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  1. And another example from an article from way back. Must finish mine.
  2. Here's one from an article some time ago-repaired modified body and a great paint job.
  3. Try a Stanley knife blade to open up the slots
  4. I think that modelling telegraph wires is a waste of time, and detracts from the overall effect. The one layout I did see with full wiring, the owner complained that the wires were a dust magnet.
  5. Is that why BR had to build so many brake tenders?
  6. The low-rated types-class 20 and 37 with proven engines were a good investment. High speed untried classes such as the 17, 21 and 22 were a disaster. CIE could have told BR how useless the Crossley engine in the class 28 was. The myriad of different types for similar duties was a waste of investment-it may have been great for the modeller-but trying to run a railway with unreliable motive power is a different story. Imported Alco-Goodwin off the shelf products could have covered most of BR's requirements with 8-12-16 cylinder configurations of the same engine and drive trains. It is interesting to see the 59 and 69 class being rebuilt with American technology, and the American engined 66, 68 and 70 in service-a commentary on UK motive policy
  7. I am always intrigued by What Ifs? What if WW2 had not happened, and the electrification of various lines had gone ahead on the LNER? What if the LMS had introduced a fleet of Turbomotives? What if the LMS and LNER had co-operated on diesel development? What if the GWR had decided to import German hydraulic locomotives? What if BR had developed a Standard version of the GWR 47xx class? What if BR had been allowed to import proven American diesel locomotives, instead of the duds they were lumbered with under the Modernisation plan? What if the ECML was electrified after completion of the the WCML?
  8. Good Luck with the build. As far as I am concerned, Falcon Brass kits should enclose a warning about buildability, and a suggestion that all parts should be carefully checked against a drawing.
  9. Great for keeping slices of Charles and Di wedding cake in
  10. After the discussion on stripping metal bodies, can I be advised on stripping plastic bodies, as the products I have work poorly on Airfix N2 paints.
  11. Any chance of a YouTube tutorial on this extraordinary weathering?
  12. Could we have a description of the work involved, please?
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