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  1. gazman424

    West End Workbench

    Thanks Jonathon, Although, I do make the most of modern technology so the real hard work is done by CAD, my laser cutter and recently, my 3D printer. Essentially, I am producing my own kits. Gaz.
  2. gazman424

    West End Workbench

    Thanks Jonathon, “Tipsy turbo”? Sorry, I replied on my phone and autocorrect thought it would be hilarious to change it from “topsy turvy”!! Gaz.
  3. gazman424

    West End Workbench

    Thanks for the prompt reply. That clears that up but leaves me with my Dia.62 and it’s tipsy turbo brake compartment conundrum! All the best! Gaz.
  4. gazman424

    West End Workbench

    Hi Jonathon/All, Love the rolling stock pics, but i'm slightly confused about your excellent rendition of the Dia.62. Going by the diagrams in Michael Harris's "LNER Standard Gresley Carriages", the drawing differs in that the coach is portrayed with 5 compartments and the brake section reversed i.e. the Guard's door in the centre. In the "LNER Carriages" reprint, also by Harris, a picture on page 52 appears to back up the diagram, and also shows that the brake section doesn't carry the usual end windows. However, in "LNER Standard Gresley Carriages", a picture on page 105 shows a 5 compartment Brake Third, but with the Brake section in the conventional manner. The number also seems to match the Diagram. This is my scrathbuilt attempt before weathering, and to say im puzzled is an understatement!! Hopefully your superior knowledge can shed some light on this perplexing mystery! Keep up the good work! Gaz.
  5. gazman424

    Leith Central Track Plan?

    Hi Kazan, Another with slightly more detail; https://maps.nls.uk/view/102717542 Gaz.
  6. gazman424

    Leith Central Track Plan?

    Hi Karan, Hope this helps; https://maps.nls.uk/view/82877370 Gaz.
  7. gazman424

    Wright writes.....

    Evening All, A Kirk Gresley related post, in that it has a Kirk roof! Scratchbuilt, with the addition of Hornby bogies, MJT parts and oodles of inspiration from this thread. Gaz.
  8. Evening Folks, May I pick your brains - I've just purchased a Photon and I'm having problems with printing. Using Anycubic grey resin, I can manage to print at 100 microns, but obviously at the expense of finer detail. My prints fail after a beep from the machine, then the x-axis stops moving but the machine seems to still be going through the motions of reading from the memory stick. I'm wondering what settings people are using, as I've seen some cracking prints on this site, so fine detail looks achievable... Thanks, Gaz.
  9. gazman424

    Wright writes.....

    Good Afternoon Tony, May I respectfully post my articulated effort? Scratchbuilt, with Hornby bogies, and MJT roof, vents and door handles. Amazing how a picture shows up the little bashes this has taken since built... Gaz.
  10. gazman424

    Peterborough North

    Hi Guys, Like many others, I wasn't satisfied with the shape of Hornby's offerings. I decided to scrathbuild my own. I would be interested in what you think of my rendition, given that I copied published drawings and dimensions from various sources. I apologise in advance for the very poor picture, which I took with my phone for quickness. All comments welcome... Gaz.
  11. Morning All, Despite having minimal modelling time, I've managed to nearly complete my D1682 LNWR 6 wheel CCT. Only weathering and painting of the handrails remain, then she's good to go! Gaz.
  12. Hi Scott, Can I paste a previous reply to that question? I'm on my lunch break so dont have loads of time! Quote; "I built this coach using the 'Jenkinson' method, very proficiently described by Mike Trice here; http://www.rmweb.co....nkinson-and-me/ I generally use 3 thicknesses of card; The interior is constructed from 1.25mm thick mount board; https://www.amazon.c...0?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The sides from 0.3mm thick card; https://www.amazon.c...0?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And I also use 0.4mm thick card; https://www.amazon.c...0?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I laminate the layers using a spray adhesive, and have had good results with this; https://www.amazon.c...0?ie=UTF8&psc=1 For other gluing, impact adhesive and PVA, the cheapo stuff from your local supermarket designed for kids, has also been used. Obviously, all the materials above can be had from other suppliers!!" Any other questions, please ask! Gaz.
  13. Hi Scott, It is 99% card. The roof is just placed on at the moment. Buffers are from Wizard, W-Irons from Comet and the wheels are Romford. The middle axle is off until the chassis is painted. It still requires lamp irons, and I'll fit B&B couplings before the chassis is painted. Gaz.
  14. Hi All, Not much use to those seeking to purchase parts, but it was a fairly straight forward scratchbuild a few years ago. Hopefully it might encourage you to have a go... Gaz.
  15. Hi All, Had next to no modelling time thanks to work and fitting/ glazing new interior doors. I've managed to get the LNWR CCT into primer though. Hope to get more done soon. Gaz.

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