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  1. Tuesday if that's OK, 'tis in stock and very good as Mike says above. I'm out today with T.Pott, gotta go.....
  2. Out today, cover pic and description here. A decent issue I think, from 2mm finescale to a rare bit of 1/32, all tillered by old Queensquare himself.
  3. The books have been printed and are in transit. There is no date given as yet for delivery, but as Kevin says the likely date is October, I am hopeful of this being the early part of the month. There was a slight delay as we were keen to ensure the pictures were all as well reproduced as possible. Interest in this book is keen and I do not think that anyone will be disappointed when they see it. I attach a snap of one of my own favourite views from the book, a shot of Bath by Russell Leitch in Andrew's collection. Thank you all for your patience! Simon
  4. Speaking as a reader, I recently purchased this very interesting and attractively produced book from the mail order remainder bookseller Postscript, from whom it is still available at a very good price. I am really enjoying reading it, it is a very nicely produced hardback, the artwork from Disney films is terrific, the photographs are fabulous and it has a lot of interesting facts and thoughts in it. But, there is one aspect which is slightly driving me nuts which is the author's ever so slightly odd english and more particularly his use of the word "Simpatico"(!) I'm on page 48 out of 192 and he has inflicted it on me three times so far! Yeuccch, what is it, where did it come from, has anyone else come across it - an American invention I suspect...? Not that I'm one to complain you understand... A lovely book nonetheless. Simon
  5. But hang on, "the previous page" was nearly eight years ago!!! I think you're doing great Chris. Today I managed to lose a drill bit, completely forget who a customer was, be mystified by a credit card receipt I had printed off and leave my reading glasses and best cordless drill at my sister's place (I think) - and the day isn't over completely yet...
  6. Really sad news, I never met Len but he has very clearly made a huge contribution to the success of finescale railway modelling in this country. What I am guessing many here may not know is that his skill was very happily applied to track components in Gauge One, in which scale (1/32) he made a small range of absolutely brilliant track components for Cliff Barker, who was also brave enough at more or less the same time to produce a scale rail section, code 180. So Len's genius has also massively illuminated Gauge One modelling in the UK, which is arguably otherwise more or less still in the "Dark Ages". Here is some trackwork made using Cliff's code 180 rail with Len's brilliant track components. RIP Len and thank you very much!
  7. Going pretty fast on the down at Bathampton Junction, in 1976 I think. You can see the remains of the station platform on the right and the rubble of the signalbox behind the junction signal. The junction has long since been reconfigured with single leads.
  8. My uncle Norman, he is why I am so "interested" in railways(!) Fireman out of Gillingham before his National Service, always a source of great stories and jokes, much missed. Simon
  9. MRJ issue 284 is now in stock down here in Titfieldshire. Edited by Barry Norman, it has a nice varied collection of articles and content, together with a thoughtful and upbeat editorial. My brief description and take on it is here. Subscribers issues are now being sent out, as are supplies to all other trade outlets and the newstrade. Happy reading and modelling! Simon
  10. I'd better not mention the "pulled off" signal at Branksome on page 234 then, oops, I just did I know, let's have a shameless plug instead - the book is now up on my website, my more detailed take on it is here It's the heat don't you know..........
  11. That's interesting as this new book suffers from the same problem as my 1979 Judge and Potts, albeit with a note added in this book that the missing tracks are featured on the previous page. This is not a criticism of this new book by the way, the situation arises as it has utilised the artwork from the earlier book courtesy of Colin Judge, which adds hugely to its value despite odd glitches noted above. In the meantime I keep seeing more things that are unbelievably good, not least a whole sequence of shots taken at Highbridge in the 1930s by Dr Ian C Allan, including a Fox Walker in light steam in the works - fantastic! And the first full frontal view I have ever seen of Highbridge East B box - just crying out to be modelled....
  12. Well the book has arrived here in Bath and I have had a quick but complete canter through. Verdict - utterly wonderful. Lots of pictures I have not seen before, those of John Eyers via South West Circle particulary drew my eye - lots of lovely modelling detail. So much to like, brilliant modellers shots as mentioned above, a few of the beautiful GA Richardson images also included, some good examples of Ivo's work and a good sprinkling of pre BR, I could go on..... As observed re Bath Junction plan, OK a bit mixed over dates, but I can't find anything else "wrong" - I'm not looking for problems mind you. The writing is nice, the captions are good, the negative review above is incredibly mean spirited and wrong headed, just ignore it. The book will most certainly not get remaindered, more likely reprinted at a higher price owing to demand. I'm adding it to my collection, and thank you very much to Derek, Chris and George for producing it, a really nice book on a great subject. Simon Castens
  13. Exactly so, and it is another book that it is worth tracking down. It was good for showing the earlier eras that have been mentioned above, as was Stephen Austin's "Somerset and Dorset Railway a view from the past". Good to hear that there are some earlier views in the new book under discussion too. There have been a lot of S&D books, which is no reason not to produce another one, or two or... I like Spamcans myself!
  14. Oh dear, you've got me started now... I think the book you are after is "Scrubbing Days; Memories of a Great Western Lavatory Cleaner", one of those conveniently sized paperbacks from OPC, produced in a slightly bilious eau de Nil as I recall. It was written by a John Brush, whose lesser known brother Carbon penned "Ozone over Oswestry" for David and Charles, a fairly obscure book on tramways in the Welsh Marches. Of Course sales were as nothing compared to "Great Western Steam 17" from Bedford Bruton, a series that just ran and ran. Happy days indeed Being serious for a moment, as a history I think you'd be hard put to improve on Robin Atthill's Somerset and Dorset Railway, beautifully written it stands to this day I think. Of course it didn't have many pictures, but all these years later we can sit down with a copy alongside this splendid new book from Derek - how lucky are we! £35.95 expensive - utter tosh! Oops, I don't want to go sounding like a supercilious bookseller again, arf arf...
  15. Hi Chris It is possible but very unlikely, as of this morning my supplier hadn't yet received the book. I am definitely getting it in though, it will be interesting to see what it is and what it isn't. Going back to Derek Phillips, what was great about his earlier book from Fox Copies available here was that the picture subjects were very "different" to those of Ivo Peters, whose work had sort of dominated the subject up until then through all his wonderful OPC books. Lots of freight for example, and detailed shots along the branch. This is not to take anything away from Ivo's wonderful pictures of course, but on which basis this book might be something a bit different? It's hot, I'm not fancying doing any work, so I'll bore you all with a story.... Long story short; in summer of 1977 I was fortunate to find myself the sole guest of Ivo Peters in his flat in the Royal Crescent. Having shown me around his collection of things S&D he sat me down and asked what I would like to look at first. As I recall he suggested his 1956 album as being a "good vintage" - which it certainly was. He was completely hospitable and open, he signed my books (of his, bought from "Whitemans" of course) and answered all of my questions quite happily. In the course of the afternoon, I asked him many things, including why he hadn't taken more photographs of Radstock, I think, to which his candid reply was that he didn't like it much as a subject, but also adding that he thought it would be there forever.. He was such a gentleman to me, made me feel very welcome, and when I left (hours later and after tea) he said I was very welcome to return to see him again more or less whenever I liked, which in the event I never did, for one reason and another. My memory of the afternoon remains though, Ivo was very generous and welcoming to me. All these years later I am privileged to know Julian a bit, and he is cast from the same mould, a top bloke. Perhaps we need a new book of Ivo Peters pictures?! Simon
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