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  1. katwigan

    Modellable buildings

    I can only count 9 Stubby, well 10 if you include the painted concrete inside the building, I will have a look amongst my collection to see if I can contribute similar. Cheers Kevan
  2. katwigan

    Wigan Wallgate

    Wow mate, haven't seen any of those before. If you take the two passengers heads out of the scene that last shot could be a very good model. All the shots are great and they are all showing the yard entrance area I was on about above. Do you know I even have a folder on the PC labelled " That B....y Crossover" containing the various photos maps etc of the various configurations. Cheers for them, Kev
  3. katwigan

    Wigan Wallgate

    Thanks Latic, hopefully the wanderings of a chemically confused mind don't put you off, time it seems is galloping away and it would seem that my body clock has gone onto a 20 hr day as I am all over the place ( eg, working in the train room at 3am this morning for an hour - mind wouldn't switch off so I htought sod ya! ) Besides slotting Christmas in since my last decent post ,Mum finally lost her battle in October , I hope I can battle this 'C' as long as she did Breed 'em tuff in Wiggin! I have been on 'Immunotherapy" since my last post, I have never slept so much in my life. I once worked 27hrs straight on a major breakdown at work and felt nothing like this afterwards ( mind you I was also 35 years younger!) Anyway enough of that In the hour or so I can muster each day between eating, sleeping and trying to achieve anything else I have been working in the area that backs onto the goods yard from King St. Now that I look at the above comparison photo I haven't managed to finish anything. Hmmmm! Anyway, It did involve pulling it all out to improve the base it all sat on then working on the backyards etc. Not much to show with the buildings but I did improve the retaining wall and fitted the coping stones along the top edge. Still no roofs in evidence in places, still some coping stones required and probably some more weeds. The front of Fyffes warehouse, the building of and it's location has taken up a fair bit of my time recently, most of the problems coming from the modellers licence creating the bend in this area resulting in alignment problems. Oh well. I thought the granite sett moldings would be ok around this area but they seem to be overly large, many of them scaling out at 12 x 9" rather than 9 x 6" ish as I seem to remember them. Any thoughts on size? I will have to try the rolling mold doofers that I tried out a while ago, I think they might be a better size. When I get the light wired up in the office below you can actually see the man sitting in his chair in the r/h side of the window. ( Unless that is the wrong photo and you can't see him anyway, perhaps it is? ) ( Perhaps I need to go to bed, it is 3:20 pm here after all!) It was when I started putting this together, so now after 2 1/2hrs sleep and a nice steak after waking it has all gone quiet and I will finish this off. A shot looking back towards Wallgate, the area in the foreground will be covered in a mix of setts and rough ground area besides the several additional sidings that connect to the next, larger warehouse off to the r/h side of the photo. This whole area has given me quite a few headaches in determining the most appropriate trackwork and warehouse for the time frame. I have photos of at least 3 different methods of the trains accessing this part of the yard ( inc; Trailing x over and access point, what appears to be a diamond crossing , what appears to be a single slip, in lieu of said crossing) 4 different O.S Maps from late 1800's to 1954 all showing different access and yard layouts, inc several combinations of wagon turntables. To add to the morass the previously mentioned warehouse had a twin pitched roof design for the main structure, but added to the front of the L/h half was a further but slightly smaller pitched roof building which appears to have been knocked down and left as an open platform for a number of years until it too appears to have been removed completely. Again the maps only add to the confusion but I am planning on the middle option with the open platform. I can feel the fatigue creeping up again, so I will say Goodnight and I hope this makes sense to sane minds. Cheers Kev
  4. Funnily enough, I have just been struggling with exactly the same problem ending up with two cuts around any of the traced lines with a narrow ragged piece being cut out of every line. When I zoomed in far enough there were definately what appeared to be two lines. In actual fact each section comprised of only one line that was basically joined at each end of the section. Trying to delete any of it just got rid of the whole section of line. Eventually I gave up and drew the template my wife req'd in a CAD program,( reaching a pro rata agreement on the number of modelling hours wasted in the process) ( Not really, she is a great source of encouragement ) Problem overcome, Normal Modelling has resumed. Kevan
  5. When you think about it, the pointing on brickwork probably averages around 1/2" deep, in scale terms around 0.15 ~ 0.2 mm or 0.007 ~ 0.008",( a human hair is about half that ) it 's no wonder that some molded brickwork looks overly deep. I tend to model exclusively in card, using as much as I can photos of the buildings I am doing as the finished 'face'. This is largely due to my ability to paint anything in a decent manner is about the same as a rodents. ( Often it probably looks like I have used said rodent as the applicator ) Buildings in the real world may be made of different materials but predominately they end up looking in the same state relative to their age, so in my case anything I would try to paint would stand out like the proverbial dog's watsits. So I stick with what works for me. Kevan
  6. katwigan

    A Victorian Drill Hall

    I think that is as Downesesque (?) as I have ever seen! I am sure he would more than 'enjoy' your effort, I would think probably 'Doff his hat" if He had one! Kevan
  7. katwigan

