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  1. G'Day Folks Still looking for that elusive picture of an 02, Austerities, made it, why not an O2. LOL. manna
  2. G'Day Folks Or you could have the real thing, Finsbury Park No 6 box, I am told the wooden one is GNR, the other BR. manna
  3. G'day Folks Used to be 'Fun' trying to get your train out of Nene C/Sidings on a wet day. manna
  4. G'Day Folks\ Still fiddling in the shed, revived a very old project, around 40 years to be precise, every 5-10 years I have a go at it, then put it back in the box and forget about it, but I think I might have finally cracked it, it's the GN Atlantic, made out of a B12 and a Hall, today after another bout of fiddling I had it running really well, it's just missing the valve gear. Started 'another' loco, I'm waiting on a load of spare parts to finish off half a dozen loco's. this one in another GN Atlantic , 3279 running as a 4 cylinder simple, the chassis is a tender powered 'Scotsman, most of the runningplate is from one of those 5 pound Non powered Scotsman's that came out 5 years ago. 3279 has a wider runningplate and a wider cab, with K2 valve gear, I'm sure I can fudge something. The Robinson B1 now has it's valve gear, not running yet, but looks good. lol. manna
  5. manna

    O no!

    G'Day Folks It's, noo Kings Cross...........but manna
  6. G'day Folks I had the same problem with my K's J3, poor running/shorting, in the end I cut the loco in half (length ways) and built a new top half for one and a new bottom half for the other, both running on H.D./Wrenn R1 chassis, so kinda got two for the price of one. manna
  7. G'day Folks Couple of ornate brass lamps, would be perfect. manna
  8. G'day Folks Sorry Jessie, I said it could warp.....................Not Flood ! ! ! manna
  9. G'Day Folks If the chassis is from a Schools class, the coupling rods from a Schools should fit. manna
  10. G'day Folks The only thing I have in common with Clive's under layout pictures, is the Red and Blue boxes!!!!! manna
  11. G'day Folks Could you not just brick up the door, as if some re-modelling was done to the building in the 1930's, and using a different colour brick !!!!!!! manna
  12. G'Day Folks. Now that you have it nice and level, the 'Rain' arrives and warps it all again. manna, 'Full time Bubble burster'
  13. G'day Folks Vegans forget, they are made of meat. manna
  14. G'Day Folks Sadly only one of the 600 class is still in service No 602. Although another is in storage. 523, is now preserved (Static) 520 is under restoration, and will run again .......one day. manna
  15. G'day Folks The Bus shelter, looks an absolute bargain, can't afford anything else........ manna
  16. G'Day Folks. I consider myself as an Expert, an expert at, cutting and stabbing myself with razor sharp knives, burning myself with soldering irons, then getting flux on said cuts and burns, expert at poking myself in the eye with paintbrushes, covering myself with paint, of all descriptions, I even put a small tin of paint in my pocket to warm up...............it leaked, all down my leg, all over my jeans, all over my hands as I fished it out, I wouldn't mind, but it was almost empty, but a 'Gallon' came out of it, glue sticks to my hands but not to my model, solder sticks better to my hair than brass, straight track is wonky, wonky track is straight. But in spite of all this, I've spent countless thousands of pounds on the hobby over 50 years, and have yet to finish a layout.............. manna
  17. G'Day Folks. Hi Cypherman, I used clear Perspex, because that's what I had, I haven't tried black (which is a logical colour) but I will admit, the clear does allow you a very clear view of what you are doing. My Perspex rod, came from a Venetian blind,(the winder) Good luck. manna
  18. G'Day Folks You've all got it wrong, it's Sarfend, Lived there for 13 years, nice place in the 70's and 80's, and I worked at Sarfend Central, it wasn't all EMU's we used to get the odd, loco hauled goods for the Army at Shoeburyness, usually steel plate that the Army used to shoot there big guns at, some of it was 6" thick, couple of weeks later you'd see it come back with nice neat holes in it. Other loco hauled trains were Parcels trains for Sarfend East. manna
  19. G'day Folks Not in the same league as some of the buildings on show here, but. Edgeware GN station, not bedded in yet. manna
  20. G'Day Folks Thank you Steve, I'm going to keep on making chimneys this way, the one on the 2-4-0 E1, only took 10 minutes. I think I need to 'bed' them in a little deeper on the boiler. manna
  21. G'Day Folks Had a go today making GNR loco chimneys, out of some Perspex rod stick in my Electric drill, using a small chisel and small files, some passable chimneys now adorn a couple of locos, don't think they look to bad, possibly a little fat. manna
  22. G'day Folks Happy New Year, and first update of the year. Managed to get bit of spare time, so I'm going back to some 'old' projects, Tinkering with the G1 (long time ago now) I just kind of picked it up and wondered why it wouldn't run, so i took it apart and put it back together, added some weight to the front and away it went ????, the rear bogie has been bolted on , it runs but the bogie is to high. Another stalled project is building a better chassis for the C12, I had one of those Caly saddletanks, I've removed most of the detail at fitted 23mm wheels, extended the rear and fitted a trailing wheel, offered up to a craftsman body, not bad but to high, bit more work required. A second C12 chassis is also being built, with a 'Nellie' chassis. More fiddling with the P1, finally got it running, bit more fine tuning, the O4 is getting a bit of work done to it, the cylinders will be straightened, and returned to LNER livery. manna
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