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  1. Nearly finished 7mm loco,does any photo's of the steam exhaust injector about anywhere (Castle Class) under the cab? totally brain dead the now. --Rob
  2. Hi jeff, if you look him up and give him a call explain what you want, that's what I did. ROB
  3. Hope this is what your after Jeff.
  4. After 2 and a half yearsI I have finally finished this build, this will definately be the last "Hatchette" build for me
  5. Hi Andy Sent for the 6 drive wheels,comes with axles and screws (£67)--Rob
  6. Have had to send for Slaters wheels, the ones from Hachette just don't conform;- slack on the axles and wobbles, screws for the axles- soft ---Rob.
  7. There are a few pitfalls forth-coming, for all those of us that de-skirted (cut away) you will have to source valves ,radius rods and conjugated rods. also.(.I sourced mine from Lawrie Griffin) the brass screw for the centre drive wheels replace with a 10ba screw then you'll have to buy or make "top hat" bearings to fit onto these, the list goes on, But just persevere and you'll get there,it's a challenge for me at the moment so I have started at screws (10ba) and now making the "top - hats, If there are any more " hic-cups" feel free to let us all know.--(phew)---Rob
  8. Things have gone quiet again?
  9. Hatchet Mallard, Anybody got any further forward as regarding missing valve gear and conjugated links, at a dead stop at the moment.
  10. What is the cost? and what about cylinder valves?--Rob
  11. Merry Christmas to you all---Rob
  12. Hatchette have really let themselves down on this one. No valve gear-unsecured crank-pin if you have to glue this at the proper degrees, how are you supposed to strip it down for chassis painting? At the price of this project it's a "very big let down" -Just because of the full skirt-(out of sight-out of mind.)-Grrrrrrrrr!!----Rob.
  13. Thanks for that JeffP,----my next question-----How can the return crank be set @ 15 degrees if there is no thread on the end of the crankpin it will flop about and fall off, or am I overlooking something???
  14. JeffP, Valves for the cylinders-- magazine has the combination lever hanging on a wire, OK if you have fully skirted, Ive cut mine away.
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