    Rough Ground area

    Definitely Ian, the intent of this test was to see what what the dried surface finish looked like and it will certainly need 'dressing up' to various degrees for the various areas proposed. certainly tufts of grass, weeds, bushes etc etc along with the obligatory muddy puddles in the goods yard area. The surface tension of the product is such that it could probably be smoothed considerably more than I did if required but also it would hang onto embankments and slopes without subsiding. I am quite happy with the crude test piece and hope to give one of the smaller areas on the layout a go soon once I have some weeds etc available. I will post an update then
  8. Hi, I have been looking for a suitable material / method of covering some Bare Earth areas on my layout Wigan Wallgate recently. The type of area that is not covered in grass or weeds on an embankment or a rough area towards the back of a goods yard area typically. Anyway the mind also strayed to some unfinished household jobs that have been on the backburner while I do battle with that C word. One job sent me scurrying out to the shed to locate some stored material. Some of which was soon daubed onto this test piece below ( ignore the granite setts that's not it ) This is as applied with a small spatula, the grey,mottled material in the bottom R/H area Several hours later as it is starting to dry Still not fully dry yet, takes about 24 hrs, but dry enough to give it a rudimentary spray of brownish colouring The next step I guess is to try it on a bigger area or embankment. I think it looks very promising, certainly from a surface finish PoV. It comes premixed in a 1Kg container for around A$17 , it dries slighly flexible due to the recycled rubber content and it is self adhesive. A rough calc shows that 1Kg would probably cover a couple of sq metres at about 3mm thick, however a small area on my test piece is only 1.5 - 2mm thick and has bonded really well. I suppose I will have to tell you what it is now. Not sure if it is available in UK but I am sure there would be something equivalent. OR does it look B awful? Kevan
  9. I was going to ask what the forecast was for up there Manna, Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! Probably a few degrees cooler than you guys up north (ish) here at Christies Beach. Merry Christmas Kev.
  10. katwigan

    Making a high street

    I agree with HD on the interesting variety of the rear views of commercial premises, no matter what the era. I have been fortunate enough to find some decent photos of these shown below from back in the 30's and 40's, many of them are still in existence, some the same , some updated. As can be seen there is a lot of work in progress but it is slowly coming together However, as always, Rule 1 applies ! Cheers Kevan
  11. katwigan

    No paint from airbrush

    In the full size world of spray painting ( Wagner, Graco etc ) we always left a film of Diesel fuel on needles, seats and ball valve assemblies to prevent corrosion.It flushes out or wipes off easily and doesn't evaporate like the pump storage fluids that the aforementioned companies sell. Perhaps worth considering for long term storage particularly in cold ,damp environments. Just a thought. Kevan
  12. katwigan

    Wigan Wallgate

    Cheers Ouroborus, unfortunately I haven't been achieving much of late, however I have managed a bit in the last day or two. Hopefully will have something to post shortly. Kevan
  13. katwigan

    Wigan Wallgate

    Britt, According to the historians on WiganWorld,No, the Conservative Club wasn't where Pemps nightclub was. Pemps was around the corner opposite the bottom corner of Coops factory and next door to Gees School of Dance. Originally the Station Hotel ( I presume dating back to when the 'original' L&Y station platform and building was in this area) it became the Labour Club ( known locally as the 'Bolshie', of which my maternal grandad was a member!) with 'Pemps' seemingly occupying the first floor at some point ( I think until a fire took off the top two floors ) It was run by the Ironhand of one Barbara Calderbank who from what I have read, collected the door money whilst sitting in her car outside, there was no doorman or bouncers and Barbara was reputedly know to have tossed out several Wigan Rugby League players at various times. A lady not to be messed with! This aerial photo taken in the 30's I believe is the only thing I have that I can base the Station Hotel on, there are several about that show only the ground floor in existence. The model however will have to be thinned down a bit to fit into the available space. Hopefully will get around to that shortly. Cheers Kev PS - Donations of Uncle Joes for adding the aroma to the model always welcome
  14. katwigan

    Wigan Wallgate

    Hi all, thought I was getting back into 'normal' mode but that has proved to be a bit overzealous on my part, managing to get a bit done here and there but certainly not what I would like. However, I have been working in King St West of late so i will see if I can remember how to post some pics. I previously have decided that some of the earlier buildings were not up to my latest standards in either materials used or techniques. Not that I had actually finished many of them either which wasn't their fault! So the first couple to get updated are the Law Court and the Conservative club and at the moment both of them are only done to a basic shell with Bay windows and roofs etc still to be done. I also decided that a bit of greenery ( probably the only bit on the layout) needed to be tackled so I have had a go at that which is coming out nicely I think. Both of these have been produced using several photos of the actual buildings suitably 'deperspectived' ( squared up) and many hours of cutting, copying and pasting. I have also given up printing them out with my old inkjet printer for the cost and quality benefits of having them laser printed at the local Officeworks. The only thing now is that I will have to make the rest of the layout look like it has just rained as the laser tends towards a shiny finish despite their best efforts ( Hence the Grey skies, but probably in keeping with the locale.) The view back along King St W towards the Church Gardens. View from opposite direction. Basic shell of the Conservative Club, still to have roof and bay windows etc added. Same deal with the Law Court. I am awaiting the delivery of a couple of ladies pushing " proper prams" to place on the garden path ( Mi mum says they af fot be proper prams!) One or two more similar sized and a larger tree still need to be planted and then the big headache of trying to blend a photo of the church into the background, stay tuned for that one! Hopefully as the days warm up a bit here ( hopefully) I will also warm up and get a few more things done. Cheers all. Kevan
  15. My walls are a lightish grey with a darker 'cloud ' band , with lighter highlights painted straight on at backscene level.

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