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  1. G'Day Jesse Bought mine at least 6 years ago and used them within a month. manna
  2. G'Day Folks I bought my from Dave Cleal, and Wizard inherited them I di 6 wagons, no problems with those. manna
  3. G'Day Folks Close, it had the Feel, of the area. Also a unusual place to see in a photo. ( quite rare) manna
  4. G'Day Folks Last one eh!................time to run some 'Freightliners'.............!! Only jobs I ever seemed to get. manna
  5. G'day Folks Why am I thinking 'Tempsford' ????? manna
  6. manna

    Edgware GN

    G'Day Folks Few shots from the latest operating session. The P1 is running but not as well as I had hoped, more adjustments to the pick ups. A4 'Sea Eagle' was a rare visitor. A Trix body on a Triang chassis, runs well for it's age. Also B17 2822, a tender driven short tender version, runs past Edgware. J6 3550, has a break after a short trip working from Highbury yard And lastly Sentinal trundles it's way to Edgware. manna
  7. G'Day Folks Change today, two A1's. I said when I hacked up the old 'Great Northern' that she would live again, well a tender drive Flying Scotsman has been modified to resemble (roughly) 4470, painted and lined a old 'Fat' tender body. The second is going to be 4474 'Victor Wild' another A1, that was fitted with a corridor tender, for a while, this one is a mixture, it's a modern A1/3/4 chassis, which I managed to pick up on E-Bay a few years back as part of a job lot of four for 12 pounds, I've been slowly buying the bits to rebuild it to running condition. I'll only put up
  8. G'day Folks J3.............Yum. manna
  9. G'Day Gents Looks 'Grand', but to Darn cold for me, we are going to have a couple of days of 40c +, which is better, had a couple of warm days earlier in the week, trying to line a loco, the waterslide transfers were drying before I could get them into place !!!!!!!!! And I can get three coats of paint on a model in a Day (12 hours) manna
  10. G'day Folks Staff mess rooms had nice big tables like that. manna
  11. G'Day Folks Still needing things to do, two loco's that have been sitting around in unlined green, have been treated to some lining, the B2 is still waiting for it's axles, but I can still get everything else done, plus the bodge job B12 to a C1 has also been lined, I was half way though it before I realised that the B12 lining didn't match the C1 ( which I should have filed off) no matter it'll only be used on goods trains a couple of times a Decade. manna
  12. G'Day Folks Cool dude......... manna
  13. G'Day Folks The J7 is coming on as well, body is nearly finished, but I think I'll leave the chassis until I purchase some new wheels. manna
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