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  1. I call it inverted blingery myself. For myself, as a humble purveyor and publisher of books, I find it sits quite happily alongside my Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Lear Jet. Don't know what's wrong with the rest of you, blimming namby pamby non blingers.... a sense of humour is required, amongst our bacon rind Ian Dury
  2. I have got a lot out of RMweb over the years (!!) and also think that Warners have been very good "parents" to the forum since getting involved, so have signed up. If this "Gold" initiative helps Warners to make some money out of their involvement in RMweb then great - I really hope they do, they deserve some reward other than just a place in model railway heaven. And thanks to Andy and Phil for their continuing good-natured participation, I know we can all be rights pains at times and the scale of this operation is by now pretty mind boggling. And there are benefits too - what's not to like? Going back to Warners, I will never forget the RMweb live experience at the Ricoh Stadium in September 2014, one of the very best events I have ever attended. I know it had a few issues with date clashes etc, but it was so innovative in so many ways, just brilliant, not to mention friendly and generous spirited. I will always retain huge admiration for the sheer chutzpah and bravery of the whole venture. What a fantastic hobby this is, I count myself very lucky to be involved in it. Good luck with it all, hope it works brilliantly. Simon
  3. Not that I recall, but his mate probably said it was much more difficult on a Warship...
  4. Well thanks Ed (!) I'm sorry about that, I was interrupted at a key moment, then pressed the wrong button, then a customer came into the shop and spoiled my train of thought, but he did at least buy something! While we await the next post, here is a snap of a customer of mine in his earlier years - the figure in the middle. This was his first ever firing turn, a run out of Waterloo to Basingstoke and return. Martin said that he "didn't get all of the coal in all the right places" on this run, but the driver apparently nonetheless kept his sense of humour!
  5. I can't stand it any more!! Whilst not necessarily disagreeing with any of the above, this last just can't go unchallenged. 1.) Errors do not arise from using secondary sources if they are correct or reviewed and used appropriately, and in any case many many books are and have been based upon original research. 2.) "Position and selection bias of the writer" oh right, and this never affects anything on the Internet? 3.) Following on from the above, Noms de plume apart, writers of books invariably don't "hide" behind the asinine or obscure usernames that the Internet is riddled with. I would suggest that for any author then putting your actual name to something - in print - will give you cause to try and make sure you do not make mistakes. Or talk rhubarb , well maybe not.... 4.) Speaking as a publisher, I can assure you that spending many thousands of pounds on printing a book is another pretty strong motivation for trying to get it right. Of course nothing in this world is perfect, but I am venturing to suggest that the world of books and print publishing is, in general terms, streets ahead of the mass of unreviewed information that is "freely available" on the Internet. Yes, I am aware of digitising information projects etc, but this is mostly in the world of scholarly and academic publishing which is an entirely different kettle of fish, and not what we generally look at in our interests. All of which is not to decry the wonder of the Internet, which does without a doubt represent a challenge to printed media. From an alternative viewpoint then I would highlight the fantastic resource that Paul Bartlett has provided for us as being particularly splendid. But think about it, apart from the odd hosting issues, Paul has changed how he operates and by now to get a really useful image you need to contact him and pay for either a decent download or an actual print. And what happens to the resource of information when Paul dies or otherwise tires of maintaining it? So the book is not dead. As regards secondhand prices etc, well yes. Except, as others have noted, certain books and references remain in demand. I would however agree that there is an absolute wealth of printed codswallop out there, the best thing for all of it is to go into recycling. Just think, if we tried really hard then even having Paul Atterbury's name on a book might not be quite the commercial kiss of death that it currently is... With apologies to Paul Atterbury, who has put his name to a lot of very nice looking books! Simon Castens Sitting in a specialist railway bookshop on a sunny day with no customers, hmmmmm
  6. Well yes, but I was just talking about Steve's nice lettering!! You are both right of course, for a fuller account, rationale etc see https://www.westernthunder.co.uk/index.php?threads/simons-workbench.574/page-60 Bigger buffers would have most visual impact on the wagons, but have you seen the price of Gauge 1 buffers?! Happy lettering! Simon
  7. About time I contacted Steve for a new project, the GUV lettering looks good... In the meantime, I have (at last) finished lettering two bogie bolster E wagons, having cast the correct bogies for them. Although Steve had supplied me with bolster c lettering, the quality of his work coupled with a few spares on the sheet enabled me to easily make up the Bolster E branding. The E is hiding in this picture. Simon
  8. Funny you should say that, LMS Profiles 15 The Royal Scots (covering the both the original and rebuilt locos) is about to go to the printers. I really want to cover the Ivatt Class 2 in the series too, although there will be a different class done as Profile 16, which is also hopefully moving forwards now. You are right, too long a gap since the last one. Simon (Wild Swan)
  9. In stock in Bath, for what it's worth here's my take on it: MRJ contents Interesting to read what Geoff Kent's new project is going to be.... Simon
  10. Hugely sad news, I remember chatting to Colin and Barry at the Bristol shows when they were at Canons Marsh, always enjoyable and fascinating. Colin had an amazing modelling talent, his Plastikard modelling is easily on a par with Geoff Kent I think. His EMU models are just breathtaking and as Mike says his Newhaven Harbour was something else. RIP Colin and sincere condolences to Barry and Colin's family. Simon
  11. Yes, the judges will be providing feedback as mentioned in the emails that were sent out, but this will take a little time to sort out. Simon
  12. Further to my announcement on the Cameo Challenge thread, there will be quite a strong "Cameo element" to this year's Warminster show. Displayed will be the two "highly commended" entries Alma Street Quay Hembourne And also, from the "main shortlist" which will have appeared at Railex two weeks before: Lananta Newton Heath All of the judges should be at the show too, plus me, but I have been suckered into some bookstall thing. Simon
  13. I have now sent out a message to the 19 entries that have effectively not been judged, as described in the first post above. One message has failed, and I do not have records of two layouts here that look as if they are still carrying on, so if you haven't just received an email then please contact me directly. In answer to Alan's perfectly reasonable question, yes: Final Shortlist Bottom Works Yard Cameo Callaton Dewerstone Lananta Midland in Bristol Newton Heath Final judging of the final six shortlisted entries will be announced at Railex on the Saturday afternoon May 25th. There are in addition two "highly commended" entries that are going to appear at the Mendip Model Railway group's Warminster exhibition two weeks later on Saturday the 8th June: Highly commended Alma Street Quay Hembourne Incidentally, this show will also feature both Lananta and Newton Heath entries, so the show will have quite a "Cameo theme". Jerry (and I) also hope that all of the Cameo Challenge judges will also be at Warminster on the 8th. As has been stated before, the standard of entry is very high and the "difference" between shortlisted and not shortlisted is really not very great in any case. Simon
  14. Anyone who has not been notified should be in the "carrying on" list, I am just sorting out a message for this group now. Simon
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