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  1. Thanks, you've confirmed what I assumed to be the case. I suppose its not surprising that military modellers & war gamers have the expertise, I just hadn't realised until I started thinking about how stuff gets done.
  2. Nearly 8 yrs after the initial post, I'm printing off a copy of this post so I have a copy for my "How To" file. !!
  3. Your modelling is very impressive. I noted the earlier post about your painting technique. I have 2 questions, firstly you prime with black, but in my ignorance I'd have assumed it would be easier to cover light to dark than dark to light, so I'm wondering why you use black. Secondly I noted you use Citadal paints are they your favs or are there others you like as well?
  4. It was never going to be a model makers "how to", its just a bit of light entertainment fluff, but a welcome change from a baking/cookery show. I watched it & will happily watch the next episode as well. The best team won which is always a happy outcome, & everyone seemed to enjoy being involved, which is obviously a good look, for the program & the hobby in general.
  5. Thank you for those links Marlyn without which I wouldn't have known about the Meccano archive. On their homepage they highlight another archive index https://www.meccanoindex.co.uk within which you can subdivide content to more readily access all Hornby related articles. For example, this is a link to to all Hornby Junior Section articles https://www.meccanoindex.co.uk/Magindex.php?id=1521707462 one of which is the article on Cardboard Modelling, despite their age the titles suggest some interesting reading.
  6. Maybe I've misread, but I cant see where the baseboard size is specified. However it is built as a snug fit to a plastic box whose size is given 111cm x 22.5, hope this helps a bit
  7. I like your pragmatic "try it out" approach, hopefully it will help to clarify things. Good luck with your project.
  8. That's very impressive, good luck with your future experiments
  9. Thanks Peter, yes I'll certainly let you know. I'll probably order the other two titles I have my eye tomorrow or Fri, & take further advantage of my 30 day "Prime" trial :-)
  10. I received my copies of Scratchbuilt buildings the Kirtley Way & Using Printed Papers in Railway Modelling yesterday. That I now feel motivated to see what I can do for myself & intend to buy both Station Colours & Decorating model locomotives & rolling stock using printed papers, should be enough to tell you that I regard my initial purchases to be value for money. That the books focus on the use of Pageplus doesn't bother me too much since I'll have to learn the necessary skills in other software packages - since Pageplus is now a legacy product & tho still sold, will not be further developed by Serif. I intend to look into using a combination of Scribus Inkscape, PaintDotnet, all of which are open source products I would appreciate hearing what other members are using for their scratchbuilding endeavours
  11. The same publisher had 100+ issues "Your Model railway Village" sometime back even though the content of individual mags & some of the freebies might have been worth having a cover price £8.99 makes for an expensive entry to railway modelling. Nevertheless if it does become generally available I'll probably buy the 1st issue like I did the last time, just out of curiosity, a habit that keeps the publishers in biz I guess.
  12. Bought my copy this morning, Peco & Model Rail, have similar publications currently available & I have enjoyed reading all three. Allowing for the fact that 'YFTS' is designed to promote various commercial products I think it is a vary good effort. I can easily imagine people embarking on their 1st weathering or card building efforts after reading it for example. If the hobby is to survive it needs to support those who know little but are willing to try something new I think most beginners & maybe even some who have been around awhile will feel that this mag achieves that. As to value for money £7.99 feels steep compared to its competitors but it is only a one off, & I dont feel buying it was waste of my money. A few yrs ago I used to happily spend £7-£8 a day on cigs with that comparison the cover price seems quite cheap. More knowledgeable members might say there's "nothing knew here" & they would be right, but that doesn't means another presentation isn't uesful As both Ian "Traction" & Chris007 pointed above the DVD appears to only be 36mins rather than the 60 mins promoted on the mag cover, but I discount that as a minor, albeit unfortunate, production error rather than a 'rip off' So overall a bit of a mixed bag whether its good or bad will very much depend on how much value you find in it. Therefore a few mins review in WHS before purchase wld be the best tack
  13. Thanks Steve, I'm sure I will, as indeed I enjoy BRM every month.
  14. Most people here are well past their 1st train set, some have yet to have that pleasure, so I'll be buying a copy as soon as its availalbe. Even if only to add to my growing library of 'how to' take your first steps books.
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