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  1. manna

    Hornby W1 Hush Hush

    G'Day Folks I'd buy the W1 as it is................... manna
  2. G'day Folks For the track, put a 15 MPH restriction on it. Personally, I hope it rains for the next 6 months...............lol. manna
  3. G'day Folks Well it's not Clive's age............... manna
  4. G'day Folks Underlined that one about 1962, maybe earlier..............lol manna
  5. G'day Folks. Thank you for your concern, we are well away from the Big fires (1,000 km), but we have had a large fire on Kangaroo Island which is only 300 km away, but it is on an Island, we are getting the smoke drifting over, enough to drop visibility down to a Kilometer, and the heavy smell of wood smoke. Glad you like the pictures of the Garratts, they are treasured items now, I took most of the pics in the 1968/9 era. manna
  6. G'Day Folks Love Garratts, used to chase them here in Australia, we had some Narrow Gauge ones at Peterborough SA. Here's a couple (4-8-2+2-8-4)
  7. G'day Folks I won't use DCC, and I'll use superglue, It's what I know, Up the Luddites. manna
  8. G'day Folks Wonder what that figure is in Fractions ................... manna
  9. G'day Folks Balaclava Barracks (High Level) manna
  10. G'Day Folks J52's were called 'Coffeepots' around KX, J50's were called 'U Boats'. Loved 'em all. manna
  11. G'day Folks like the O4, I have mine to do, but it's a GW version, so a bit more work, I do like what you have done with the cylinders, a vast improvement. manna
  12. G'Day Gents Great to see Hornby make these loco's, they have been in demand for many years. Going to look a little odd, with two 'Cock o' the North's' on the same layout, and looking totally different, wonder if they'll do them in wartime black ? 'One day'......... manna
  13. manna

    Hornby W1 Hush Hush

    G'day Folks Not a loco I ever expected to be available in RTR. Very Happy. manna
  14. G'day Folks No. Bill Hoole was running Fast, as usual, and had to stop at Peterborough to detach a wagon with a hotbox, by the time he had done that, the Talisman had overtaken Bill, he went off when given the road and caught the Talisman up, he later complained the the Talisman held him up. manna
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