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  1. Thanks for posting that photo robmcg. Clearly it did run in silver grey, with curved handrails before the cab. Although the curve does seem to be a lot sharper than on other A4's. All the chrome bits on Silver Fox are appealing, so I can understand why it has sold out at Hattons. But personally I would prefer Silver Fox in garter blue. I believe it did run in garter blue with all it's chrome embellishments, including the Silver Fox. When I bought Quicksilver, I got it on a bit of a whim. It's probably my fourth choice out of the four silver grey locos. I'm actually tempted to adv
  2. When 2509 Silver Link was first built, the handrail ran straight all the way to the cab. I've seen a photo of it in Brunswick Green where the handrail dips before it reaches the cab. But was it ever like that when it was painted silver grey? Looking at the photos on the Hornby website, the pipe which runs underneath the handrail is painted silver on Silver Fox, but grey on Silver Link, Quicksilver and Silver King. I've got Quicksilver from set R2445, the same pipe is painted silver on that version. Wonder which one is correct?
  3. Mike70

    A3 Book Law

    I don't think there is anything special about Book Law. But this is probably the first super detail A3 to be produced in the LNER livery as it was in operation. There have been some versions of Flying Scotsman in LNER livery. But they were all in the preserved state. Also I think it is the first time this tender has been produced in LNER in apple green.
  4. Thanks Dominion, I think I can see the difference now. I've got the Northumbrian coaches. Looks like they are all old tooling too.
  5. Coachman, I've been comparing your photos of the new BR teaks with R4170E (LNER teak). I can't tell any difference in the beading. I'm sure it will be obvious when it's pointed out. Has anyone got a good side by side comparison? Mike70
  6. There have been special versions of Flying Scotsman in apple green, e.g. NRM (R2442) and Bi-Centenial (R2687). But Book Law will be the first version of the current A3 to represent an A3 in apple green as operated by LNER.
  7. Sorry if this is off topic, but I didn't think my question warranted a new thread. This seemed like the best place to ask. I notice on Hornbys website that R3132 Book Law is due in stock tomorrow. Anyone heard anything to the contrary?
  8. I received a similar email. Does the shop still exist?
  9. I paid about £110 for that version. Nice loco. I assume nothing's changed?
  10. Still got buffet's in stock at Locomotion.
  11. Earl Marischal or the streamlined P2? Neither are necessarily a want on my part. But big green loco's tend to sell well and I imagine both can be done with minimal tooling mods.
  12. I noticed the Sleeping Car appeared to be better than the others. But I wasn't sure if that was just the graphic Hornby had used or if it represented the real article. The sleepers always tend to be slow sellers and are often available at a reduced price. So I wonder if Hornby over ordered on the last run of LNER Teak Sleepers? Maybe they still had parts to use?
  13. It's a pity the finish is not as good as the London Olympic and Rare Bird sets. The sets only have third class and third class brakes. The new releases have first class and buffet coaches.
  14. Thanks everyone. I'll get some Zap A Gap ordered. Mike70.
  15. I've got a small part which has come off the bogie of a Hornby Gresley coach. Can anybody recommend a suitable adhesive for glueing it back on? I think the part was glued at the factory. But probably didn't have enough on it. Regards, Mike70.
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