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  1. I'm very sorry to hear of Graham Jones death. I met him at Telford on several occasions and found him to me very helplful and patient, he will be missed. John Pearson
  2. Glad to see the capital "A", loco building project is progressing. It shows off the well the expanding range of materials available in 3D printing. Looking forward to following the build. Thanks PGH
  3. Thanks DR Gerbil-Frtters Perfect timing John
  4. This is very clever, for PGH to say " These were simply made from brass strip and wire " is another one of his understatements ! Looking forward to seeing this "super Peckett" emerge from the shops
  5. Philip Fabulous........... Slowing the wagons - static grass / weeds ? Steady movement drive. Once the overbalance table is tucked away inside its ill lit shed will it be possible to introduce a drive system akin to the rotary dumper i.e. pull up pull down stall motor. Worth waiting for, thanks for sharing John JP
  6. Hi PGH Thank you for sharing archaeological records. The point rodding appears to be crafted to your usual high standard which ensures you can get away with burying under the scenery. The rest of us crawl around under the baseboard...... Cheers John
  7. Hi PGH Simple and effective ( always a winning combination ) solution to end door security. Looking forward to the live load tipping video :-) As ever superb craftsmanship John
  8. My ambition is RC / battery driving a sound system on board an O scale modern diesel.........The ultimate freedom to roam inhibited only by the signalling system ( just like the real thing ) To date I've had success in the first part ( RC/battery ) using Deltang systems, from the very helpful [email protected] . Control of multi motored locos on rusty track is possible. Unfortunately replicating the sound of 5000HP diesel locos is not. Ok if you want a track inspection pop car. What I seek is a European equivalent of the popular CVP Airwire system used widely in the USA. This system is RC/ battery and drives the loco through a proprietory DCC chip to which the receiver is connected. Batteries provide traction and control power. The chip can be e.g . USA Tsunami diesel or steam, ESU European or any other brand you prefer with or without sound effects.. My request to CVP for a European compliant RC transmitter has so far failed, in spite an offer to fund conversion.. Non DCC sound cards do exist if wish to avoid DCC A/C Example are Pheonix ( USA ) and MTronics ( UK ) The CREST RC Control system has been recommended as being UK compliant and possibly connectable to the above sound cards. HAS ANYONE HAD EXPERIENCE OF "CREST ELECTRONICS" Feedback welcomed John JP
  9. Like the Freight car weathering especially the challenging yellow tanks. Any idea what the prototype carries ? The yellow tnk prototypes in the yard speak of industrial pollution rather than lading spillage Looking forward to seeing the layout in action John
  10. Wonderful, brings back happy memories of camping with midges !! Thank you Philip JP
  11. PGH Great pictures, thank you for sharing Wrexham Ind Estate was surely on a grand scale being ex ROD, looks rather like a another lost opportunity
  12. As one privilege to work on PGH's layout as a driver / shunter, I confirm its magical quality It captures in fine detail the essence of the prototype, add PGH's model engineering skills ....gravity loading and unloading live loads of real coal brings the layout to life with a sense of purpose. Operation with true fidelity, a rare treat. Looking forward to tipping end door wagon loads of coal into the Bridgewater canal ( barges ). John
  13. I agree with PGH that Bersham's compact layout would make an interesting model, especially the jumble of mine buildings above and around the screens, however the real challenge facing the small scale modeller will be all that wonderful gravity working. I counted five separate moves up to setting out the first rake of loaded wagons ready for departure. Is gravity working allowed in 2013 ? Was the screen structure too low for Hornet to pass under ? Someone must have had a soft spot for HORNET leaving it stranded at Bersham Great thread thanks to all
  14. Great pictures. The stone revetment / retaining wall with railway clinging to the mountainside is as dramatic as anything in the rocky mountains. Brundrit's Loco workshop would have been interesting in its heyday Many thanks for sharing Cheers John
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