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  1. Happy Sunday. The castle is almost finished, fair play to Scale scenes as I have built his model but instead in cardboard in plastic card with a few additions based on my what I wanted to achieve. Over the last few weeks, I have done some serious running and started writing down all little issues which I faced, today I manage to spend a good few hours solving a few of them so hopefully, next session will be a bit more smooth. I was in doubt slightly, another running session of working on the scenery, scenery won this time, saved a lot of trees from my old layout. I am planting only the best ones as my standard of building is much higher as I had when I was building Highbury fields. I have a few left to do and started building the next lot already so lots to do over the next couple off weeks. Best regards Maurits
  2. This little spot was screaming for attention so couldn't resist. Another layer of static grass. And once dried I started adding bushes and small trees, a lot of different materials are used for this spot. the hedge is still to be added but needed a bit more drying so will do this later. Regards. M.
  3. Happy Saturday all, Peak season for me so really busy for the big boss, so very limited time to spend in my Man's cave, but consider the lack of time pleased with the progress the last couple of Months. All rock formations are sort of finished and painted, they only need a last white wash. and one of the retaining walls needs some extra black wash to make it even more old and demolised. My interception of the Olive Mount cutting gets shape, work on the other site starts soon before I can add foliage etc. It's a well known advise not to make your layout to deep, I remember this one clearly now, it's going to be funny once I start with grass. Buildings, buildings, any one fancy helping me building 126 different ones ? and last but not least, the biggest eyecatcher of my layout once finished, really proud with the outcome slowly less and less wood to see Tonight is play time video to follow Best regards, Maurits
  4. Bit earlier as planned but working on the hills near the big bridge I realised that it would be handier to have the fascia finished first. Lukelu I had enough wood left in the garage As I wanted to avoid that I knocked the facia over at one point I decided to do the cutting as well, still work in progess but the smell of the Glue is so bad that I have to leave the room for a while to avoid getting stoned
  5. Happy Saturday all. Have stepped away the last couple of weeks from building houses and spend a lot of time in running trains and working on a few things on the things to do list. Most things are either changing parts of the software, adjusting points, an extra dropper left and right etc. Last weekend I managed to do a 2 hour session without any failures so really pleased. In between the running sessions work continues on the scenery, the front bit is closed now and once I have tested if there are no obstructions for the trains I will cover this with plaster of parish or something similar. The Wall near the big bridge is also getting shape, done something similar as I have done with the other wall just use Sculptamold, make it a bit more wet as instructed and you have almost 3 days to put it in shape. Haven’t decided yet what I want to do with this part of , it’s actually asking for a proper City scene with lots of high buildings, so definitely something to consider Till the next update Best regards Maurits
  6. Happy Friday all. have done quite a lot of the last 2 weeks, have put the Church a bit higher as originally planned, looks much better now. Pub is next
  7. Managed to finish the last details this morning. Village is getting shape now
  8. evening, very windy here today so spend most of the Saturday in the train room, next to ' playing with trains @ I have also made some progress on the church. still lots to do but we are getting there 80 cm dia
  9. Happy Saturday all. St Mary the Virgin Church is getting there now, both North and South wings are finished and it's going to be a very impressive building. Currently I am working on the lead roof, before I start with a lot of details
  10. Next little project the engine shed is finished . also started with St.Mary the Virgin church, not a simple job as over the last decades there have been several additions build but up for the challange in the back ground the mock up I have made last year
  11. Happy Sunday Last few Sundays are fully dedicated to the station building based on the old Gamlingay station. although is not a one to one copy I am really pleased with the end result, have shown it to the son of one of the old workers and he told me it is exactly as in his memory, next stop is the goods shed and the old locomotive workshop
  12. Happy New Year all. The festive period was great,no work kids and missus hapily on ipads and laptops so lots of me time Have started on both Gamlingay St Mary's church and the old Gamlingay station building, as per my usual methode I make a drawing on the computer, do a cut and build the mock up. sofar I am really pleased with the result so will start building them from plastic card and styrene. we had friend over a couple of days so a running session was mandatory, with a top of 27 trains at the same time and an average of 930 km an hour I was really impressed never achieved fhis before. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4887/46590182651_4470be47ab_b.jpg[/img]
  13. Happy Monday all. Came home sort of completely over the p.sss so the only remedy is me time so air brush out., normally I paint rocks but when watching some youtube video's I decided to do it this time different and in all honesty it looks soo much better. looking at the pictures I need to do some more dry brushing after that it's time for some green stuff :wave: :wave:
  14. Happy Sunday all. done a lot over the last couple of weeks. firstly , my own impression of Clayton tunnel as I felt this would be a very nice additions to Hills and Meadows. it all started with a google search, after this I did a mock up from card board , once I was happy I started with the model using slaters plastic plates and a couple of nights later, the model was sort of finished, only need to do some minor details another big job I am doing are the cliffs and rocks on this part of the layout including the concreted goods area. looked really scary but once dried it looks so much better still lots of sanding and corrections to do but it needs to be completely dry first. same for the cliffs it didn't look really well but after a couple of hours and a first try to create rocks it's much better really looking forward to tomorrow to see how it looks when it's completely dry
  15. Don't think I want to go into a battle if Itrain is more sensible than the software I am using, looks to me that I am not able to explain properly to you that if you have 20 trains running at a scale speed of around 40k an hour that the total average of those loco's is 750 km per hour, which the statistics are showing. anyway back to modelling part 1 of the cutting, just needs drying before I can start with plaster best regards M.
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