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  1. Apologies for dropping into Lineas's terrific thread, but I have happy news. Larkrail is indeed "back" next year, the new date is: Saturday July 11th 2020 New Oriel Hall, Larkhall, Bath. I am now organising it together with my good friend Jerry Clifford and we intend that it will once again be an annual fixture on the exhibition circuit. Proceeds again going to charity, two this time, "my" charity is Julian House here in Bath, Jerry will be picking another one to be the other "beneficiary". Main objective is to have fun and celebrate creativity, friendship and the World's greatest hobby! Full details to be announced but Lineas Cubanas is defo headlining the show if still willing and able. Hasta pronto! Simon (and Jerry)
  2. It was issue 195, from ten years ago; "Christmas Parcels" from Chris Pendlenton, pure magic - you'll really like it! There was a nice snow scene on the cover of the Christmas issue five years ago, but I may be biased.... Terrifying how time is accelerating away from us... Simon
  3. In stock at Titfield towers, I have written a brief summary on my website. https://www.titfield.co.uk/Wild-Swan/MRJ-Journal.htm Always a good read and refreshingly different to pretty much everything else. Simon
  4. Really? I am a trader, I was at Warley over the whole weekend and my card machine worked flawlessly throughout. I cannot recall any problems in previous years of trading at the Warley show either. Unsubstantiated sniping posts like this really give me the pip. The Warley show is a miracle of organisation, goodwill, enthusiasm and most of all bloody hard work by a lot of people, and I really don't comprehend the need of some of us to endlessly snipe and criticise. So, thank you to everyone who helped to organise and everyone who contributed to this fabulous show, I for one will definitely be back there next year and look forward to seeing hundreds of happy faces all over again. Not Jeremy
  5. I am seeking assistance in tracing the source of some images that I would like to use in a forthcoming book and wonder whether the collective wisdom in this Illustrious part of RMweb might be able to help? It will be a new Wild Swan book on diesel hydraulics, authored by my friend Andrew Vines who has been collecting interesting images on the subject for a number of years, in addition to having pictures of his own. (It might even feature a photograph I took, but don't let that put you off!) The book will be an all colour production which will seek to show previously unpublished images, captioned as well as we can to provide information on locomotive identification, train workings and locations and we are seeking to get the colour repro work and printing carried out to the highest standards. There are three images we would like to use in the book that we have found on the Internet and we would like to find out who took them and/or who has the copyright to them so that we can properly arrange for inclusion in the book. First off is a shot of D600 in blue running west into Saltash in 1967. Second is a shot of D601 running into Totnes in front of a Western. Finally a cracking shot of Swindon Works on an open day in 1968, featuring D1015, D7000 and D838. We would be very grateful for any assistance or information that would help us trace these images and the copyright holders as we would really like to include them in the book at the best possible quality. Many thanks for your interest and help! Simon Castens Wild Swan Books Ltd
  6. A great book, in stock here and I have just sold two copies to discerning customers. All very nicely printed, great photographs and a readable and interesting text, let's hope they do another! Simon
  7. Now in stock and available, written up on my website: https://www.titfield.co.uk/Wild-Swan/Rolling-Stock.htm Stocks have also gone out to Douglas Blades, Book Law and the Vale of Rheidol today so they should have them tomorrow. Bill Hudson books should also have stocks by now. Reaction so far has been very positive, and from my own perspective it really makes me want to pick up my tools and create another wagon in 1/32 scale - the current favourite is a gunpowder van as pictured on page 63, or possibly one of those on page 27, choices, choices... Simon
  8. The book is now printed, it is being bound this week and I will have stock by the middle of next week hopefully. Here is the first ex GW wagon to feature in its pages.
  9. Here is a picture of the cover as it will actually appear on the book, all signed off and being printed next week.
  10. Available from the Wild Swan stand at the Warley NEC show, a brand new book from Don Rowland featuring large format pictures of the British railway wagon from (mostly) Don's collection. ISBN 978 1 912038 67 1 Twilight Of The Goods , Softback with 80 printed pages featuring 77 quality images all on high quality art paper, format 210mm X 230mm, priced at £14.95. In this book Don talks about why and how he set about recording the "World of Wagons" over sixty years ago, and then presents a selection of images covering wagon subjects from the "Big Four", British Railways and Private Owners. Images have been selected and captioned with modellers in mind, the majority not having been seen in print before. Simon
  11. Now in stock in watery Larkhall, I have written a mini review on my website: https://www.titfield.co.uk/Wild-Swan/MRJ-Journal.htm Simon
  12. As recently enjoyed by one of my customers... https://unusualplaces.org/the-circumetnea-railway-a-ride-around-etna/
  13. Haven't received supplies in waterlogged Larkhall yet, but well done to Jerry for getting Blueball Summit into the magazine - a fabulous piece of work. Everything else looks good too, I look forward to receiving a parcel shortly.... Simon
  14. I have just watched the best of British heat (as much to try and spot my friend Neil as anything else), this is the first and only time I have seen any of these programmes. Within the constraints of being a reality TV programme it seems to me to do a very good job. There is clearly much more to each of the teams and entries than can realistically be fitted into one programme but I think the overall result and impression given of the hobby and its participants is at the very least OK and quite possibly pretty good. The scratch building challenge would fill me with dread and boredom in equal measure and I think all the participants did a great job given the dreadful things they were given to work with. Mind you I don't know why that bloke scraped off all that nice silver foil off his communications tower.... (sorry Neil) Everyone looked to be mostly enjoying themselves and there seemed to be a good spirit of fun and cooperation amongst everyone. And I really liked the crochet trees too, I'd never have thought of that. While they may not have been meant totally "seriously" I think they actually looked pretty good, and they certainly raised lots of smiles. And I admire the Loco ladies leader for getting a team together in the face of what appeared to have been some initial reluctance (from her friends), a great back story too, the boat was a very nice touch. Thanks and more power to everyone's elbows and here's to another series. Simon
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