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  1. The way I heard it, the real reason was that Network Rail massively upped some contingency payment the developer had to put in and they very understandably walked away. This apparently a decision taken by NR after their "experience" with the WR electrification. God bless 'em. But then again NR have just relaid the railway to Okehampton, having hopefully bought the whole shebang back from the Yanks at a knock down price. God bless 'em Funny old World, but however you look at it the prospect of getting tracks back over Dartmoor can only
  2. Get on and use it Simon, you could fit a nice little G1 terminus in there, knock a hole through your concrete (easy if its as bad as some are saying) and run the line outside. I reckon we'll all be dead long before that building succumbs to whatever faults it might have - unless you insist on giving it a hand Another Simon
  3. That looks very good, well done Graham for putting your money where your mouth is and producing something that you believe in. I hope you sell all that you wish to and enjoy the experience from all points of view! Simon
  4. Just published by Crecy, this well produced and lovely new book, my take on it is here. Available from The Titfield Thunderbolt or from your favoured bookseller.....
  5. Or you could instead order it from a bookshop or supplier that knows its *rse from its elbow, of course you might not get such a good "deal" but you'd get the book without the b*ll*x. James Hudson and Booklaw come to mind immediately, or you could buy direct from the publisher. Too simple for most I appreciate.... Not Kevin
  6. Now on my website but without description for the moment. My description: Edited by the legend that is Iain Rice, the very appealing cover picture features "Kenton", built by the recently departed John Watson who is fondly remembered inside the magazine by Barry Norman. Two Cameo Competition entry layouts are featured, Nick Salzmann's unusual period "Lananta Quay" in 3mm Society finescale standards, and the irrepressible Mick Simpson's small but exquisitely formed "Callaton" in 2mm scale, a tiny layout which is full of interest - caravanners take note, as Mick says! Sim
  7. Last call for the cats, MRJ 283 is in the World and copies will be with outlets and subscribers from early next week. Currently awaiting delivery here in Bath..
  8. Gosh, there really is nothing quite like the sight and sound of a comatose horse being mercilessly flogged backwards and up a very steep hill to brighten up a dreary wet afternoon. As for Robin's forty years later comparison - what larks! I will sadly miss it, as I will by then long have been elevated to the celestial Atlantic Coast Express or cast down into the fires of Little Bytham Not Jeremy
  9. Waiting is just so exhausting...
  10. I really shouldn't be doing this....
  11. 283 has now gone to the printers and should be hitting the streets at the end of next week, I will put the contents etc up when it arrives in sunny Bath-shire. Meanwhile, in lieu of a cat, take a toad!
  12. Last night on TV, this visually pleasing and entertaining series (this is part two of three), had an imaginative re-using of Bath Green Park as Gare Du Nord, just terrific. A mixture of clever digital imagery type stuff with the actual place, it really showed off what a wonderful structure it is. Bath has many faults, and back in the day would have happily knocked the place down, but thanks to Sainsburys and some imagination on the Council's part it was gloriously restored, including the glass that the Luftwaffe took out some years previously. I believe it i
  13. Great pictures Tim. I don't know whether you knew him, but Gerald Quartley was signalman at Frome North in later years. An interesting man who was vastly knowledgable about lots of things, especially local industrial history, he sadly died in November last year albeit at the grand age of 88. He gave me a fabulous picture of a Bath tram which I hope to put into a book one day.... In the meantime I am currently building a shed which I am doing my best to make signal box-ish. I will not be calling it "Lockdown Junction"(!) Thanks to everyone for th
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