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  1. Here's a video showing what the above title reads. The abandoned part begins at six minutes into the video. This footage shows a railway line of 200km abandoned since the 1980's. Unlike the UK where lines are ripped out, buildings demolished, bridges removed and other infrastructure taken away here its all still there apart from Bolivia Station building which has been demolished.
  2. Here's part 2 of Redford during a public open day
  3. On the Redlford layout they have trains that run as mobile advertisements which shows all the companies that sponsor the layout and it gives them a bit of free advertising as a return thanks. Redford is a large layout with quite a few young guys operating trains which is good to see. I don't like it when I see a club layout that tends to be an old farts only zone.
  4. Oh thanks for that. No doubt it has narrow streets with old buildings whereas Hay NSW has wide streets as it's a country town with large houses on large sized blocks and the roads are wide in the residential areas where you have a four lane road but only the two inner lanes are use by through traffic. The outer two lanes people park cars and boats and caravans and HGV's.
  5. Here's another of Bevan Walls videos this time of standard goods loco 5367 working shuttles between Junee and Collamon on the line to Narrandera way back in 1997. 5367 is of 1914 and is a 2-8-0 goods loco with driving wheels of 4'3". They're not really favoured for mainline usage as they're too slow. They were built for an era when slow plodding goods trains were normal. The loco's lining and use of red paint on the wheels was only added in preservation. Other than the buffer beams they were all over black. She has a Commonwealth tender which has a higher water and coal capacity than her stand
  6. Here's another old one by Bevan Wall filmed in 2005 but not uploaded until Feb 2020. Four locos are shown 1210, 1709, 2705 and 3526. It might be the steam extravaganza weekend. 1709 rarely runs as it's in the main exhibition hall of the heritage transport museum. 1210 is of 1878, 1709 is of 1887, 2705 is of 1913 and 3526 is of 1917.
  7. Auld New South Wales sorry I don't know what you mean.
  8. Staying in a motel nearby I saw this trestle bridge which according to the motel owner hasn't seen a train since 1974. The locals want to turn the line into a cycle way and footpath. Manilla is on the now disused Barraba Branch line. The line branched off at Tamworth and headed north west to Manilla and Barraba. There is a third town of Bingara but the further north they went the hard construction became and so Bingara was never served by rail. This trestle bridge has recently had a structural engineer inspect it and his report is of a bridge in remarkably good condition despite having little
  9. On getting to Warialda in the far north west of NSW I turned south and a short time after I drove through Warialda Rail. I wasn't marked on the map but it that as far as the railway got to and not to Warialda itself. All thats left of the station at Brewarrina is the load bank and the hand crane still mounted on it's pedestal. As you drive out of Brewarrina you can still see the railway line although it's been cut in places.
  10. Many of the huge permanently fixed layouts in the US sometimes do a cab ride. But it's often welcome to the railroad of no action other then the cab ride loco. A huge layout but only on loco operating. There are often other people there running nothing but just standing around watching this cab ride loco proceed on it's own round the railroad. Often they're single track so you run down the side of a building that houses the railroad and then you go into a tunnel to do a 180 degree turn and run back down the side of the building the other way. Many are multi level and they use the helix system
  11. A slide show of Hay Railway Station.
  12. Finley railway station is on the now closed Narrandera to Tocumwal line. It's one of the earliest examples of a cheap railway station with light rails with dirt used for ballasting. The platform is nearly at ground level.
  13. Over the past week I've been driving round the north east, north west and far west and one such place I went to was Tenterfield basically to have a look at the railway station museum. Although an entirely static display the volunteers are all extremely keen and overflowing with enthusiasm. There was only one item of rolling stock that was in a terrible state but that won't be for long as it's being meticulously restored. The only down side was the amount of plant growth on the platform side of the main station building making Tenterfield station looking like it belongs in far north Queensland
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