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  1. And all the other booksellers who are stocking it presumably? Or maybe even direct from the publisher? Or are you the only supplier from which this book may be obtained....
  2. 4109 is quite right, the first Camrail was indeed in 1996. I missed out 1998 as I was just moving into the Coal Canal visitor centre, and the following year the show was at the visitor centre and using the scouts marquee(!) 2000 and 2001 were at Monkton Combe School, from 2002 we were at St Margarets Hall. The show only moved for 2013 as the hall was being refurbished and so was unavailable, which was when I had the brainwave that a show near the bookshop wouldn't need a bookstall, hence the move to Larkhall and the slight name change. So many people in those brilliant photographs, not to mention lots of fantastic layouts and models of course. I can't remember the three ladies, I think it was maybe some sort of genteel bric a brac Mafioso that came with St Margarets Hall(!) Jerry's second shot from 2012 features my Dad walking behind the seated group, which is kind of amusing..... Thank you very much to all contributors, when I fire up the old computer I'll add some more pictures myself. It's a kind of virtual lockdown Larkrail - Lockrail? Gawd.... Simon
  3. Thank you to all contributors and especially Tim for that fabulous illustrated walk through a large part of my adult life(!) So many faces there, lots of happy memories of a great hobby being enjoyed by so many people. Invidious to pick out any image, but I rather like this one from an early-ish St Margaret's Hall Bradford On Avon show. Andy Cundick stands behind his layout, Richard Dagger with his P4 stock and on the right the very accomplished Bob Alderman, who was a very kind and welcome exhibitor at my shows from its early years. In the background I can see my nephew James pouring tea, he has just joined the Met and is probably pouring tea again..... I will put more names to faces or backs of heads later, I think I can see a very youthful Corbs in one of the shots.... Simon
  4. This is an "interesting" situation for lots of reasons, many discussed or mentioned above. I do not seek to underestimate any of the issues we face and will face, but think some contributors are being excessively gloomy about the future. Might this whole ghastly business actually make the model railway exhibition scene more interesting or even better once we are through it? It probably is not a bad thing if people have to think a bit more about what they are doing and why they are doing it. Perhaps it has all been too easy before? Just a thought you understand.... Not Jeremy
  5. Good news, I have managed to find some more copies. We have now reinstated MRJ 278 to the website so that it may be ordered direct again. Stock will be with me this Friday assuming all goes to plan. Best wishes to all. Simon
  6. There are some concerns about availability of this issue, owing to a spike in demand which has most likely been caused by the partial shutting down of the retail news trade in the current situation. Efforts are being made to get some copies back from the distributors, but there is no guarantee that this can take place. Apologies to anyone who as a result may miss out on this issue, apparently new subscriptions have also increased significantly and had an adverse effect on stocks. Who said print was dead?! Simon
  7. A quick break from racking and packing... Here is the 2016 show, Iain Rice, Mike Romans (Stationmaster) and Justin Edwards around Trerice. More dodgier shots to come, anyone else got any good ones of CamLarkRail through the years?
  8. Larkrail now definitely "off" for this year - we hope to return in 2021, same line up, same weekend and same place. Simon and Jerry
  9. With great regret, Jerry and I have decided to put off the return of Larkrail until next year, when (hopefully) it will be safe to have a gathering. We will aim for the same weekend in July, in the same place. We felt that even if restrictions were to be lifted this year, partially or completely, it would still not be possible to have a completely safe and relaxed gathering in the context of what Larkrail is about and the age profile of those who visit and exhibit there. However, the good news is that the bard of Cathays had written us a poem to celebrate the return of the show, which I have great pleasure in releasing here for you all to enjoy. A first class return to Larkhall For the finest miscellany of all There's trains of all gauges And books thru the ages In that Shop down the 'ill from the 'all Oh! We've waited a couple of years For the show to return, so three cheers! There'll be tea and some cake And make no mistake In the pub later on... a few beers Thank you so very much Roger for that, you are a true legend and I look forward to welcoming you (and everyone else) back to Larkrail and Bath as soon as it is possible. Simon and Jerry
  10. If you go to my website you can do exactly that, as many have already. I can see that a single issue does look a bit expensive at £3.60 for P&P, but this reflects the actual costs of the operation from my point of view, it is not as simple as just the postage cost. The same postage charge will however cover you for up to four MRJs. The publisher of the magazine has much more margin to work with than do I as a retailer, which enables them to offer a potentially "better deal" per issue in the sense that I think you mean it. I think that if you did the rounds of magazine publishers with the same question you would find differing approaches and costs in this context. And then of course you could take out a subscription, which is another way of getting the magazine more cheaply than I am able to offer it to you and everyone else. At shows there is no postage of course, but sadly there are not currently any shows taking place due to the Coronavirus situation. Simon
  11. Gosh, thank you both very much... And to all the senders of kind emails that have come in too. I should just say that I couldn't do half of what I do without the help of my Friend George Mumford, who is currently doing nearly all of the packaging, which has been quite "significant" of late. Thank you George! Here seen earlier this week - the image is blurred because he is moving so fast!! And today I am having a racking morning, lots of nuts and bolts - tally ho! On the enclosures note, we are now out of the MRJ exhibition guides, but I/we have a cunning plan for inflicting something completely different on future customers - you have been warned! Best wishes to all. Simon
  12. All very busy today sending orders out, we have nearly caught up with ourselves.... Here's a snap of the exterior, the signal arm sort of helps to point the way I like to think....
  13. Apologies to everyone who is still waiting for their MRJ 278 orders from Titfield. There have been a series of blunders, tactical errors and boobs in the supply side of things, but I am pleased to report that packages from Cygnet were at last delivered to Studio Four, (as some of us like to call this place) about ten minutes ago. Let battle commence! I mean, orders will now be packed and sent out. In the meantime the phone issue remains, the BT cloud service is much more clever than I am!! Simon
  14. Dan! Thank you so much, I have asked loads of people about that picture and drawn a blank every time. Even PK himself couldn't say where it was - you are a star! Simon
  15. The new shop is dead, long live the new shop! Well of course you can't visit it, but when you can I like to think you'll like it. Mail order continues, plus planning for the future of course, there is now much better potential for launches and mini events as discussed above... An explanation of this insanity is here Simon
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