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    Herding cats, collecting air miles and hotel points, playing with balls, tripping the light fantastic, shooting things and occasionally modelling.

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  1. Is there a reason for quoting my comment from 10 years ago? It obviously is not reflective of the current situation. Just curious.
  2. I spent some time (actually the longest 7 weeks of my life) in the real Jackson MI a few winters ago. Your version looks far better than the real place....
  3. John B

    My Bird Performs

    You need to build a (Dear Madam) Barnum next...
  4. Chaps - I've not heard any word of my pre-orders being dispatched. Should I be worried?
  5. Quite simply: I was unable to join the club via the website due to living in the USA, the website did not allow my transaction. And emails to Dapol via the website went unanswered. If they don't have the courtesy to reply, or even acknowledge contact, they won't get my business. And apparently I'm not the only one.
  6. I ha the same issue as Manuel trying to join from the USA, specifically for this (LSWR liveried) version. Alas, several emails to Dapol's website went unanswered, and thus went my interest. The regular models are rather lovely, though.
  7. Delivered by UPS successfully in California last Thursday. Well packaged, signature required (as I was away, but back that evening, and have a front porch, I signed for it electronically), replacement chains included even though the originals survived. Correct model, all good here. Kudos to Rapido and Locomotion, excellent model and service! Also picked up my Dynamometer Car from the post office on Friday. Another stunning model from Rapido.
  8. There was a narrow gauge slate railway on the island of Easdale. Details are hard to track down but remains of the quarry (and wagons) can be found at the Easdale Folk Museum. Not really a Light Railway in the "act" sense of the word, but a fascinating relic and story nonetheless.
  9. If I had an aircraft hanger and a lottery-win budget, plus unlimited time and a team of like minded idiots, I'd model Hull. All of it. 1920's-30's probably, with the H&B line built around the city, Cannon St still in use as a passenger station as well as Paragon (NER), Alexandra Dock as the Eastern limit (too early for Saltend), Inward Yard as the western extremity. Railway Dock and other assorted Town docks as the southern boundary, the H&B line looping around the northern suburbs as the northern limits. MPDs - Dairycoates, Botanic Gardens & Springhead (plus Springhead works). NER lines radiating from Paragon to Selby / Doncaster / ECML, Beverley & Scarborough, Hornsea and Withernsea. H&B line from Barnsley to Cannon St and Alex Dock. Swing bridges, level crossings galore, trams. Goods depots (several). Plenty of operational scope, don't think I'd get bored. Or anywhere near finished.
  10. Lucky you. Several months later they've still not bothered to acknowledge or reply to my emails.
  11. Hey Gavin - Looking for something else entirely I came across this blogsite by one of the chaps who built the 3mm scale Furness-inspired "Lakebank". Track plan by Iain Rice is included in the blog. Lovely layout, too. https://moorestonemodeller.wordpress.com/category/layouts/lakebank Might be about the right size for you..
  12. Mick - Truth is stranger than fiction. There is a chain of discount furniture stores in the US called "Sofa King". And yes, you can guess their slogan.. Tesco's ill-timed and advised foray into the US convenience store market was entitled "Fresh & Easy". They ran a short-lived advertising campaign along the lines of "making shopping F & Easy"..
  13. More "well done" humour that springs to mind, from Roger Nicholls, a prolific builder of US-outline layouts which I used to see at various Northern shows in the 80s & 90s. On N gauge layouts he had various mines - the "Gerrovitz Mine" and the "Dissole-Hartov Mine" tickled my sense of humor. As did, on an HO switching layout, a series of signs along the rear fence: "Trailers for Sale or Rent" "Rooms to let, 50c" etc...
  14. Many many moons ago I was watching the Manchester Model Railway Society's "Gransmoor Town" 2mm finescale layout at a show. ​Completely dead-pan, a train of private owner wagons passed through, behind a lovely Midland loco. "Pugh. Pugh. Barney. McGrew. Cuthbert. Dibble. Grub." Now that's worthy...
  15. Gavin - Have you seen the track plan for Piel Island? Compact, simple, attractive buildings. Would work nicely in P4... I'm Imagineering a branch line from the Ulverston & Carnforth main to Cartmel, but I am tempted by Piel Island. I'm away from my source of plans (by about 2000 miles / 4 days) but I'll look it up for you on Friday.
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