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  1. Well yes, but that is not what I am talking about. The point I am making is that the selling of one's own premises from under one's own business indicates a distinct lack of interest and belief in the business from under which one is selling one's own property. And Ian Allan have "form" - witness the appalling wreck they turned a thriving business into with Midland Counties debacle of some years ago. I claim no special knowledge by the way, but I have bought from Ian Allan by way of trade over many years, and have sold to them by way of trade for the last five years. I also know or knew some of the protagonists within Ian Allan and have had dealings with them. I run a small business in the same trade and so am perhaps a little more interested in the future of this market than other folk may be(?) The irrefutable fact is that loss of sales is not good for business and the trade. Perhaps a good subject for discussion here is the extent to which the closure of the Ian Allan shops in the last few years has either benefited or damaged the railway book trade in the UK? It is also interesting that some key ex Ian Allan staffers have set up on their own since leaving Ian Allan, which rather suggests to me at least that they believe there is some value in the whole business. Or perhaps they too should "wake up and smell the coffee" as someone here so very delighfully put it. Not Jeremy
  2. Hmmm, you very easily dismiss a great deal of effort and endeavour with your rather rude "mere flea" comment . Assuming you actually know something about all this and aren't just one of those tedious Internet knowitalls, then are you able to offer us an equally perspicacious analysis of the Midland Counties car crash that Ian Allan directed? And by your reckoning that Ian Allan's retail operations were a "mere flea" then by comparison I must be wasting my time on a worthless microbe - how stupid am I. Thank you so much for enlightening me on this point, I am so very grateful. Simon
  3. I also think that this is driven by a fundamental lack of interest in the business from the owners. This miserable closure is a very sad final nail in the coffin, and I feel for Kerry and all the staff who I think have done a great job over the last few years. Ian Allan have form, anyone remember the fabulous operation Midland Counties? A really good business that was taken over by Ian Allan who then totally scewed it before closing it down, disgusting. Simon Who still has a bookshop
  4. Going back to earlier concerns about the suitability or otherwise of vehicles for the estimable Tricky's wagon, looking at my Basingstoke and Alton book I can see in a photograph from a similar era what look to be quite a lot of Thornycroft cab and chassis units loaded on to what can only be described as flat trucks, so maybe the "carriage truck concern" is a bit overdone as regards a load for this lovely model?
  5. Oooops - thank you for that, I stand corrected Do you know, I hadn't twigged that at all, despite contemplating building a model for myself. It is now clearly the case looking at the drawing, notes and photograph, in fact it is blindingly obvious. And its a different wagon too - I really must pay more attention! I still fancy building one of the Dia 336 wagons though. I already have a suitable vehicle for a load, a vintage lorry I cobbled together from an Airfix "Old Bill" type bus kit for "Pomparles Siding" - it makes quite a convincing old lorry. Keep up the good work!! I'll keep quiet at the back.... Simon
  6. Beautiful work Richard, great to see some decent G1 modelling! Re the solebars, I hesitate to say, but thought they were timber on your wagon, in common with most Midland wagons. It will make the build easier...... This wagon is featured the Midland Record wagons special, if you haven't got your own copy I'll happily drop one in the post to you! Simon
  7. I think it was Greenly who set up the whole 10mm abberation - G1MRA decided to pursue it after the war, heaven knows why. One of the things that G1MRA never talks/talked about in that context was that Alex Jackson (yes, him) had created a wonderful G1 model railway and models in 3/8 scale at the time, proving that it was entirely do-able and much better looking. And then there is all the fun of the "standard standard" - model railways for Monty Python really....
  8. There is quite a lot of information on my website, not updated for yonks but full of "history" and my own journey into the sale, see: https://www.titfield.co.uk/one32mod/Modindex.htm I really like the wagon chosen, and great the op is applying his considerable skills to this lovely scale/gauge combination. I'm a bit of a heathen in that I mostly use styrene for building stuff, Grandt line bits are good for nutty stuff. I shall watch with interest, I'm currently bilding a "Toad E" myself, slowly of course... Churrs! Not Jeremy
  9. Wot Ho MV Ferret! OO, blimey I thought it was EM - really must pay more attention. Envelope-wise, you are spot on, the subs issues are now being sent out via a mailing house per the printers. I am hoping this is the start of a few more subtle changes some of which might address some of the concerns people express over MRJ on a regular basis. Yes, things really are changing and not all for the worse hopefully. As regards the plastic envelopes I can see both sides of the "argument" but do find some of the reported tales of woe a bit hard to take. My Scalefour news for example arrives in a plastic envelope and I have never had a bent/ruined/creased copy. And no I have not taken control of anything, I'm just reporting the situation as it is and as I see it. Simon
  10. No, no change of ownership. Simply a change of address as we have all had to move out of the Didcot premises. You will note that the telephone number is still a Didcot number, reaching the usual people. So, to repeat, no change in ownership. All mail received at Bath will be forwarded to Cygnet unopened. As to the date for next publication, well quite! As I said earlier, way too pessimistic a statement for the actual situation, which is actually very positive. The change away from card backed envelopes may be permanent though, is this not what every other magazine in the land is sent out in? I just ask the question... Simon
  11. Issue 279 is now out and I have received copies, Jerry Clifford in the editorial chair for a super slightly 2mm scale orientated issue. That said it was great to see Chris Matthews highly atmospheric "Bottom Works Siding" getting a good airing in this issue - one of the best-ist Cameo entries in that Cameo thing from pre-Coronavirus days. The publication date of the next issue is given as "unknown at present" -, I can't help but feel this is a tad pessimistic and don't think we should read too much into it(!) Anyway, great to have it back!
  12. Great to see action on one of the very best model railways that there has ever been - Huzzah! Simon
  13. That is very kind, thank you very much. In fact from this issue different arrangements have been put into place that should avoid the previous problems. Simon
  14. That is a fascinating story that I was completely unaware of, thank you very much for sharing it with us. My very first train set was Playcraft, I can picture it now. I used to admire all the different sets you could see in Woolworths.... I still have the well engineered double ended motor that was fitted into the class 21 that got added to my clockwork set a bit later. It runs beautifully and still has a lovely and distinctive smell - lubricating oil in its ball/roller bearings? I hope to fit it into another model I am building, by which time it will be nearly sixty years old - I'd better get a move on! Rest in peace indeed Dennis and thank you from me too, what a very talented man you were. Simon
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