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  1. Thanks both for coming, I hope you got your slice of cake
  2. A few more pictures from the day, was fantastic thanks for coming along to the Warley Club
  3. The Warley MRC Summer Open day will be held at the club rooms on Sunday 7th July. The club rooms will be open from 11am to 4pm with light refreshments available. It is free to enter with free parking outside the club rooms. We will have club layouts running from N gauge to 0 gauge on 2 levels, giving you a great opportunity to talk to the members who built them and maybe evening having ago at running the layouts your self. We will also be holding a build a diorama competition on the day in the clubs meeting room, this will involve some popular modellers from RMWebb and Youtube, this includes team captains Richard Warren (Everard Junction), David Watson (Dean Park Station), Garry Payne (Cheekytek & The Great Model Railway Challenge), Callum Willcox (SDJR7F88 & The Great Model Railway Challenge). All the diorama's will be auctioned off at the end of the day with the proceeds going to charity. So come along and say hello
  4. Not sure I choose this loco because it is in preservation at the midland railway museum, so from Birmingham was handy for me to go along and see it and take pictures
  5. Evening all took some more pictures tonight, started to add the buffer beam detail
  6. Just thought I would add a few more pictures, I have now weathered her, and added several costs of Matt varnish to the body, not touched the bogies yet tho.
  7. Hi just thought I would share some pictures of my first attempt at a JLTRT Class 25, I've built Airfix models in the past, but this is the first time I have built anything like this, really enjoying the build and will looking to build another once this is finished next year. All that is required to finish this project is the handrails on the front and next to the cab doors, the steps on the boggies and buffer beam detail and couplings, the body at present has a gloss coat applied before I added the decals, after weathering the body and under frames I will seal it all in with a matt coat. The slaters motor works fine, just needs running in and the decoder and lights need to be installed, so enough to keep me busy till Christmas, will add more pictures once completed in better lighting Thanks Andy
  8. Started to add point motors and droppers, getting closer to running trains
  9. Looks fantastic, my favourite section on the rail network in the country and an area I'd would love to model myself on my layout, will keep an eye on your progress Andy
  10. I had a Gaugemaster prodigy 2 before but found it to limiting, was going to add extra controllers but instead sold it and with the money I was going to use to buy the extra controllers and the sale purchased the ECoS, they are starting coming down in price tho now, I only paid £470 for mine Andy
  11. this is a link to my latest update video on youtube
  12. I love the scenic part not so much the ballast, will be nice to get the track laid on the upper levels just so I can start running trains again properly, my aim is to have the tracks laid by September Andy
  13. Spent a few more hours, now almost completed the second fiddle yard, just 1 track to sort then I can start on the inclines up to the scenic level, still got point motors and droppers to add tho, not my favourite jobs to do
  14. So far very impressed easy to set up, very easy to programme loco's, but also very easy to wipe what you have just spent all day programming in doh!!, not cheap but think it will be worth, will keep you informed Andy
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