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  1. Neal I will have a look and see if how some bits come out
  2. Last one had to upload as separate files although much less than 10Mb what a pain
  3. Latest project is crane KDS3149 this was mounted on a warwell wagon which was use by the S&T department and was classed as an equipment carrier and used for relay cabinets and the like. This is now used on the Mid Hants Railway albeit painted Green
  4. Zebedee is now finished with the addition of 3D printed steps, these were produced on new Resin Printer.
  5. As opposed to a cutting disk you should try a piercing saw next time
  6. Be careful the mug of tea doesn’t leave a ring on the river bed
  7. Nice to see the friction buffer stops modelled with track behind them so they can slide in the event of an impact and therefore absorb the impact. Did you install any of the additional Arrestors across the track beyond the buffer stops.
  8. On one of my bespoke buildings I had some 2mm MDF cut for me by a company
  9. Not sure about the motor vehicle incusion on the tracks
  10. I ordered what looked amazingly good price IPA it never turned up and the vendor disappeared luckily paid via PayPal so got my money back there are some real scum out there so take care
  11. Mick graffiti is all over the German railways but they just seem to leave it there
  12. looking good and loving the honesty regarding the roof
  13. Dave just an idea when taking low level photos which look through the tunnel is it worth using a black board behind to clock the view of the scenery beyond so that you get more of an impression of the depth of the actual tunnel
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