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  1. Just to add my two pence for what it’s worth, I think answering the OPs question in the title.... YouTube does contribute positively to the hobby, in most ways. There are some videos that are less than perfect, and maybe some just don’t portray the hobby in a way that we want it to be seen. However there are some channels that produce TV programme worthy content that I believe showcases the hobby in the best possible light. One of which (chosen randomly off the top of my head) is the Hornby Magazine’s feature length show videos. They usually come out once a month I believe, but have a great format, very down to earth and available to all levels of interest. I believe YouTube offers that sense of being involved.... there is something for everyone, and the more people that watch railway modelling related videos then the better! It’s all about making it available to everyone no matter what skill level or interest you may have under the broad “modelling” banner. Nelson.
  2. As someone who has recently (few years ago) gone through the same stages of life as yourself, the best advice I was given was if you ever need to choose between education or model railways (or any hobby), then always choose education. You only go through it once and modelling will always be there for as long as you want it. You mention modelling becoming stressful.... sometimes it is, but if it no longer becomes enjoyable then take a break. You need to find a good balance between education and what you enjoy doing. The joy of this hobby is that you can come and go as you wish. Although you may not be doing some actual modelling, you can still keep up to date with all the news, exhibitions and various videos on YouTube, all of which help to inspire me to do some modelling, whenever I am next free. Hopefully this is of some use... there are others out there with vastly more experience than me and can probably give more in-depth advice. Nelson.
  3. Thank you for your kind words, it was mostly Humbrol Enamel that I used for the various shades of brown and orange. The wash I can’t think of off the top of my head, but I will certainly have a look and get back to you.
  4. Hello all, Just a quick update to share with you all. I've been doing quite a lot in the background but thought I would share this with you all. GNR(I) Y5 Passenger Van from Provincial Wagons. Available as a resin kit or Ready To Run (RTR). The kit is complete with metal buffer heads, metal wheels, tension lock couplings and transfers. Email Leslie McAllister at, [email protected] or check out rest of the range on the Provincial Wagons website. Stay safe everyone! Nelson.
  5. Hello all, I thought I would share my efforts at reproducing Teak/Mahogany using Mikes method. Im pleased to report everything went well and I'm very happy. Nonetheless with more practise I'm sure it's able to perfect the technique. Thank you for sharing the great guide, it only took me many years to actually get round to carrying it out. GNR(I) Y5 Passenger Van from Provincial Wagons. Available as a resin kit or Ready To Run (RTR). The kit is complete with metal buffer heads, metal wheels, tension lock couplings and transfers. Email Leslie McAllister at, [email protected] or check out rest of the range on the Provincial Wagons website. Nelson.
  6. Hello everyone, I hope we are all safe and sound during these awful times! The only good thing to come from it however is more time at the workbench! For me I have now finished university, and due to the pandemic it was a rush of chaotic mayhem, but I'm glad to say everything is done and dusted! I was also selected for a job interview, but due to the virus, this has been postponed. So it's just a waiting game. Enough about real world problems, me and rubbish! I almost visit the forum daily and it's just so good to check out what other people are getting up to. So I hope to do the same! There have also been a number of notifications from post reactions and approval, from over the past couple of months, which I am very grateful of, so thank you! During my time at university, my modelling has been progressing at a snails pace! And even at that, my military modelling comes out on top! So hopefully that'll change. One thing I did do over lockdown was restore this NCC rail chair. I obtained it a while ago and decided to clean it up using a wire brush. Once that's done, gave it a coat of red oxide, gloss black and outlined the letters in white. Take care! Nelson.
  7. Hello everyone, Excuse me me if there is already a topic on this, but I did try the forum search engine and Google search to no avail. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of LMS (20/30s) road vehicle transfers in 4mm, it can be for buses, lorries or trailers.... I'm starting my search wide. I don't mind if they are waterslide or rub down either! I did try sunrise and fox transfers, but they don't seem to have anything apart from a sheet of "LMS" lettering. Thank you in advance, Nelson.
  8. Making great progress on this! I too like many others have this kit hidden away in the stash. Yours is looking well, keep at it!
  9. Hello everyone! I just recently finished this diorama, I hope you like it! Here is a bit more information for anyone interested... Peenemünde, Northern Germany, 12th November, 1945. Anyone with a basic understanding of pulse jet engines will realise that the model as portrayed... Would simply not be feasible in real life. Hence why I have based it upon a "alternate" history, outlined within the title above. The kit was supposed to be a stand alone, few evenings worth... But this changed into a fully fledged diorama within a couple of days. The E100, is pretty much OTB with a camouflage scheme loosely based upon the heavily debated King Tiger "Octopus" example. The reason for the red primer sides is to indicate that the spaced armour, was removed to compensate for the weight of the V1 rocket and launcher. No actual vehicle of this type was ever considered and only a chassis for the E100 was completed by 1945, which was then later shipped to England for testing. The buildings are completely scratchbuilt from plasticard and texture clay, again loosely based on real life examples. This time from the rocket factory in Peenemünde. The site itself was not fully operational until 1943 utilising slave labour in an effort to increase capacity for the infamous V2 rockets and newer inventions. It's effectiveness was short lived, whenever 596 British aircraft heavily bombed the site in August 1943, forcing production to be moved further into central Germany. The figures represent a strong contingent that would have been evident in Berlin around April/May, 1945. I have chosen to feature Waffen SS "Charlemagne", and Volkssturm soldiers within the diorama and each of them are using a variety of weaponry such as MP44s, MP40s, K98s, and the ubiquitous Panzerfaust. Specifications: Base (LxWxH) - 17x13x15cm Vehicle - Modelcollect E100 V1 Figures - Italeri SS & Pegasus Hobbies "Germans in Berlin" Build time - Approx 9 weeks Total hours - Unknown (probably too many) Disclaimer: For everyone who can read or speak German, then please forgive my ignorance to "Verlassen", it was only after that I found out it did not mean "exit", however I can live with it, for now! Nelson.
  10. This is how I have achieved brickwork on my models. Indeed there is no correct way, but this is how I have done mine, 1) Spray whole model with red primer 2) Whitewash the whole model for mortar 3) Dry brush your selected colour onto the model in a diagonal fashion (I prefer enamels as they dry slower and tend to dry flat without any sheen from the dry brushing) 4) Usually at this point weathering takes place, I first of all use a weak brown wash for the mortar and use various browns and oranges for picking out the different bricks (via the dry brushing again). Hope hope this helps! Nelson.
  11. I would also assume that this is the locomotive mentioned by JB above as seen on another forum. I hope this helps! https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/8137-malahide-opening/ Nelson.
  12. Is this the colour being discussed? I have attached screenshots of the video to refer to, just incase anyone can't it find it. Nelson.
  13. What a superb build! And I really enjoy reading each post you publish, fantastic!
  14. Also on sale in Northern Ireland as of today. At £10 more expensive tho.... Still excellent value for money.
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