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  1. Andy as a thought when was the footbridge extension link to Olympia removed the section is currently blocked off with plywood
  2. That’s a great photo so nice to see a different view
  3. Love the camera tracking with the trains really shows off the length of the layout so impressive
  4. Skin tones and blonde hair are the hardest colours to get right in my opinion
  5. Andy when working under my baseboard I have a moulded wooden seat and back as one unit I brought from IKEA , no legs you sit on it as a normal seat and the back holds you upright you can even lean back to look up using your legs as a counterbalance
  6. Best to search the internet still places who will produce cut mdf
  7. Dave just seen there is a new book out called Scotland’s railways in The 1980s and 1990s A snapshot in time. Author Peter J Green
  8. Noting that revolution trains are going to produce the cartic 4 in n gauge I wonder if they will follow up with a 00 gauge model
  9. Merfyn, Tiny HK transits are nice models and have correct wheels just need to get them at the right price
  10. Looks good what did you use for the seats they look very good
  11. I have built a few Sherpa models and have a kingfisher kit for a sherpa minibus to build at some stage
  12. the minibus uses an ABS nose and my own design of etching, need a bit if tweaking to be honest. interior and wheels are a mixture of various components.
  13. latest models bit of a ford transit theme here
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