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  1. I am sure it will be, subs will presumably go up a bit but that is not my decision as Cygnet remains an autonomous operation as explained earlier. Simon
  2. MRJ 282 is now at the printers and should be available shortly. From this issue the cover price is raised to £5.50 per issue. In a break with tradition, here is some pre publication information: It is edited by Karl Crowther and features include his Kentside Branch and Hywel Thomas's splendid Morfa Bank Sidings amongst other delights. The cover features a great shot of Morfa Bank Sidings, image available shortly... Simon
  3. Thank you very much for your comments. No plans as such but I would like to do more and have said so to Don. Twilight has gone well and is still selling pretty strongly, so I will follow our conversation up in the next few weeks. I am however already working on another new book for Wild Swan that does feature rolling stock, with others to follow hopefully. Apart from anything else it is a subject that interests me a lot! Simon
  4. Yes, the Titfield Thunderbolt received supplies on Wednesday, it is very good. Here's my take on it: https://www.titfield.co.uk/Books/Wagons-det.htm#5481 Simon
  5. John I believe the foreign subs have gone out in the last few days, so it willl hopefully arrive any day now. Simon
  6. Sadly no pigeons, rather more prosaically Royal Mail or UK division of La Poste.... For information, issue 282 has just been given over to production, I must finish my advert before it's too late(!) This will be for (shameless plug alert) Wild Swan's new book "Geoff Williams' Aylesbury LNWR", which if I say so myself is a real belter. It features Andy York's superb colour photography of the layout when it was exhibited at "Railex" 2016, courtesy of Andy and Warners/BRM magazine. This should be printed next week if all goes according to plan. Simo
  7. I do indeed send them off to Didcot.
  8. John Isherwood at Cambridge Custom transfers does them I think, certainly in yellow for green painted PMVs as I have some in 1/32 scale.
  9. I have just found a couple more from Jerry's wonderful show at Warminster back in those far away days of 2019. First off 2mm Mark and PMP enjoying Chris Nevard's Brew Street, Laurie Griffin background right with hand on head and CK doing bookshop duty background left. Then we have Barry Norman with a cuppa admiring the the North Cornwall lines while maestro John Greenwood is at the control panel. Thanks to everyone for contributing to the thread - it has cheered me up no end!
  10. And some six years earlier (can it really be that long ago?) here is "Il Duce" himself starting off the raffle at the Taunton members day as only he can....
  11. Going back to cake, at some shows the distribution of such delights is strictly rationed. Here we see none other than Jerry the Clifford with his "cake police" at Warminster in June 2019. I think he was momentarily distracted by those bottles...
  12. Here are a couple of crowd shots from Larkrail 2016, taken by my friend Steve Cook. The venue has a couple of useful balcony bits that are conducive to looking over the proceedings as Steve has done here. Although I never really plugged this show very hard, and didn't advertise it locally, it always attracted a nice mixture, including local families and their children. Lots of characters in these shots, quite a few RMwebbers I think, plus the Bristol S4 massive (sorry Rich!) Iain Rice is in there too, Lexie* was under the layout! *Iain's Jack Russell
  13. Dear Rob Thank you very much for saying that, it is a very nice thing to read here or anywhere. Truth is, I have had very many lovely conversations with people over the telephone since the Covid thing broke, really with the theme of how lucky we are to have a hobby, but also simply I think because it is just good for all of us to talk to one another. The Covid thing is very strange, it coincided with big changes in my business and various other things in my life and the difference it imposed on everything has in a strange way turned out to be quite "useful".
  14. Oh it's not just about mugshots though.... For example, here we have some members of DRAG demonstrating some fairly advanced cognitive skills at Aylesbury in 2017
  15. I love that picture, not least because you can really "see the boy" in John's face, just wonderful. Simon
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