacity I mentioned in my blog on Sunday when she was sunk by a U Boat. It is repeated tonight,Tuesday, again on BBC 2.at 1120pm, failing that you can catch up on BBC Iplayer. It really is worth a look Derek
  4. Hi All, I see it is just over a month since my last blog. Have I been up in the loft again? yes, but nothing to do with this blog. This is possibly my penultimate blog as I have come to the end of "what I built since the Aire Valley". more on the whys and wherefores next time. This one is about the small 1/1200 scale WW2 warships I started to construct after parting with the last model railway, Cranly Lake.R.R. Incidentally, the new owner of the layout has posted a video on youtube which my Grand daughter took some years ago. For some reason it cuts out before the end. Anyway, the fir
  5. Hi. I have been up in the loft. Yes I know yet again. Having a bit of a clear out and found a couple of my real stone models after completing the first stage. Thought they may be of interest or maybe not. Cheers Derek.
  6. Hi all. After posting the last blog I found a couple of images of a model of Emett's Nellie which I thought I had already posted but looking through my past posting I cannot find them so I'm attaching them today. If I have posted them before my apologies. Nellie is now in the hands of my daughter down in Ellesmere and. is usually kept in a show case and just comes out at Christmas as will be seen in one of the attachments. Also attaching a pic of a model Hiab sea crane. She works in the Hiab offices in Ellesmere. I'm at York over Easter with the canal lock.
  7. Hi. I have been up in the loft today looking for something which I didn't find. However I did find some items of railway interest. First up is the delightful photo of the the last B.R. shunting horse, Charlie and his "workmate" whose name I do not know. The original image was a calender which I received many years ago from a friend who as we can see had exceedingly good tastes in New Year greetings. The title is Working Partners and was done by a professional photographer. Charlie died on the 28th October 1968 aged 29 years after a couple of years in a retirement home for horses in Som
  8. Hi All. Just a quickie. Single attachment showing the latest bit of stock on the Fairfied garden line.. It started off as a toy bendy bus somewhat about the same scale as the two Chad Valley rail vehicles. It was obtained from Pound Stretcher. The power chassis is the IP Engineering budget chassis I picked up at NG North. Somewhere on youtube is a 30 odd second video of it on the move.. See you at York? Cheers Derek
  9. Hi again. Back again after over a month. I am posting the last model railway I constructed. Cranly Lake Railroad. This was only the second 7 mm scale I had built, the other one being the Liquorice Line. I was seduced by the Bachman Shay. Also at the same time my Friend Paul Towers sent me details of a very short line in Canda. " The Portage Railway" which was only one and one eighth miles long with track gauge of 42 inches. It was a tourist line connecting two lakes and had two locos, two passenger cars, two box cars and two flat cars It was owned by a company called " The Huntsville
  10. Hi again. Posting the last two box drawings. Keighley Station Jcn and Keighley North. Starting with Station Jcn. It had a 25 lever frame, all working, no spares. I guess the jumble of points in the center will be the first thing to catch the eye. The junction from the up main to the down branch (Oxenhope) is straight forward.. On the up branch the main route was onto the down main. .None passenger trains could also be routed into the down sidings. The sidings to the right of No 24 ground signals were the carriage sidings and moves could be routed to the down main or the down sidings. From t
  11. Hi. I'm posting drawings of the penultimate pair of boxes. Marley Jcn and Thwaites Jcn. Marley Jcn as will be noted had a pretty simple layout but it did however have a couple of interesting moves on the late shift of which more anon. It had a 24 lever frame of which 8 were spares. When I first learned this box it had a crossover in the main lines with ground signals to control it.. These were removed in April 1955. As far as I can recall the crossover did not get much use. I trust the diagram will make clear the Up Goods line finishing and Down Slow line starting at Bingley as mentione
  12. Hi. Attaching two more signal box diagrams. The first is Hirstwood. It had a 16 lever frame including one spare. I see I failed to number the ground signal controlling the setting back move through number 6 points, it should be numbered 5. The two ground signals 8 and11 had yellow aspects and could be passed for shunting purposes when in the on position. Note the odd track layout of the sidings. at number 12 points. There was a couple of works served by the yard. Scot motor cycles was one, those old enough will remember their distinctive exhaust sound. There was also a firm whose name e
  13. Hi. I'm posting the Leeds Jcn drawing, the last of the Shipley triangle boxes. A quick personal note. I was made a Train Recorder in 1945 having reached the age of 16 and able to work nights. There was a lad on each shift from Monday 0600 to 0200 Sunday morning. I am also attaching a very simple drawing of the box's down distant signals relevant to the two boxes in rear. I tried yesterday when I started this post to explain the distant signal operation in words but it became almost impossible. I hope the drawing if looked at in connection with main drawing will help. The sections between
