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  1. Also on sale in Northern Ireland as of today. At £10 more expensive tho.... Still excellent value for money.
  2. I rather enjoyed the first episode and I'm looking forward to the second one!
  3. Hopefully no news is good news on this one, certainly looking forward to its arrival!
  4. Hello everyone, First of all I have no connection with this business what so ever, other than being a customer. I came across this company whilst I was looking for factory chimneys. Having already obtained a Bachmann one, I was looking for something different and these looked perfect. I bought them off eBay for roughly £7 each. They are both resin and quite weighty. They come in 2/3 pieces and I glued mine together using super glue. If anyone has anything to share or comment on then work away! I would recommend these to anyone who is interested. Thanks, Nelson.
  5. I have just tried it there and seems fine to me, hopefully you got sorted out in the end!
  6. Thank you very much for the suggestion on the fix, just like others the adverts were gradually getting worse and worse. But now there are none, thank you again!
  7. Already hit my first annoyance, why can are these highlighted in red and not allowing me to un tick the box for receiving emails, I can see it become rather annoying when my email is going to be constantly filled with PM emails, tried the unsubscribe button at the bottom and it brought me to the same result. On the plus side tho! What a mega improvement to the uploading of photos!!
  8. I think it's looking rather well! The preview feature of the PMs is rather helpful!
  9. Thank you for taking the time to photograpgh everything Kirley! It's coming along well! Do you recommend however that those of us who bought the kit message Alan, to see if we can get the revised etched parts?
  10. Good to see a start being made, and it's looking well! I am a bit suprised however to see you had to cut into the etch as its meant to be "designed" for the RTR chassis, ah well. Happy new year to you, and everyone else!
  11. I just ordered a few kits, and the service was flawless! Nothing to complain about.
  12. This website (which is really very good) should be able to help you, http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=542
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