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    I like trains of all sorts but particularly steam from all over the world. Yes this is an English site but there are many steam locos in the world and different ways of doing things. I don't like rivet counters and I don't consider myself as an anorack as we don't have them in Australia

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  1. Here is part 2 with a bit more colour footage.
  2. This is another VHS video that never made it to the DVD era. Once again as with the Steaming back to the Sixties I've made numerous inquiries but all to no avail. There is a fair amount of B&W footage on this production and classical music where no sound can be added.
  3. Here's the second installment of the trio of videos of taking TWC to Goodwood Racing Circuit from Devil's Bridge Wales and back again.
  4. On the 8th & 9th of May 3801 returned to the Blue Mountains so I took a couple of shots from my favourite location, out the back of my place on railway property. She seemed to work harder on the 9th whereas on the 8th the two diesels with her (Alco 4490 and GM 4201) were doing most of the work on the 1 in 33 grade. For the second day I stood on a pile of ballast and as I turned to follow her my feet sank into the ballast but not evenly.
  5. Here's another loco in green livery a colour she wore but of a darker shade when built in the late 1920's. In those days she had a round top firebox with a boiler pressure of 180psi super heated and after WW2 she and her 74 sisters were painted in black with red lining. In the 1950's nearly all of them were given Belpaire boilers with a raised boiler pressure to 200psi and redesigned cabs. Mechanical lubrication replaced the original sight feed lubrication. One loco 3616 was given in 1957 a Giesel Oblong Ejector which raised boiler efficiency to over 81%. Three have been preserved being 3609,
  6. Don't know if this counts but here's a 2-6-0 painted in a fictitious livery for a filming job for Cadbury's Chocolate to launch their "Joyville". The filming company paid for the repaint into "Joyville" livery and back again into black with the coaches being painted back into tuscan red. The loco 2705 was built by Hunslet of Leeds and introduced in 1913 for railway construction work and the loco was one of eight locos numbered 2701-2708. In 1917 they were taken into government railway stock. Their appearance altered somewhat as they were given 25 class boilers and 50 class tenders and wor
  7. Ok so he had a rant and yes I watched the whole video. But he has a right it's a called freedom of speech and with the new A2/2 with it's undulating running plate that's not good and he also has a point of Hornby Magazine up selling what is basically mediocre quality. Going on in the mag about turned metal buffers and dummy coupling hooks as if they're the greatest thing to come along since sliced bread when locos have had those items of detail for years. Show us something new that's never been done before. Now as to the Heljan 25/3 I notice it has full metal wheels and Tamworth Castle is
  8. Here's an video of a model 70 going from Wales back to Essex where it was built. It was a little on the "sick" side but new old parts were bought for it and they transformed it. The owner then gets it to 70mph down a hill on a dual carriageway. The top speed of the cars was actually 82mph, a frightening thought in something so flimsy. Both cars shown once belonged to HubNut but TWC's engine was knackered so TPA donated it's engine to TWC and Zel bought TPA and took another engine from another Invacar to get TPA going. TWC retains the original Invacar seat but TPA has been fitted with a Citroen
  9. Here's a Hornby Magazine review of the Heljan 25/3 with Mike Wild telling us how it has full buffer beam detail, turned metal buffers, separately fitter wipers and flush glazing which has been around for donkeys years. Well my Bachmann 25/3 has all that so that's no major advancement. I can see the only real major advancement being the purchase price which will advance to a higher level.
  10. Here's the latest video of the launch of 3801 by Transport Heritage NSW
  11. I fear these two railways K&ESR and LR aren't the only ones and many preserved railways will have their begging bowls out more than ever. The lock downs because of corona virus has no doubt hit them all for six because it's cut off their main form of revenue. They may all recover but it won't be overnight and any future plans will be put onto the back burner for some time to come.
  12. When I visited the UK from Australia in 2017 I went to a number of preserved railways including the Llangollen and although I only rode on one of the Llangollen trains I bought a full line day rover ticket. I did the same at the NYMR and the Severn Valley. The Bluebell was shut for a driver experience day so I couldn't buy a ticket. Maybe I'm not entitled in these modern times but it just seems very wrong to me to photograph or video a preserved railway from the line side on public land (as a line side pass for me isn't worth it) without contributing to the railways coughers. I did ride on the
  13. You could take long place names and change them about or subtract parts of place names and add others for example, Hazelbrook and Woodford two villages near to where I live could become Hazelford and Woodbrook. Does it really matter what a place name means?. Here's a good one taken from an old movie from a Welsh colliery layout Hafoduwchbenceubwlllymarchogcoch.
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