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  1. Just reduced the resale value of a rake of coaches, but increased their value to me as a bit of weathering makes them look better on my layout. Bottom coach is out of the box, middle is starting the weathering, top coach has first layer of dirt - note they are not finished yet.
  2. Hadn’t heard of those until now, certainly a better way of taking all my stock to exhibitions. At present the stock travels in the original boxes and usually something gets a bit of minor damage and its difficult to know if something has gone missing.
  3. I buy my models to run and most have been altered in some way or another. However, as well as my 00 stuff I have an indoor LGB layout under construction. I’ve weathered all the buildings, locos and stock except for three steam locos. I’m hesitating to do these as I’ve only weathered diesels, plus if I mess up they would be far too expensive for me to replace.
  4. Great shame, I would have bought one from my local model shop - I like to support my model shop to keep it in business.
  5. Any idea why DRS pulled the plug?
  6. The latest edition of ‘Steam Days’ has an article on Hest Bank.
  7. Looking good. I built one of the first batch and it was a real pleasure to construct.
  8. Or knocking you hot soldering iron off your workbench and catching it by the hot end.
  9. Hi, the front coupling mount on my Heljan Kestrel has popped out. It is the bit on the right of the photo which has two pins which go into the slot on the bogie (right). I can’t find a way of springing them apart so I can get the coupling mount back in. Any ideas?
  10. I’m not sure if its been mentioned, but instead of having one station on the right hand section, could you have two. One at a high level, one at baseboard level. That might ease the gradients and give you trains that go from place to place. One could have a run round loop, the other requiring a fresh loco or station pilot, so they are different operationally.
  11. I’ve bought a Heljan co-bo which I am going to fully repaint. Unexpectedly the model has factory applied weathering. Can I give the loco a coat of Halfords primer then repaint it, or will I have to strip all the paint off it first.
  12. ColinK

    Class 33 Book

    Picked my copy up from Carnforth Models, its next on my reading pile when I’ve finish co-bo diesels - that’s ended up expensive as it’s given me a modelling idea.
  13. Don’t do what I did a very long time ago - cover the body with car filler in an attempt to streamline it. The filler was too strong to file smooth and weighed so much the motor burnt out!
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