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  1. Same here. I am pondering buying one but can't get top a model shop to see them run.
  2. Funnily enough Mark that's one of my favourite DVDs. Tony
  3. I can thoroughly recommend this book. All B&W photos but a fine work depicting the area in the early days of diesels. A few blue ones make an appearance but mainly shown are green diesels , a lot without even warning panels. I think (haven't checked) all the photos are credited to Dr Ian C Allen, a quite a few have been seen previously in his 1980s book Diesels in East Anglia. This is a bit of a treasure trove for a much neglected area in railway photography. There are great shot of a loco hauling just a couple of wagons, an this is brilliant inspiration for the railway modeller.
  4. I understand from Alan at MIB models that this show has now been cancelled. Tony
  5. I understand from Alan at MIB models that this show has now been cancelled. Tony
  6. Good news. Any idea of what layouts will be there? Tony
  7. No Pontypridd Show this April but we'll hopefully be back next year. Tony
  8. Excellent show again. Well done to Paul and Brian , and Peter from Lord & Butler for putting on such an event. Quality of layouts was excellent. And good to see Dave Tailby travel down once again, even though his layout today was O gauge, he tells me EM gauge is the future!! Tony
  9. I don't buy any of the modelling mags anymore, unless there is a specific article I want. I don't subscribe online to any either. I haven't missed them but would rather have a paper copy of something than have access online. I also used to buy 2 US mags too and Rail Express, Rail and Traction but no longer. As for books I have started selling off my surplus ones recently and only bought one book in the last year I think. I only buy ones with colour photos in now and my most recent purchase was a new Strathwood issue. I will continue to buy books but only ones of specific interest.
  10. Mine arrived promptly from Kelsey and is another good issue.
  11. Any news on a list of layouts attending yet Brian R?
  12. Duly ordered direct from Kelsey, as it saves trawling around the various local WHS branches.
  13. Well I went and thoroughly enjoyed it. As a new EM Society member it was very interesting to see what is available. And the 3 layouts were great too. In fact it was more enjoyable than many other full shows I have been to. Tony
  14. As a new member of EMGS, just this week, I am really looking forward to attending this event next weekend. And it's only 4 miles away from me. Tony
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