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  1. http://www.railphotoarchive.org/PhotoViewerV5.php?img=0146020873000&fbclid=IwAR2y8OEHFCdE3ygD31Ul-EbTx801JLoNP63ZsVX7Q7xraLCZqdwiOY-MtF4
  2. The LH ETH socket is slightly angled on the real peak
  3. it was Colin Massingham, Chris Guntripp and a chap from South Wales called Richard (whose surname escapes me). Mike Jacobs then came on the scene when the loco moved (by rail) to Matlock in 1986 which was when I got involved plus a few others.
  4. These 2 photos were Reputedly taken on the same day by ER Morten - 5th September 1951 You’ll notice there are only 2 “adornments” over each cab but 1 pair are close together over the centre window but on the opposite end the pair are just to the outside of the centre window frames. however the loco is 4-8-4 On the former and looks to be 4-4-4-4 On the latter. This is probably a mistake on the dates but Morten was quite careful with his picture logs!
  5. Latest CADs - please don't shoot the messenger !
  6. I know it's in 2mm scale but have you been following this ?
  7. My lords !! Martin “Dowers” Darwin, Mutley and Marcus Haydock fellow ex-Sheffield bashers Dowers now lives in Newton ke Willows and Marcus is now a Brighton based photography
  8. Here’s some Class 30 gen showing which locos were updated. The 1600hp machines benefitted from improved oil cooled pistons and were used on special duties on the Eastern Region. The 2000hp machine benefited from charge air cooling.
  9. The last 2 built had Rolls Royce engines and probed to be very reliable but it was too little too late
  10. Braking power is more important than hauling power regarding goods traffic. As a train driving pal of mine once said - "any idiot can get a train rolling - it's stopping the that takes the skill!"
  11. “Something for the weekend, Sir?”
  12. These people have most of the dimensions - no point re-inventing the wheel if you can avoid it ! https://www.nottingham-modelrailway.org.uk/layouts-idridgehay.html "All the buildings are scratch built from plasticard and are taken from photographs and site measurements. The buildings in the goods yard are freelance but are typical of the L.M.S"
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