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  1. Unfortunately I am not a member I emailed them and received a phone call but they wouldn't confirm if the have moulds for the minibus fronts i am after
  2. I would be interested if the range of bus parts comes back into production as I have a few of the mk2 for transit components used for various models and would like to get more
  3. Not encountered plant resin wonder if that may be the problem just checked and I upgraded my firmware to V5.0.2 and it works fine with chitubox creates .photons files
  4. Big time saving with dip is printing multiple copies at the same time what is going wrong. what are you using as the slicing software. the one that comes with the printer is rubbish. I use chitubox which does require a firmware update but loads better than photon workshop
  5. Great photos again have to love the symmetry of the roadway and the track in photo Deerness Valley Junction Reilly Mill view north 22nd April 89 C12088.jpg
  6. Thought blimey they are big track pins then realised I forget they are N gauge
  7. Dave that’s an interning explanation I suppose I think of the layout as a permanent fixed home layout but I also seem to recall it has been moved into its current location or is my memory playing up? was going to suggest the short length of rail across the joints as I was reading, but then you said you had done this. Do you get much temperature range ? I wonder how well insulated the roof is?
  8. Dave with regards to eth issue of derailments out of interest which code of track are you using. Great photos again by the way
  9. Andy, will be interesting to see it in place on the layout, may put some perspective into it. I would have thought given the age it would most likely have a hipped roof originally but could well have been replaced at some time. reminds me of the roof to Curzon Street Station in Birmingham
  10. Thats a strange looking building it almost appears as if it should sit on top of something else
  11. What about a CMX track cleaning truck, I have the 00 gauge one and it works well. I have seen in a couple of places that use of a track rubber can damage the rail head which allow dirt to collect even more.
  12. Brass etches are more complex as the parts need to remain on the sheet of the material so each part needs a gap crated around any section to be removed with tabs left in place to hold everything in place. You then need to create a drawing which uses one colour where you want to etch on the front of the sheet Another colour where you want a half depth etch on the front of the sheet and finally a third colour where you want a half depth etch on the front of the sheet. You then mirror the drawing so you have a front and back image removing the colours which are on the o
  13. For etched brass have a look at the PPD limited website, I am also looking to produce a caeprtic 4 and had the sides made of etched brass a few years ago but gave just made contact with York model making myself
  14. Use the end of a cocktail stick to pick from the middle
  15. Andy I assume the large double doors were supposed to slide sideways to open i which the beam at the top from which I assume they would be suspended would need to extend an equivalent distance either side of the opening
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