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  1. Many thanks-any information on Lincolnshire carriage workings is most welcome.
  2. And also a few engines had distinctive "Battleaxe" driving wheel balance weights
  3. As T-B-G says, buy when available-there are a number of D&S kits that I would like to obtain for my project-I see that someone scored a D&S GER Restaurant Coach that I would dearly like for my Harwich Boat Train.
  4. The preserved Scottish locomotives all look impressive in their various liveries. I particularly like Gordon Highlander, but the Caledonian blue must have been a sight for sore eyes in pre-Grouping days.
  5. This was in 1968, and I recollect that it was the start of many articles by Vivien Thompson. I would certainly like to see them again.
  6. I should have mentioned that Peco published books on the subject of Rev. Peter Denny and Vivien Thompson's work. Both books were a poor, cheap testament to them. Eventually, Wild Swan brought out two volumes on Buckingham, giving Peter Denny the recognition as an outstanding modeller he deserved. If only Vivien Thompson was similarly recognised.
  7. I was a great fan of hers, and the articles she wrote were a huge inspiration for me. She suddenly stopped in the mid-seventies, and the last time that I read her, she described an SR EMU build.
  8. The loco shed was rebuilt in the ate fifties and closed in 1964. It was derelict for many years, and then was re-purposed as a venue and concert hall for Lincoln University. Apparently, the original brief was to retain the rail lines and pits, glassed over, but this was not pursued. The old Great Central Warehouse was also re-purposed as the University library-both well worth a look inside with much original detail retained.
  9. Royal visit to Lincoln and Lincolnshire 1958
  10. Vivien Thompson's Eastbourne in the sixties, and her modelling articles were an eyeopener for me. A superb modeller.
  11. Here's a perfect application for 3D printing.
  12. What a great idea for storing brass sections.
  13. Will these etches be available to buy?
  14. In all the posts regarding the merits of heavy goods locomotives, why has there been no mention of the GWR 47xx class? Fast, powerful, versatile and at home on heavy mixed traffic-and only nine were ever built.
  15. Can we have a few words on the painting of the BT7, please?
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