  14. Hi. Attaching two more box diagrams. Shipley Bradford Jcn and Shipley Bingley Jcn. The former was at the Bradford end of the Shipley triangle. ;As mentioned ;in a previous posting there were some boxes between Manningham Jcn and Shipley for which I don't have drawings. (1) Manningham Sidings.;Spare and summer only coaching stock was stored here. (2) Frizinghall. ;There was a large wool warehouse here served by rail. These two boxes had signals on the passenger lines but no points. ;(3) Shipley Goods . This had connections on all lines as freight workings into the yard had to cross the passeng
  15. Hi Again. I am posting the second of the signal box items. This is Manningham Stn Jcn. mentioned in the last posting. A personal note first ..I first worked at this box as a Train Recorder in 1944, crikey that's 70 years ago. The R.D. relief post was a second bite at the cherry. There was a further bite when I got a permanent position at Manningham. It had a 40 lever frame of which 6 were spares. The sidings off to the top left led to the engine shed. At one time there used to be a signal box in the depot which controlled the lines in the complex. When this box was dispensed with I und
  16. Hi All. I am hoping to publish a series of blogs which are not about models. They do however have a tenuous connection to the building of the AVR. When the 44 hour week was introduced on BR it created a bit of a problem regarding signal boxes which were open 24 hours 7 days a week. The solution was to give each signalman one day off every other week though it did not work out at every other week as Rest Days as they became known were not taken on the night shift so as not to disrupt sleep patterns. New Relief Signalmen's posts were created just to cover these rest days as opposed to general
  17. Hi All. I am posting pics out of the book Junction X. All I can say is they seem to be a bit of an odd ball mix. Some I would think are pre war photos. Others early to mid war with some of the captions written to suit the time of the broadcast of the drama I will leave you to make your own minds up. Regards Derek
  18. Hi. Bit of an odd ball posting this time, when are they not? The first three photos go back a considerable period of time. The first one is the cover of the first dedicated railway book I bought. Railways had featured in other books such as the Odhams Press publication How it Works and how it's Done. . but this was my first real railway book. As may be seen from the cover it is the script of a B.B.C. broadcast. On the title page it quotes, A dramatisation of events that occurred at a vital Cross-roads on the path to victory on a certain day in 1944 between the hours of 10am and 10pm. The
  19. HI. I am posting the last three Aire Valley drawings. Not really any comment I can add here except to wish you all a belated Happy New Year. Regards, Derek.
  20. Hi all. It seem my 84 year ears are not what they used to be. Indeed the word use was PROP which I guess makes sense as the item was about the making of the film. I have never watched any of the various dramas including the current one about the train robbers. As an ex railwayman what happened to driver Mills was unforgivable. Anyway now am hear I will attach some more Drawings. The small one shows alterations done to some of the freight stock. All the best for Christmas and the New Year. Derek..
  21. Hi All. I am attaching another three drawings. Did any of you see BBC Breakfast the other morning regarding Yorkshire being the New Hollywood. There was piece on about the making of the Great Train Robbery drama , aired this week.The presenter was on the Keighley and Worth line showing the diesel loco used in the film which he referred to as 105 ton TRUCK. I have just got used to Train Station instead of Railway Station, what next. Just in case my next post is late.. All the best for Christmas and the New Year. Derek
  22. Hi again. Back to the A.V.R. When constructing the Aire Valley stock and locos the drawings I used were very simple, not much more than basic dimensions . The early items of stock were built from card and details were drawn straight onto the card. OXO tin locos were built on the cut and fit method..All this is a bit hazy now. It is going on 60 years ago. Anyway stuff did get built to what I considered reasonable for the time..At some point I thought it might be a good idea to make "official" drawings of all the stock. These were not working drawings but drawings of the completed ite
  23. Hi All. I got myself in a bit of a tangle on my last posting on the garden line I'm attaching some further images The odd ball figure was the driver of the passenger railcar. Cheers. Derek.
  24. Hi all. A nice sunny but very chilly day here in the South Lakes. Took the chance to take some images on my "Garden Line". This is the only model railway I have left and if I don't make an effort to post a blog on it it will get passed over. Don't get to expectant regarding this line. It's very simple and was in fact built for a reason other than a model railway. When we moved up here at the end of the last century (that has quite a pioneering ring about it) the front lawn was in a bit of a state. As gardening in general and lawn mowing in particular are not my forte I suggested buildi
  25. Hi again. I missed the following attachment off my posting re the Little Langdale Railway. Sorry for the quality. Derek.
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