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  1. Adelaide has finally got it’s name board! It actually only had one main name board on each platform, with several smaller names on posts etc. The old wooden station and all the GNRI characteristics would be swept away in the early 70s, replaced with a steel shelter and concrete platform with no life or soul! A bit more detailing and bits and bobs to do around the station area, but that will do for now as the next project is the overhaul of Great Victoria Street station which will include longer platforms and a bit of space to include the concourse beside platform 4 for the postal traffic, buses and taxis!
  2. Great photos and great story telling again JHB, the layout is a transport back in time
  3. Couple of nice videos Kieran, the brake van looks great
  4. Great photos and some wealth of detail! A really stunning layout, with all the hallmarks of rural Ireland
  5. The brake van looks great Kieran. The colour looks spot on, your builder certainly has an eye for detail
  6. Coming on well Raymond. The whole scene blends in well together and I like the uncluttered look it has
  7. Nice blend with the backscene
  8. An unidentified BUT 3 car set leaves Adelaide with an all stations local to Lisburn, while a CIE goods heads in the opposite direction to Grosvenor yard. The back of the Belfast Corporation bus depot can be seen on the left
  9. nice one Pat! Having seen the force some of those Belfast women beat their sheets with, you wouldn’t want to take a broken pay packet home to them!
  10. Some Australian tourists decided to get off at Adelaide to observe their namesake home city! Not much for them to see, although a pigeon loft and a local beating her washing gave them some amusement, before making a hasty retreat back to Belfast city centre!
  11. A lot of reworking Kieran, but looks the part, nice job
  12. Back to the tedious ballasting and below is a photo of Grosvenor yard in its last days in the early 70s The following 2 photos were taken 50 years ago today, showing CIE B181 arriving with a mixed goods to Grosvenor from Dundalk. In the background an NIR DH class waits on the road to clear before departing with some redundant bread containers for scrapping
  13. Very impressive Steve. A huge storage area for all sizes of train formations. Just curiosity, do you need roads 2 and 8 as through lines, would the 2 lines in front of the hidden sidings not do the same job?
  14. Interesting compromise Steve, I assume with the hidden storage sidings it is not necessary to have it linked to the rest of the layout and saves trying to squeeze an extra track in on the curve
  15. Great video and 70 class set Kieran, Kirley Junction looking as good as ever
  16. So that will be a scenic side on all four walls, impressive Steve, look forward to seeing more updates
  17. Lovely finish to the model, very realistic, well done
  18. Thanks Colin, that is a great picture and the first I have actually seen of the full building at the platform end. I actually have room to model that area since changing the layout, so the photo is of great use. Great info also Steve, I think your date is probably right or pretty close as I think the wasp stripes were done around 61/62. Thanks for sharing
  19. The Belfast Corporation bus depot is back! Looking back on my thread, I can’t believe the original depot was built 5 years ago! The same depot remains, but with a larger area for more buses, which is needed, as a couple more Daimler’s and single deckers are waiting to be added to the fleet! An overall view of the area the depot now occupies A peek inside the shed through the fence! The extra storage yard area with the running lines behind the buses.
  20. Sounds good Steve with a good area to work with, looking forward to seeing it progress
  21. An ageing AEC railcar in UTA livery departs Adelaide on an all stations to Lisburn service, passing the hard working coal men delivering coal to the back yards of the houses! Where I lived with my Gran in Hugh Street, we had no back entry and the coal man had to carry the coal through the house to the bunker, the bin men doing the same also!
  22. Welcome to the site Raymond. Great to see your layout. Some nice scenery and I am sure lots more to come. Look forward to seeing it develop further
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